vendredi 30 octobre 2015

Halo Of Leprosy-Slain At Dawn (2015)


2.Violence Infection            
3.Anticipatory Thinking       
4.With a Trembling Hand 
5.Room of Blood      
7.This Subjective Suicide               
8.Slain at Dawn       

Line up:
Andrew C.     All instruments, Vocals

This album contains 8 tracks of intense sick, fucking ,fucking, fucking and fuckity noisy dark sound with a little bit horrific sound followed by a robotic touch it means that the sound is not very real and vocals are monstrous or maybe sound is not clear
The riffing and the drums programming sound looks the first demo of  Dormant Carnivore and many other side projects because the really structural conception of Halo Of Leprosy is a project and it’s not a band
we must notice easily that the band use a drum machine because the sound it’s not very real in my opinion Andrew  must mix between a drum machine and a live or studio drums to get good sound like Putrid Pile ,Mortician, Vulvectomy
Halo Of Leprosy vocal fit to goregrind Powerviolence, and Noisecore with agressive saturated speedy guitar riffs and an unstopable blast beats , other thing that derange me in this album is the deathcore melody I hate deathcore and metalcore who invade death metal it’s the fail thing in Slain At Dawn . The sound production is not great all material are mixed up and recorded without professional way.

dimanche 18 octobre 2015

Prion - Uncertain Process (2015)

Comatose Music

Track list:

1.Power Obsessed 
2.Uncertain Process          
3.Chronic Disease 
5.Now Is the Hour  
6.Control Societies
7.End Is Near          
8.Losing Itself in the Infinite        
9.Doom Humanity of Horror
10.Never Let Me Down Again

Line up:

Walter Barrionuevo Bass
Marcelo Russo        Drums
Gregorio Kochian    Vocals, Guitars

I known about the experience of Prion and  it’s pouved by Uncertain Process if you listen this production  maybe you had a strenght death metal ,not really brutal not really technical but simply good .
 Riffs and vocals aren’t terribly valid drums are valid but somtimes I find blast beats wrong with the guitar rythme like the intro of the track two Uncertain Process awesome guitar riffing sound just the blast beats are faster and the résult seemed  to me wrong and there is no doubt that the dominant style of drumming is the late 2000’s
 also some tracks are raw and murderous  like the track 5  Now Is The Hour maybe is the perfect thing in this album There are fast riffs, medium riffs and some slow riffs and each seem to be placed exactly where they need to be ……..and this is the ésult of the good job of Gregorio.
I have always said that the South American extreme metal scene ……it’s large extreme strong and good a lot of their material is extremely fucking ,sick ,incoherent angry, violent .
you are likely to enjoy this much.

samedi 10 octobre 2015

Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood (2003)

Black Lotus Records

Track list

1.Chaos Invocation (Intro)  
2.Church of One                  
4.Bow Before Me                  
5.The Kindred                       
6.A Long Time Ago (Intro)              
7.Golgotha's Truth               
8.Betrayed (A Broken Pact)                       
9.The 9th Gate        

Line up

Vincent Crowley      Vocals, Bass
Michael Estes          Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm)
Kyle Severn  Drums, Spoken words

This trio offers a full splendor festival! Aggressive, varied. Punctuated by rapid and powerful riffs by slower passages heavier and more aggressive and fabulous  guitar breaks ! A very homogeneous band. Excellent production. A melodic guitar to perfection, accurate battery.  Tortuous sounds out of the deepest abysses. We feel that the band already has experience, and binding on the side satanic death of DEICIDE. in truly  its DEICIDE which was inspired by Acheron.Not a single title are alike, proving inspiration and constant search for new sounds.

dimanche 4 octobre 2015

Gorgoroth - Instinctus Bestialis (2015)

Soulseller Records

Track listing
1. Radix Malorum 3:14
2. Dionysian Rite 4:05
3. Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus 5:45
4. Come Night 2:41
5. Burn in His Light 4:02
6. Rage 4:03
7. Kala Brahman 5:23
8. Awakening 2:07

Band members
Atterigner – vocals
Infernus – guitars
Bøddel – bass
Asklund – drums

When a guest is waiting for six long years………………………..Infernus is back with Instinctus Bestialis and maybe  renewed vision of Gorgoroth also with the debut of Serbian vocalist Atterigner but I expected for a devilish vocalist  as Hat or Pest because Atterigner  not convinced me so much , reasonably the fucking gay of gaahl was éléminated  and fortunately drama between Gaahl / King and Infernus is over obviously Infernus =  Gorgoroth .
if I start talking about tracks I find less compelling ,however this release seems strafed you with an onslaught of pounding drums and furiously fast guitar work by the hands of Infernus , many of the riffs are varied, effortlessly transitioning between atmospheric chord progressions and straight up black metal riffage……….
Instinctus Bestialis is both a raw black metal emaciated and reduced to their simplest form ………… not enough  brutal ………… some  heavy riffs!!!! sometimes tracks pare the listener know by slowing the tempo and offer some melodic lines. A poisoned gift because it will be less a question of appeasing the atmosphere than to book sermons asides to the glory of who-you-know (spoiler: Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan x10)

To conclude fuck off Gorgoroth between 1998-2006 , Instinctus Bestialis is not the best Gorgoroth album if we compare with their best albums like Pentagram, Antichrist or Under the Sign of Hell , Hat and Pest are the best Gorgoroth vocalists ever