lundi 25 décembre 2017

Antropofagus - M.O.R.T.E. - Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration (2017)

Label : Comatose Music

Tracklist :

1.Whirlwind of Initiation    
2.Spawn of Chaos 
3.Chants for Abyzou         
4.Praise to a Hecatomb     
5.Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration      
6.Omnipotent Annihilation          
7.The Abyss (Chapter One)         
8.Quintessence of Suffering       
9.Deception of the Blood  
10.Living in Fear (Malevolent Creation cover)  

The Italian killer fucking beast Antropofagus formed in 1997 is back with a third invasion spreading the evil and darkness under the fucking name of "M.O.R.T.E.-Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration", Antropofagus returns in 2017 with uncompromising godless ferocity! Five years after their highly praised ‘Architecture of Lust’ release, this Italian death metal beast strikes again with ‘Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration’ (M.O.R.T.E.), and perpetrating a ritualistic devilish fucking butchery of fuck fuckity fucking quality and brutal as …….the top of italian brutal death metal perfection ! Antropofagus continue to give an excellent Brutal Death Fucking Metal and this time perhaps exploring a little more the Old Skull Death Metal by mixing the both fucking genre very well and including a diabolical atmosphere very present coming to break your frozen fucking bones! This third maleficent release contains 11 parts of pure fucking Death Metal including an excellent cover of Malevolent Creation.
a journey into life, death, resurrection and the descent into the darkest depths of self. This is Antropofagus' heaviest and most wicked effort to date, blending old school US death metal influences with their trademark style of brutality. M.O.R.T.E. is a deluge of punishing frantic riffs, monstrous vocals and a relentless drums performance by Davide ‘BrutalDave’ Billia (Beheaded & Hour of Penance). There's no escape,no mercy Antropofagus is coming to consume your flesh and invade your soul!
 Because is perhaps one of the most successful forms of Brutal Death today. Massive, thick, technical, unhealthy, expressing a kind of dementia and paroxysm of violence, physical as well as mental, I had waited a long time for such a hearing enjoyment that does not sink in Slam. If all the musicians develop a very high level, I am especially marked by the performance of the drummer and the singer, who are for many in the impression of strangulation that provides the listening of these ten titles. Anyway, we have a perfect room where nothing is left to chance.

In any case , you must have M.O.R.T.E.-Methods of Resurrection Though Evisceration in your collection.