samedi 12 décembre 2015

Nahum - And The Chaos Has Begun (2015)

Label : Independent

1.Raging Chaos     
2.Vomit the Darkness                    
3.Creator of Emptiness                 
4.Funeral of Age                
6.The Clash of the Fury                
7.Under Fire            
8.Rotten Lies
9.www (World Wide War)

I always prefer extreme thash/death thash/black speed thash metal like  Sarcófago Hirax Impaled Nazarene  Old Sepultura Venom Sodom Altar of Sin Extreme Attack Violator Municipal Waste Evile……………………….
There’s a sound of metallic excellence booming all the way from the Czech Republic. Nahum is a band that can diligently blend styles. Their weapon of choice is Thrash Metal with a side of Death. It translates over in a big way, throwing shades of metal nostalgia which being furious and exciting!
 Nahum released their new album "And The Chaos Has Begun" earlier  in november 2015 , I always liked and support Czech metal bands and Czech metal festivals especially the Obscene Extreme festival hé hé …….

Nahum we offers in this album 9 tracks inspired by the aggression in the streets war human race ,life death and chaos  which contains a modern thrash death metal riffs fortunately its not progressive I hate the prog metal, everything that prog its looks to metalcore or other funny kind of metal all this is followed by standard growl vocal ,perfect sound through an independent productions most thrash/death guitar solos are played at high speed but Nahum solo’s need to be faster and less melodic because I notice that’s slow and maybe melodic ………………………..I think  we can compare Nahum with the Swedish death metal style ….strong guitar riffage rigorous or strict drumming without any old school touch or flavor.
"And The Chaos Has Begun" it's an album that can appeal to death metal fans and also to thrash metal fans  and it's all who's great for Czechs  a part of headbanging with some beers.

jeudi 3 décembre 2015

Interview with Human Nihility

-Hi guys ! How do you do …….,how many packs of beer did you destroy today? …….As a starter - introduce your band to our readers ?.... introduce the band members?

Hi. Actually I’m having a beer nowJ So, cheers. This is Human Nihility.  My name is Viacheslav. I do the vocals. Dmitry plays guitar, Sergey is on bass and Kim hits cymbals.

-Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one ?

It’s a good opportunity to introduce the band, I think.

-Are you involved in other bands or projects at this moment or is enough with one band?

I’m in Drift of Genes (brutal death metal) and Genital Nectar (porn grind). Kim is my band mate in Drift of Genes. Also he plays in a bunch of black/death bands. Not so long ago he joined Jinjer. Dmitry used to play in Brilliant Coldness, by the way also with Kim.

-What are your favorite and less favorite parts about doing a band?

I don’t now. It’s just cool to play music.

-What kind of music did you grew up with?


-Are you also listening to other kinds of music?

Sure. We are open to different stuff.

-What musicstyle should never been invented?

Any kind of music with propaganda shit.

-Other interesting hobbies that are related to the metal music?

Merch addictionJ

-Do you have any specific influences for the type of death metal you play? Which are your favorite bands or music styles?

It’s hard to single out something specific.

-Imagine that some readers didn't listen Human Nihility yet, can you describe your music to them or say some band that plays similar music?

It’s donbass death metal, man! This is it.

-How is the Ukrainian metal scéne nowadays? Any awesome new bands we should watch out for ?

There are many cool bands. Unfortunately gigs attendance and band support are pretty shity.

-How is your process of song-writing? Do you compose the music and the lyrics at the same time or not? What kind of rehearsal space do you use to do it? How do you describe the music of  Last Stage of Abuse

Pretty standard process I guess. Through the distance. We are separated now because of war.

-Please explain the title and cover image of  Last Stage of Abuse

Humanity is abusing itself both locally and globally.

-How would you define Human Nihility in one  word?


-How would you define Human Nihility music in one word ?


-Which are the subjects of your lyrics? What kind of things inspire to you when you are writing?

Shit that surrounds us.

-Your label is Lord of the Sick Recordings I I have never heard talking about can you introduce and speak a little bit about your label ?

They are cool. Know about death metal everything!

-How long did the recording process take?

Almost a year. We have war in our land, you know.

-Which label would fit your music ?

Our label fits quite well.

-Any fav bands to get on stage with ?


-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes.... ?

I didn’t count.

-What are some of your non-musical influences ?

Life, books.

-What is your occupations outside Human Nihility ?

I’m some kind of a bum.

-What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own ?

I don’t own a car.

-What are the future plans of Human Nihility any split or compilation……. Other  things ?

Pretty blurry. Now we’re working on new stuff.

-What is your greatest wish for Human Nihility

Grow in all possible ways.

-What are you doing in daily life? How do you earn your money?

I have fucked up shity regular job.

-What is your guitar arsenal (axe/strings, amps, effects) ?

Dmitry uses: Ibanez rg emg 81 85, Ibanez tube screamer, Mesa dual rectifier

-Well, this is the end of the interview, any last comments or some words to our readers?

Thanks for the interest. Stay open minded. Support death metal!

vendredi 27 novembre 2015

Lelahell - Al Insane... The (Re)Birth of Abderrahmane (2014)

Label : Horror Pain Gore Death

Track list:

1.Mazaghran (intro)
2.Al Intissar
3.Voices Revealed
4.Kalimer Essir
7.Am I In Hell
9.Black Hands

Line up:

Lelahel: guitar and vocals
Nihil: Bass
Slaveblaster: Drums

 If you known the experience of Redouane aka Lelahel (ex Litham, Devast ,Carnavage, Neanderthalia) you will not ask much questions who are Lelahell and you will not be surprised about the résult
Firstly I want to speak a little bit about the name,tracks titles of the album and the lyrical theme in my opinion because this two latest thing are not fit and favorable in the professional death metal production and label and merch  …………..Lelahell can be  easily  underestimated  and discriminated because unfortunately the international metal scene and international professional  labels and organization don’t known Lelahell don’t known the metal in Algeria, I notice about some Algerian metal bands who make and mix  some false stuff proper  to our nation and culture of course I’m totaly against that, but if you wanna make it why are you going to import a culture from mideastern lands and call yourself “Arabian Metal” or some other shit like the fuckity “Oriental Metal” ? Algeria is not Arabian the north of Africa as I know isn’t? North Africa is Called Tamazgha, the land of the Amazigh people or Numidian land of Berberians people, have nothing to do with the fucking oriental culture (in my opinion), well, these people need to take some serious lessons in geography and history .

I have already read in some reviews  things like this ……….Lelahell add their homeland's musical heritage during slower parts. That means fucking  Arabic influences or the riffing of Lelahell  is clearly derived from some of folk and traditional
melodies, usually when it leads a passage forward. This works wonders for the
band’s sound!!!!!!!!! Lelahell should proving their death metal and not false homeland's musical heritage or traditional melodies which are not the mine and the mistake in this conflict we will be considered for fucking Arabic people

 In the kind of death metal and brutality lyrical theme often its about Death, Violence Horror, Gore, Torture, Cannibalism, Zombies, Surgery,Autopsy ,Sickness, Mutilation, Sexual ,War, Alcohol,Blasphemy ,Anti-religion  ………….. and beer.

when I begin to speak about the first  albums  EP "Al Intissar"I can say it was a valid work maybe its more than valid and acceptable  its solid and strong death metal because it was released in a professional way .

Lelahell released their first full-length studio album ‘Al Insane… The (Re)Birth Of Abderrahmane’ August 5th, 2014 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.
The sound is good riffs are varied brutal ,blackened ,technical heavy thrash  and  little bit groovy in some parts unfortunately there is a fuckity wrong riffs(the false homeland's musical heritage and in my opinion its not fit with modern death metal)the positive thing with the rifage that’s not repetitive, vocals are quite versatile and Redouane  sings with an impressive variety of brutal growls, powerful grunts and dark screams all the clichés of death metal are here musically we have in front of us a Death Metal that evokes in turn Vader, Cannibal Corpse , Suffocation for the most obvious influences . The Black Metal button will also invite some riffs, you can think of Mayhem in small doses. Besides their cover of " Freezing Moon " on their EP

Al Insane…The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane is an excellent death metal record and
" it’s a first good point and a first satisfaction for certain supporters and fans and in any case Lelahell is the formal proof that the Algerian metal scene exist and alive

lundi 16 novembre 2015

LaCasta-Encyclia (Upcoming)

LaCasta,Italian Blackened Hardcore band announcing their first EP "Encyclia" coming out by the end of the year .

Line up 
Alessandro Donnaloia - Vocals and Synthesizers
Mario Morgante - Guitar 
Marino Martellotta - Bass Guitar 
Sbrough - Drums

No Hope taken fromp the first EP "Encyclia


vendredi 30 octobre 2015

Halo Of Leprosy-Slain At Dawn (2015)


2.Violence Infection            
3.Anticipatory Thinking       
4.With a Trembling Hand 
5.Room of Blood      
7.This Subjective Suicide               
8.Slain at Dawn       

Line up:
Andrew C.     All instruments, Vocals

This album contains 8 tracks of intense sick, fucking ,fucking, fucking and fuckity noisy dark sound with a little bit horrific sound followed by a robotic touch it means that the sound is not very real and vocals are monstrous or maybe sound is not clear
The riffing and the drums programming sound looks the first demo of  Dormant Carnivore and many other side projects because the really structural conception of Halo Of Leprosy is a project and it’s not a band
we must notice easily that the band use a drum machine because the sound it’s not very real in my opinion Andrew  must mix between a drum machine and a live or studio drums to get good sound like Putrid Pile ,Mortician, Vulvectomy
Halo Of Leprosy vocal fit to goregrind Powerviolence, and Noisecore with agressive saturated speedy guitar riffs and an unstopable blast beats , other thing that derange me in this album is the deathcore melody I hate deathcore and metalcore who invade death metal it’s the fail thing in Slain At Dawn . The sound production is not great all material are mixed up and recorded without professional way.

dimanche 18 octobre 2015

Prion - Uncertain Process (2015)

Comatose Music

Track list:

1.Power Obsessed 
2.Uncertain Process          
3.Chronic Disease 
5.Now Is the Hour  
6.Control Societies
7.End Is Near          
8.Losing Itself in the Infinite        
9.Doom Humanity of Horror
10.Never Let Me Down Again

Line up:

Walter Barrionuevo Bass
Marcelo Russo        Drums
Gregorio Kochian    Vocals, Guitars

I known about the experience of Prion and  it’s pouved by Uncertain Process if you listen this production  maybe you had a strenght death metal ,not really brutal not really technical but simply good .
 Riffs and vocals aren’t terribly valid drums are valid but somtimes I find blast beats wrong with the guitar rythme like the intro of the track two Uncertain Process awesome guitar riffing sound just the blast beats are faster and the résult seemed  to me wrong and there is no doubt that the dominant style of drumming is the late 2000’s
 also some tracks are raw and murderous  like the track 5  Now Is The Hour maybe is the perfect thing in this album There are fast riffs, medium riffs and some slow riffs and each seem to be placed exactly where they need to be ……..and this is the ésult of the good job of Gregorio.
I have always said that the South American extreme metal scene ……it’s large extreme strong and good a lot of their material is extremely fucking ,sick ,incoherent angry, violent .
you are likely to enjoy this much.

samedi 10 octobre 2015

Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood (2003)

Black Lotus Records

Track list

1.Chaos Invocation (Intro)  
2.Church of One                  
4.Bow Before Me                  
5.The Kindred                       
6.A Long Time Ago (Intro)              
7.Golgotha's Truth               
8.Betrayed (A Broken Pact)                       
9.The 9th Gate        

Line up

Vincent Crowley      Vocals, Bass
Michael Estes          Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm)
Kyle Severn  Drums, Spoken words

This trio offers a full splendor festival! Aggressive, varied. Punctuated by rapid and powerful riffs by slower passages heavier and more aggressive and fabulous  guitar breaks ! A very homogeneous band. Excellent production. A melodic guitar to perfection, accurate battery.  Tortuous sounds out of the deepest abysses. We feel that the band already has experience, and binding on the side satanic death of DEICIDE. in truly  its DEICIDE which was inspired by Acheron.Not a single title are alike, proving inspiration and constant search for new sounds.

dimanche 4 octobre 2015

Gorgoroth - Instinctus Bestialis (2015)

Soulseller Records

Track listing
1. Radix Malorum 3:14
2. Dionysian Rite 4:05
3. Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus 5:45
4. Come Night 2:41
5. Burn in His Light 4:02
6. Rage 4:03
7. Kala Brahman 5:23
8. Awakening 2:07

Band members
Atterigner – vocals
Infernus – guitars
Bøddel – bass
Asklund – drums

When a guest is waiting for six long years………………………..Infernus is back with Instinctus Bestialis and maybe  renewed vision of Gorgoroth also with the debut of Serbian vocalist Atterigner but I expected for a devilish vocalist  as Hat or Pest because Atterigner  not convinced me so much , reasonably the fucking gay of gaahl was éléminated  and fortunately drama between Gaahl / King and Infernus is over obviously Infernus =  Gorgoroth .
if I start talking about tracks I find less compelling ,however this release seems strafed you with an onslaught of pounding drums and furiously fast guitar work by the hands of Infernus , many of the riffs are varied, effortlessly transitioning between atmospheric chord progressions and straight up black metal riffage……….
Instinctus Bestialis is both a raw black metal emaciated and reduced to their simplest form ………… not enough  brutal ………… some  heavy riffs!!!! sometimes tracks pare the listener know by slowing the tempo and offer some melodic lines. A poisoned gift because it will be less a question of appeasing the atmosphere than to book sermons asides to the glory of who-you-know (spoiler: Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan x10)

To conclude fuck off Gorgoroth between 1998-2006 , Instinctus Bestialis is not the best Gorgoroth album if we compare with their best albums like Pentagram, Antichrist or Under the Sign of Hell , Hat and Pest are the best Gorgoroth vocalists ever 

samedi 26 septembre 2015

Gruesome-Savage Land (2015)

Track list :

1.Savage Land
2.Trapped In Hell
6.Closed Casket
7.Psychic Twin
9.Land Of No Return (Death Cover) (Bonus Track)
10.Black Magic (Slayer Cover) (Bonus Track) 

Lineup :

Robin Mazen           Bass
Gus Rios       Drums, Guitars (lead)
Matt Harvey  Guitars (lead), Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
Daniel Gonzalez     Guitars (lead, rhythm)

If you like Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy, Spiritual Healing of Death / here there is a  pure aroma of Death maybe this is for the good fans who support  the truly legendary old school death metal …….the first one when I listen this fuckin album Savage land a great names back to my head like Obituary ,Death, Massacre, Incantation .some fan’s says Savage Land is both a fine tribute to one of death metal's pioneers
Then even the cover of Land Of No Return is successful !!! which means Gruesome worship Death or maybe wanted a tribute for Death what prevents also the cover of Slayer "Black Magic" it was a very pleasure to my ears because I’m big fan of early Slayer  and early slayer because for me their discography has stop at Seasons in the Abyss, and it's not for nothing because I have already heard much Slayer’s cover by great names  as Vader ,Dark Funeral and many more .

But the think who I find better if I compare with Scream Bloody Gore and  Leprosy is the clarity of sound because I can say the recording was perfect , It's still cavernous in a late 1980s ,sound is a bit updated to the modern values even the vocal it’s Chuck Schuldiner's mode without forgetting the album cover it contains my old school  horror gore fav cannibalism  movies directly Cannibal ferox back to my head the preview of that ……………… to conclude I will not say that’s Death clone but Gruesome have a very good tribute to the early works of Death and  does not surpass the original in any case you will liked very fast Savage land .

dimanche 23 août 2015

Interview with Creeping Flesh

 -Hell-o! How do you do today? How many packs of beer did you destroy today?……….. are you ready for this interview with me on No Mercy Webzine ?

Hi! Not enough today, its only Wednesday after all. 

-Do an introduction of Creeping Flesh?

We are a couple of guys from Gothenburg who started playing old school death metal in 2013, since then we've recorded and released 2 EP's. That's pretty much it.

-Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one ?

No, since this is our first interview.

-Who's idea was it to name your band Creeping Flesh and why? Is it taken from the movie "Creeping Flesh"?

Sofus and William was drinking and came up with a bunch of names and they all sucked. So we took the name Creeping Flesh instead from the song by Facebreaker. We then also found out that it was a cult 70's horror movie so that's pretty cool. 

-What  become your strong metal scene give more details what becomes bands like Dismember, Insision,Morbid,Setherial,Dark Funeral Triumphator….?? Any awesome new bands we should watch out for ? 

Entrails, Smothered, Sterbhaus, Razorrape and Puteraeon are semi-new swedish bands that we like. 

-In what part of Sweden do you live? Is it attractive for tourists? What can you recommend ? Where are the good places to go out and drink beers ?

We live in Gothenburg, we can recommend the women and the rock-clubs, like Belsepub. If you want to drink beer you should visit “The Flying Barrel”, other than that it's just the usual bullshit-tourist-attractions.

-How do you get inspiration to create music?

Lot's of coffee and war movies.

- Tell us a few words about your latest E.P "Rising Terror”, and how do you describe it? Tell us something about the recording and are you satisfied with how this album turned out - and how was it received by fans & press?

It's a pretty dark, slow-paced album but with some explosive moments – as it should be in songs about war. I guess that as a whole we did'nt really think about how, why and what we wrote - we just wrote a few songs and we got pretty happy about them and entered the studio. We just tried to make a bunch of good songs and it seems like people liked it.

-Are you satisfied with the previous material "Unravelled by War" or there are certain things you would like to have changed?

It's okay, after all it was our first album so there's nothing to change really, but we have gotten better at writing music in the process so we look forward to releasing more material.

-What are you lyrics about ? Who writes them and where do you gain inspiration for them ?

They are about the horrors of war. Usually we are inspired by war movies and history in general. Martin writes most of our lyrics, but we all contribute where it's needed.

-Please explain the title and cover image of  "Rising Terror"I find its looks so much to the cover image of "Unravelled by War"  the concepts is the same why this 

We just want it to look evil and fit with our lyrical themes. War, more war, and total war.

-Which label would fit your music?

We call it Old School Death Metal, since most of our inspiration is from bands such as Bolt Thrower, Hail of Bullets and Jungle Rot.

-Describe Creeping Flesh gigs ,in which fest or gigs we have been more successful and who’s the bands and how is the performences of the bands who was with you at show ?..... Who was the best band in your opinion? 

We haven't played live yet but look forward to do it this fall. Probably at a death metal night at some local bar.

-Any fav bands to get on stage with ? ,any future gigs ?

Not yet.

-Do the members of the band play in other projects? 

Our drummer plays in a hardcore band called Strykjärn.

-What are you doing in daily life? How do you earn your money ?

We all have day jobs.

-What are some of your non-musical influences?

Video games, movies, books and history.

-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes...... ?

A lot during the weekend, less when we are at work.

-What Internet sites do you use?

-What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own?

We listen to death metal in a black Volvo accompanied by dual exhausts and 270 horsepowers. 

-Would you like to ask me a question !!???

How did you find out about our band?

I'm always looking for new or unknown underground bands who have just started with a demo,  EP album  recorded in an Independent label and because,I am passionate about everything that does not limit horror gore unreligion torture sadism violence ............ , all who leads to the beyond ...........I found Creeping Flesh in facebook

Alright, Thanks for answering my questions maybe this interview so longer I hoped it was not boring, any particular messages  or any closing notes , last words are yours

Cheers, have a beer, get laid, bang your head to some Creeping Flesh -  and thanks for the interview!

Take a beer 
Sataroth Blasphemer .....No Mercy Webzine

Creeping Flesh