lundi 1 décembre 2014

Devast - Radical Excruciation Concept - Promo (2014)

Track list :

1.  Radical Excruciation Concept                   
2.  Cruel Methods of Punishment


Idir "Morbid Desecrator" - Vocals, Guitars
Draconum Oth - Drums
Markos Guevara - Vocals

This is the  Reborn of Devast !!!!......the might of the technical broootality with new lineup , new Location, new large and acceptable metal scène ,new fans and supporters, logo  ……………………now Devast working  better with a professional method because if you compare Art of Extermination with Radical Excruciation Concept  Devast reveals a more technical rate with a faster and robotic blast than before , Devast quit a  poor and the small metal community its was just the begin with  disadvantageous conditions and  their work was savagery originated ,but you should not underestimated the  lightning speed of Morbid Desecrator and the four-string wizardry of Aziz as may be Either That Looked like a bit of Cryptopsy or something like that !!!!There Is a good deal, next album will be to shore up the arranging to allow the band to carve out a niche of its own. the band will release new album very soon and you could check out and judge

lundi 7 juillet 2014

Desecration - Cemetery Sickness (2014)

Track list :

1. Cemetery Sickness
2. Coffin Smasher
3. I, Cadaver
4. Recipes of Horror
5. Rotten Brain Extraction
6. Cunt Full of Maggots
7. Cabletie Castrator
8. Mortuary Debauchery
9. Tactile Necrophile
10. Cut Up & Fed to the Dog
11. Grave Secrets

Lineup :

Ollie Jones -Vocals, Guitars
Michael Hourihan – Drums
Andi Morris – Bass
At first I do not think if it’s the most acclaimed CD of Desecration but when I begin to listen I started with Coffin Smasher!!, it was a really migthy sound, a truly sound of death metal with grooves touch this title it brings me back to my head a great names like Sinister Gorefest Cannabis Corpse Cannibal Corpse Carcass Extreme Noise Terror Krabathor ……. The racket of these song is perfectly complemented by little and after this I can say Desecration do a great job and in addition to this there are a side of an old school there are an old school flavor ,all this its find their way to the fans .

Some fans said Cemetery Sickness is The best release of this year I advice you go listen Cemetery Sickness because I'll listen again the 11 smashing tracks

vendredi 20 juin 2014

Interview with Automuro

-Please give a short introduction of yourself  to the No Mercy zine readers

We are a band from Valencia (Spain) which was formed in 2011. Our music is a mix between black/trash metal and crust punk.

-Automuro: what does it mean ?

It can mean a personal wall or something like that, but we didn’t think a lot about this when we decided our name...  (Auto-“self” Muro-“Wall”)

-Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one ?

No, interviews don’t mean too much to us. We try to answer honestly, that’s all.

- How is the metal scene in Spain nowadays? Any awesome new bands we should watch out for ?

The metal scene in Spain is quite underground… Some bands we like and recommend are: Cementerio (Valencia), El Hambre (Valencia), Trocotombix (Valencia), VX (Valencia), Looking For An Answer (Madrid), Tromort (Madrid), Adrift (Madrid), Teething (Madrid), Execució (Barcelona)…

 -Is it easy to find people to play this kind of music in Spain ?

It’s very difficult if you don’t meet people from the metal scene, at least in Valencia, especially when you look for people in extreme music.

-In what part of Spain do you live? Is it attractive for tourists? What can you recommend ? 

We live in Valencia, one of the most touristic places in Spain. The weather and the beaches are great, and so is the nightlife, you know…

-How did you get the inspiration to do music?Any bands or albums that did it for you?

Everyone has its own influences, but we agree in some bands, as Slayer, Celtic Frost, Discharge, Darkthrone, Bathory, Anti-Cimex...

-What is your greatest wish for Automuro ?

That we keep playing together for a long time.

-Which are your 5 favourite albums of all time ?

We are 5 members, so:

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Lightning bolt - Wonderful rainbow
Union of uranus - Disaster by design
Slayer – Reign in blood
Tragedy – Can we call this life ?

-How do you define your style of music with your old school flavor and a hardcore punk thrash wearing with a blackened sound ?

Dark punk-metal with bad mood; it hasn’t got any specific style.

 -How do you describe the music of "Demo 2013" ?

We would describe it as a primitive mix of the most bloody of punk and metal, 80’s style.

-Speak a bit about your lyrics: the subjects they deal with, influences, the way they´re written?  and it‘s rather thrash, black metal or punk crust what kind nearest Automuro ,and how was the recording  of your Demo 2013  are you satisfied have you been an obstacle ?

The lyrics talk about the miseries of the world around us and a mix of bad things...
About our Demo, it was recorded in a rehearsal place by a friend for free. You can always record better, but we are very happy with it, step by step…

-Who writes most of the lyrics and what do you write about ?

Everything is written by Dani, our singer. He writes about the end of the world and all the misery and sadness we are surrounded by.

-Which label would fit your music ?

We think Black D-Beat is the funniest.

-Describe Automuro gigs, and why it’s look like rather to hardcore punk gigs than black metal gigs ?

They are musically more aggressive and our scene is more underground.

-Any fav bands to get on stage with ?

We like a lot playing with Black Panda, Derrota, Cementerio, El Hambre, Tromort... great people too!

-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol, cigarettes.... ?

Everyone has its level.

-What are some of your non-musical influences ?

Terror movies, DIY attitude, drugs, literature, sci-fi, animal documentaries...

-What are your occupations outside Automuro ?


-What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own ?

Music to run and to run over people.  Powerful, crappy… We own brakeless cars.

-What are the future plans of Automuro any split or compilation……. Other  things ?

We want to record an LP with new songs and some songs of the demo.

-What are you doing in daily life? How do you earn your money ?

Nobody knows…

-What is your guitar arsenal (axe/strings, amps, effects) ?

We use gibson,b.c rich,engl..

-Thanks for answering my questions bro. hope to see you on stage when I come to Spain soon, any particular messages or any closing notes , last words are yours 

Thanks to you for your interest. And sorry for the delay ... good things come to those who wait!

samedi 17 mai 2014

Interview with ALTAR OF SIN

This is an honour for me to include this interview with ALTAR OF SIN in my zine as their last album " Tales of Carnage First Class " was a really good one in my ears!!!

-Infernal hails to the infernal and hellish Spanish thrash metal war machine, what’s up in Spain ? …. Do an introduction

This a deal with the devil and we are his damned watchdogs from hell, we are making war since 2003, over 10 years of intense and evil Metal and this is the moment for play loud our last album “Tales of Carnage First Class” recorded at September 2011 at Fireworks Studios (Valencia) undoubtedly the best work by the band where they blend quality with the wildest savagery… which will mean another step forward for the band in their aim to expand the infernal hybrid of Thrash/ Death. Bang your Head! And I hope the readers like our music.

-What were the most important bands that defined the soul and stronger tendencies of ALTAR OF SIN ? What were your stronger influences and most important records……..the first one when I listen to your work I was surprised !!!! your work remember me a great names like MYSTIC CIRCLE, DESTRUCTION, DESTROYER 666 ,VENOM !!! ,possessed !!! celtic frost ?

You got it man! We are deeply  linked to the old school tendencies, it is our pride and philosophy talking about music, we leave back all the modern shit…for me the great old school death metal is the best as the Sweedish as the American trends, and also the good work made by the German thrash masters like the first Kreator lineup and Sodom, also Slayer…moreover what I name as the roots of all, I mean, possessed, venom, bathory and celtic frost. In addition the pure cult like disaster or destroyer 666, finally all of it converge and turn to the Altar Of Sin Thrash/Death Metal style.

-Who founded ALTAR OF SIN and how many of the original members are still present in the current line-up?

We are making ALTAR OF SIN since 2003, Goyo Hammerhead (previous drummer of Voice of Hate and Profundis Tenebrarum) on drums and me on guitars, from the beginning we both always have been in the band's line-up along these years.

-Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one ?

Hell Yeah! This is the best way to allow all our fans to know something more about us and our music. I love answer interviews with one cold beer first for adequate provision to express the first thing that comes to my mind.

-When did you started take contact with the extreme metal scene? What attracted you? Why was it better than the "regular" music?

I started to listen extreme music since 90’s, such times when heavy metal looked to disappear, thus I hold to the classic metal sound as that played by Accept or Judas Priest, since then it was when I found out bands as Slayer, Sodom, Napalm death or Sepultura, it is also proper to mention Pantera, which was the band what young people as me in 90’s we love listen and play hard. Forthcoming, these kinds of bands turned to me as favorite ones, nonetheless, I listen the true punk in that epoch what it took me to explore the grindcore. At the end of this process, I was going to appropriate the Death Metal as that what better represent myself, and I took to my pedestal the most brutal and evil bands, I mean, those including a special aged taste as the rum and wine are, leaving back the fucking melody and tiny sounds in the music. Bands as Celtic Frost, Venom, Slayer and Sodom became to be the most representatives in my personal likes and extreme sound.
I have to say that I never liked the virtuous bands, I have always preferred, taking about whatever music is, maybe played by people as me whom can be able to transfer to others some kind of feeling when they are listening it, no matter if it is a evil feeling, sometimes you only want to retrieve energy, violence and destruction, always bringing to you strength and looking to go ahead. In other words, I declare myself as a noise lover whom practice cult for it!!!

-Do you see limitations in how much you can evolve with the musical framework of the band?

For me, I don’t find limitations ‘cause this particular kind of music is what I like to play, moreover, when I try to play other kind of music, then, the limitation comes to me.

-What philosophical concept behind the name of ALTAR OF SIN?

Altar of Sin is the name that all of us agreed which represent our ideas and philosophy, as fingerprint, what represents all of sins we like, what states the hate and brutality in each performance. It is like a state of trance, a time off this world, who attend our performances and who don’t care back home bleeding know what we are talking about.

-What are you doing in daily life? How do you earn your money ?

As the music still don’t gives for feed us, in my case I work as responsible of systems management, finally I had to study something else as alternative for living jajaja, we can’t be all the day listening and playing metal, and having beers. The others Altar of Sin members also have their alternative works. Additionally, I would to say that nowadays for becoming a metal musician, so much money is required and sometimes, it is difficult to earn it.

-In what part of Spain do you live? Is it attractive for tourists? What can you recommend ?

We live in Valencia, Mediterranean coast, which is the most visited and attractive city in Spain, talking about the number of tourist who come here, ¿Have you heard about Benidorm? I highly recommend the beaches surrounding Alicante City, this deserve to be visited when you come to Spain. We are people from the coast, we preferred more girls Bikini-like dressed and having topless than girls Viking-like dressed.

-Describe ALTAR OF SIN  in one word ?


-How is the metal scene in Spain ?

Well, full of all, for all the likes, certainly following a fashion trend nowadays, there are appearing thrash metal bands type Bay Area, almost when you hit a rock, a thrash metal band jumps from it, it is not the Altar of Sin style, nonetheless they are just music trends, we have our own circle forming by extreme metal allied bands which we like to share the stage on scheduled events. What I really hate it is the commercial level that actually present the underground music scene, I mean, it is so crowded and infected by promoters which only looks and wants to take advantage of the local band wishes aiming to succeed, thus promoters requesting money to the bands for playing and make a tour, What the fuck is it??????? This what I’m telling you is the worst of the metal scene, I have a particular case…Although, there are some people that are not looking for their benefits, instead ‘cause they love metal.

- I really appreciate your album it’s raw and aggressive ,how was the secret of this result ,please tell us more about your latest hellish release " Tales of Carnage First Class "

The extreme metal has to be as its name says: extreme! Before musicians we are listeners and metal fans, we practice the metal that we would like to find when we go to the store looking for buy some album.
Since our first album until the release of the Tales of…it was clear enough what we wanted to play, and always doing what we like and enjoy with the best quality we can.

-In your first time debut when you started by your self production for distributed your music what did you do ???

Truly, I do not like to self-product my albums; instead I better considered focus on playing the music and the art, thus leaving all commercial issues to the discography label. Selling an album take a long time and it is not straightforward; we do not have the tools to sell CDs as a professional label can do it.

-I think your last recording quality is perfect but before you were record your music with a diferente labal ,which label would fit your music ? Ecatombe Records , Xtreem Music or ?

Hecatombe Records, edited our first Works, in September 2008 “Praising evil” was released what in advance included our first MCD “Altar Of Sin”, afterwards, in 2010, also Hecatombe Records edited “The damned dogs from hell”, both CDs were well rated, but the distribution was not as satisfactory as we expected, for this reason for the “Tales of Carnage First Class” we decided that the change of label was priority, thus was possible to work with Xtreem Music, well known by the traditional and particular support to Spanish Death Metal bands, since then, the albums has arrived where it has to arrive.

-Do you have some forthcoming releases? What are the plans for the future?, Any collaborations projected with other bands from other counties ( gigs, split CDs or other things)?

Yes, right now we are in a writing songs stage looking for our new album for 2014, in fact, we have played one song from it in our last performances, you can find in you tube by typing “In the temple of set”. We are also thinking seriously to get involved in international tours, Altar Of Sin do NOT STOP to play and release brutality, never!

-What's your opinion ,what is your réaction or you objection versus  the metalcore scene who invaded the death, grind ,thrash and black metal scene ?In my opinion it's a real shit and it’s sucks is just for kids and teenagers

The Metalcore is a fucking shit, as you said, …, it is not metal, is only shit, crimson shit for teenagers.

-Your new rhythm guitarist "Neura"  wearing  like warrior like Glen Benton with Vital Remains and Amon  at show I think it’s a good concept to give an  extreme apparence at show what can you tell us about

We have always following the old school lessons, Neura is older than us, when we came to the band of a second guitarist, since that first contact with him, we liked his attitude, wearing his medieval warrior armor. The day when he appeared to play in our band for first time, right away we became excited and since then, Neura is an important piece in the Altar Of Sin performances.

-Are you antichristian , Satanist or just atheist ?

We are atheists, but our attitude is belligerent and in opposite direction to all monotheistic religions, what it does not mean that we are not interested on mythology or in the old heathen religions in the European pre-christian epoch, as well as all related with evil and the christian world itself, we are our own Satans.

- Your last show where and when it was , give us more details about this and describe ALTAR OF SIN  gigs and what about organization and the audience? 

Right now, our last show was here in our city Valencia, in the first hammerfest where we could to share stage with the mythical band Impaled Nazarene, a reference for Altar Of Sin, about 200 people attended the festival, what is something low for the magnitude of the events performing there, anyway, it was a concert for memories.

-Any fav bands to get on stage with ?

From my side, I really want to have the chance of sharing stage with Sodom or Venom. Javier Destructor will get horny playing in the same stage of Mortician.

-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes...... how many packs of beer did you destroy when you drink ?

Oh fuck! I’m trying to leave cigars, sometimes I smoke a pack (~20) by day, but when I’m going to play in a concert, I do not smoke…I should to smoke less, I try to get in form, practice sports but we love a lot the drinks, ¿Do you know what absenta is? It is a senior hallucinogenic drink that we often have a lot, a very common drink  in Spain, only hard people can keep stand up, in few words when we are in the rehearsal room we have huge amounts of beers. Now we control these things before to play in a concert, but it did ot happened some years ago before, during and after the shows.

-What are some of your non-musical influences ?

What mainly influence for me are the pretty women cleavages and asses jajajaja, I feel a great respect and a big nature defender and the wild life what surrounding us, these largely influences me in my life.
I also like to understand about history, I read many books from different history topics, cinema and literature, all of these things influences me, moreover what is strong and extreme.

-What is your occupations outside altar of sin ?

The life of a common Spanish headbanger 34 years old, right now, out of Altar Of Sin, one of the main activities I enjoy is diving, I’m back to my passion by the Sea.

-What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own ?

All kind of music really, but overall, in last days, I’m playing Black Metal as Inquisition, I’m absorbed by this Colombian-American band. Of course, the classics do not miss, and never going to stop to play in my car, such as Judas Priest, Accept, Running Wild, Venom.

-When you think of the people who enjoy  your music, is there any particular thing ??

I don’t often think about who is listening my music, if they are as me I’m sure that enjoy and have lots of fun, if not I don’t really care about them.

-What is your guitar arsenal (axe/strings, amps, effects) ?

I always play with my Jackson Flying V Signature Phil Demmel with EMG pickups and Mesa Boggie Doble Retifier amplifiers plus cabinet Randall. For guitar effects I often add a Metal Muff pedal, for the strings I use an interesting set, I buy a 7-strings Ernie Ball kit and I remove the central one, thus it allow to me to play with the thickest in order to give a most brutal sound, the thinnest one to play solos.

-Thanks for answering my questions bro. hope to see you on stage when I come to spain soon , any particular messages  or any closing notes , last words are yours 

Thanks for your interest, I expect that you and more fans continue our band for a long forthcoming time!
Bang your Head When the Metal is Loud!
Rock y Violencia!

vendredi 18 avril 2014

Interview with Autarkeon

-Infernal hails,let start off by introducing the band a bit? When and by whom had it been started ?

-Haskel : AUTARKEON is a one-man-band » which has started 3 years ago.
I was involved before in another « one man band » which has been duo and sometimes trio

-Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one ?

-Haskel : That means recognition for my work.
I am glad to have chance to talk about my music, to talk about it to make people get desire to discover !
I feel comfortable cause I am talkative.

- Autarkeon it comes from the word autarkic why this name speak a bit about the meaning ?

-Haskel :This is an invented word.
First I simply wanted to call my project “AUTARCIE” (AUTARKY in English). But it had already been used, as the Greek origin “autarkeia” ! Then I decided to invent a name, keeping root “autar”. I made a list of many names. And we (my sound ingeneer Spike and me) have made a choice among them. She is my sound engeneer.

-Autarkeon is a one-man band, right? Do you feel comfortable with this? Might it be possible to see some additional musicians joining your rank in the future ?

-Haskel :Yes, it is a one-man-band. There is only one person working with me, it’s Spike, whom I talked about before. She performs mixdown and mastering, edits videos. In short, everything that is technical. Except recordings, that I do by myself.
Working alone (almost) is the best way for me. I am autodidact also. I wanted to include all of this in the concept of autarky. The” Autarkeon” is his own master, his own guide. It might sound self-important, snooty. I haven't any trouble with that. I am not perfect. I make mistakes, as everyone. But I am learning by my-self. I take my failures. What I succeed is due to my work.

I don’t think I will ever work with any additional musicians. I am not interested at playing live music. I prefer creating music, alone.

-What made you decide to start a one man project ?

-Haskel :I used to play in garage bands, many years ago. There were too many things to take care at once. Character, taste, way to work, availability of each one. The more people you are, the more difficult it is. Most often a natural leader emerges; he federates more or less. Unfortunately sooner or later dissent grows. When the band contains two leaders or it is made of several strong personalities, the project may turn more quicker to failure. Otherwise the band works on a way of compromise. And that would be a trouble for me.
So, in short, I am working alone cause I like it. According to my methods, my desires, and my pace.

-Are you also busy with some other projects/bands ?

-Haskel :No, I don’t.
I imagine I could release songs under another name, if I had some that don’t fit to AUTARKEON.
I have no side project for now.

-Do you consider AUTARKEON  to be a band or a project ?

-Haskel :I don’t like the word « project ». At least in its French meaning. A project is something you are going to do. Something you are thinking about or just a draft.
But « band » doesn’t really fit. Except if you consider I am working in team with Spike.
By her work, she gives color, emphasis to my music.

-What music do you generally listen to ?

-Haskel :Metal, only Metal. There is everything in Metal : every ambiences, every spirits. Melody and brutality. Basic compositions, tribal. Works developed as in Classical music.
Death is my favourite (80%). Back and Thrash for the rest. A few old Heavy too.

-In what part of France  do you live? Is it attractive for tourists? What can you recommend ?

-Haskel :An Area called “Region centre”, although it isn’t really le middle of the country.
It is attractive for tourists fond of history or castels. For those that love good wines too.
Otherwise it isn’t one of the most beautiful areas in France. There is no mountain. It is far away from sea. It is an agricultural region. There are forests around here.

-How is the metal scene in France ?

-Haskel :The situation has always been incomprehensible, paradoxical. There is a huge public for Metal.
According to a lot of foreign groups, the French public is one of the best. Yet even the most famous bands make shorter tours in France. Profitability issue. Tours boil down to a single date in Paris. They make sure that it will be sold out or almost.
Meanwhile French bands have to make their proofs abroad before being recognized in France.
This is hardly a caricature !
Nothing to do with German or Spanish unconditional support to their bands.
I read in a magazine, that in the eighties, one of their famous bands filled a stadium. We were far away from this in France.
And the issue of lack of support to French scene is still right today. Hard to explain this French exception. The reasons are many.

-How did you get the inspiration to do music ? Any bands or albums that did it for you ?

-Haskel :I have no recipe !
Sometimes, it starts with a riff. A melody comes to my mind. I go further by playing on my guitar.
Sometimes I have fun by playing anything. I play dreamily. I improvise. And something interesting comes : then I go further too.
Or, I get an idea while listening to music. I imagine another version of the song I am listening to. So I work on this digression to create my own song.
And last, this is stuff I’ve heard that I rework.

About bands or albums that inspire me ? It ‘s hard to say… More or less consciously : Slayer, Sodom, Kreator, Coroner, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Death… Death old school in general.

-How you define your style of music ?

-Haskel :First I didn’t care to define AUTARKEON’s style. I thought it was too reducer. But not doing it brought me disillusions !
To add AUTARKEON on Encyclopaedia Metallum, I had to fill “genre”. I wrote “extreme metal”. This had been convert to Black Metal !! Thanks to this entry in the Encyclopaedia Metallum, some guys contacted me…. Then AUTARKEON was included in a NETLabel focused on Black Metal. Finally nobody was interested in AUTARKEON.

-How do you describe the music and the title of your  "Demo 2011" ?

-Haskel :Death Old School first. Thrash or Black influences on some songs.
“Demo 2011” had been replaced by “ETERNEL CONFLIT” this month ! The same songs remixed plus two news.
“ETERNEL CONFLIT” is downloadable for free at

-Your first demo was raw ,I think there are just the drum programming not fit with black metal why do you not play drums think if you will play drums the sound will be like some true black metal music

-Haskel :As I told before, AUTARKEON isn’t a Black Metal band.
That is not really drums programming. I used sound bank, I mean real sounds of kick, snare, tom… The real trouble was mixdown and mastering.
Fortunately I met Fred Uniwëria Zëkt through facebook. He really listened to my demo and had been able to feel a potential whatever the sound was. He has been able to guide Spike to improve mixdown and mastering. Great thanks to Fred !

-Why do you not play drums ?

-Haskel : Learning guitar takes me a lot of time already. I’ve been starting learning it quite late.
As I played in garage bands, I was only a singer.
I would have loved to play drums. The thing is I lived for a long time in flats. It’s hard to train to play drums in those conditions ! Because of space and noise !

-Speak a bit about your lyrics: the subjects it deal with, influences, the way it's written ?and how was your self recording  of your demo are you satisfied ?

-Haskel :My songs are made of two types of lyrics.
Lyrics which denounce dysfunction, violence, injustice, indoctrination in the world. That’s not very original, that’s true. I don’t pretend to change the world. I describe it. I externalize that’s it.
There are more introspective lyrics, with multiple meanings sometimes. To summarize, it’s about duality in each person. Something more complex than a Manichean logic.

My self-recording had been a very hard work. I did it again and again. It’s quite impossible to be totally satisfied especially because of the sound. I used to record my guitar connected to an amp through my pedal, and the amp connected to a sound card… I now connect my guitar directly to the sound card and it really improves the sound.

-The track Caligula it‘s about what ?

-Haskel :About Roman Emperor Caligula. It’s metaphorical too. It’s about human being generally and its bad instincts. Its dark side that prevent him to raise spiritually, to get to a superior level of conscience, knowledge, wisdom.
About its faults, vulnerabilities which make human being a complex and sensible thing too.
-Which label would fit your music ?

-Haskel :A label that requires nothing : No delays, no touching up.

-Can you write a few words about the cover artwork of your demo? How does it fit together ?
 I see it’s poor ,I wonder what it means ?

-Haskel :Each can interpret it as he wants. It’s a suggestive picture, not a descriptive one.

-When you think of the people who enjoy your music, is there any particular thing ??

It’s strange.
I think it’s justified that people take interest in my music. Because I‘ve worked a lot, for years. And according to my mind, work must pay. Because I’ve been waiting for a long time to be recognized. Because I think I have the right to have a place too (if only geniuses had the right to display, record stores would go bankrupt. YouTube would be a top-secret media and concerts would be extremely rare)
At the same time, I'm still (pleasantly) surprised by the positive enthusiastic feedbacks. As if I was talked about something familiar but which I am not the author. Something that does not belong to me. Which I'm just the promoter.

-Have you ever played live or do you plan to do so?

-Haskel :I did a single time. As a singer for a duo. It was with a friends’s band.

About AUTARKEON, I think it won’t happen.

-You see some additional musicians joining your rank in the future ?

-Haskel :Honestly, I don’t know. There are two important things : musical and human compatibility. Both aren’t always linked.

-If you could choose one band to support on a tour, who would it be?

-Haskel :What do you mean ? Which group I would to go on tour with if I had a band for such a project ? Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Slayer…
Do you mean which band I would like to follow on their tour as public ? The list may be long…

-In case someone is interested in your music, how and where can this person buy your stuff ?

-Haskel :My music is downloadable for free at
On YouTube there are 2 videos from this demo. and

-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes.... ?

-Haskel :I’ve stopped smoking for 15 years. About alcohol, once or twice a week, at the week-end most often. I used to drink more as I was young. I take care for my health now…

-What are some of your non-musical influences ?

-Haskel :My life. My relationships with others. Observation of individual behavior in society. Dysfunction of the world. All I can see in documentaries. History. Sociology…

-What is your occupations outside Autarkeon ?

-Haskel :Sports. I gym, run, fight… I don’t practice Krav Maga anymore for a few months… Lack of time.
Autarkeon had became my priority.
I read less for the same reason (France history for example)

-What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own ?

-Haskel :For long journeys I bring a stock of CD : I take the latest purchases, some favourites and some I didn’t listen to for a while. (Metal only !)

-What are the future plans of Autarkeon any split or compilation, promo……. other  things ?

-Haskel :My new demo is now available as I said. I am going to work on videos to promote my work. The next should be “Labyrinthe”.

-What is your greatest wish for Autarkeon ?

-Haskel :Increase my audience, that’s it. I have no unbounded ambition.

-What are you doing in daily life? How do you earn your money?

-Haskel :I don’t want to talk about this or about material things (like talking about my car…).

-What is your guitar arsenal (axe/strings, amps, effects) ?

-Haskel :Skull Strings Drop C
Pedal Metal zone Boss and Amp CUBE Roland for training.
Imac and Logic express 8, Amplitube Metal, Recabinet, for recording.

-What instruments do you use ?

-Haskel :It is very simple. I use especially a Ibanez “RG series”. My bass is a Yamaha.

-Thanks for answering my questions bro soon , any particular messages or any closing notes , last words are yours ……..eternal hails .

-Haskel :AUTARKEON can only exist through your support !
I only have social networks or YouTube to spread my music. I let my work for free on Internet. I need you support to going on (each “like” or “comment” or “share” is important to me !)
Thanks you very much !