samedi 12 décembre 2015

Nahum - And The Chaos Has Begun (2015)

Label : Independent

1.Raging Chaos     
2.Vomit the Darkness                    
3.Creator of Emptiness                 
4.Funeral of Age                
6.The Clash of the Fury                
7.Under Fire            
8.Rotten Lies
9.www (World Wide War)

I always prefer extreme thash/death thash/black speed thash metal like  Sarcófago Hirax Impaled Nazarene  Old Sepultura Venom Sodom Altar of Sin Extreme Attack Violator Municipal Waste Evile……………………….
There’s a sound of metallic excellence booming all the way from the Czech Republic. Nahum is a band that can diligently blend styles. Their weapon of choice is Thrash Metal with a side of Death. It translates over in a big way, throwing shades of metal nostalgia which being furious and exciting!
 Nahum released their new album "And The Chaos Has Begun" earlier  in november 2015 , I always liked and support Czech metal bands and Czech metal festivals especially the Obscene Extreme festival hé hé …….

Nahum we offers in this album 9 tracks inspired by the aggression in the streets war human race ,life death and chaos  which contains a modern thrash death metal riffs fortunately its not progressive I hate the prog metal, everything that prog its looks to metalcore or other funny kind of metal all this is followed by standard growl vocal ,perfect sound through an independent productions most thrash/death guitar solos are played at high speed but Nahum solo’s need to be faster and less melodic because I notice that’s slow and maybe melodic ………………………..I think  we can compare Nahum with the Swedish death metal style ….strong guitar riffage rigorous or strict drumming without any old school touch or flavor.
"And The Chaos Has Begun" it's an album that can appeal to death metal fans and also to thrash metal fans  and it's all who's great for Czechs  a part of headbanging with some beers.

jeudi 3 décembre 2015

Interview with Human Nihility

-Hi guys ! How do you do …….,how many packs of beer did you destroy today? …….As a starter - introduce your band to our readers ?.... introduce the band members?

Hi. Actually I’m having a beer nowJ So, cheers. This is Human Nihility.  My name is Viacheslav. I do the vocals. Dmitry plays guitar, Sergey is on bass and Kim hits cymbals.

-Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one ?

It’s a good opportunity to introduce the band, I think.

-Are you involved in other bands or projects at this moment or is enough with one band?

I’m in Drift of Genes (brutal death metal) and Genital Nectar (porn grind). Kim is my band mate in Drift of Genes. Also he plays in a bunch of black/death bands. Not so long ago he joined Jinjer. Dmitry used to play in Brilliant Coldness, by the way also with Kim.

-What are your favorite and less favorite parts about doing a band?

I don’t now. It’s just cool to play music.

-What kind of music did you grew up with?


-Are you also listening to other kinds of music?

Sure. We are open to different stuff.

-What musicstyle should never been invented?

Any kind of music with propaganda shit.

-Other interesting hobbies that are related to the metal music?

Merch addictionJ

-Do you have any specific influences for the type of death metal you play? Which are your favorite bands or music styles?

It’s hard to single out something specific.

-Imagine that some readers didn't listen Human Nihility yet, can you describe your music to them or say some band that plays similar music?

It’s donbass death metal, man! This is it.

-How is the Ukrainian metal scéne nowadays? Any awesome new bands we should watch out for ?

There are many cool bands. Unfortunately gigs attendance and band support are pretty shity.

-How is your process of song-writing? Do you compose the music and the lyrics at the same time or not? What kind of rehearsal space do you use to do it? How do you describe the music of  Last Stage of Abuse

Pretty standard process I guess. Through the distance. We are separated now because of war.

-Please explain the title and cover image of  Last Stage of Abuse

Humanity is abusing itself both locally and globally.

-How would you define Human Nihility in one  word?


-How would you define Human Nihility music in one word ?


-Which are the subjects of your lyrics? What kind of things inspire to you when you are writing?

Shit that surrounds us.

-Your label is Lord of the Sick Recordings I I have never heard talking about can you introduce and speak a little bit about your label ?

They are cool. Know about death metal everything!

-How long did the recording process take?

Almost a year. We have war in our land, you know.

-Which label would fit your music ?

Our label fits quite well.

-Any fav bands to get on stage with ?


-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes.... ?

I didn’t count.

-What are some of your non-musical influences ?

Life, books.

-What is your occupations outside Human Nihility ?

I’m some kind of a bum.

-What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own ?

I don’t own a car.

-What are the future plans of Human Nihility any split or compilation……. Other  things ?

Pretty blurry. Now we’re working on new stuff.

-What is your greatest wish for Human Nihility

Grow in all possible ways.

-What are you doing in daily life? How do you earn your money?

I have fucked up shity regular job.

-What is your guitar arsenal (axe/strings, amps, effects) ?

Dmitry uses: Ibanez rg emg 81 85, Ibanez tube screamer, Mesa dual rectifier

-Well, this is the end of the interview, any last comments or some words to our readers?

Thanks for the interest. Stay open minded. Support death metal!