mardi 29 décembre 2009

Zombie Hate Brigade - Zombie Hate Brigade (2008)

1-Screaming Like Banshees
2-Vegetarians Make Bad Cannibals
3-I Sleep Now
4-Zombie Snacks
6-The Dead Knock
7-Walk Into The Fire
8-I Wanna Put My Junk In Stacey
9-Epic Ballad Of Pancakes
10-Legacy Of Blood
11-Toe Tags
12-My Monkey
13-I Like It Spooky
14-Pompeii 03:51
15-Buio Omega (Impetigo cover)

It’s about cannibalism, zombies, and raping women then Zombie Hate Brigade is the band for you if you like that. but fun death/grind that actually good production good recording and sound is good. I'm very surprised at the first time .
The thing that stands out the most to me is the creativity of these guys. They seem like very interesting people just by listening to their music. The sound is pretty typical in most death/grind bands, but they do throw out some interesting parts to keep you from total boredom. The guitar is at a constant heavy, but the riffs underneath the distortion are very strong. Theres also some riffs that have a little bit of a melodic edge to them. One of the greater points to the music is the bass is audible at all times. Even though it's heavily distorted, The drummer is not bad ,he have the level and the performance that Zombie Hate Brigade needs , vocals is not very performed but you will must listen to know the level .