vendredi 27 novembre 2015

Lelahell - Al Insane... The (Re)Birth of Abderrahmane (2014)

Label : Horror Pain Gore Death

Track list:

1.Mazaghran (intro)
2.Al Intissar
3.Voices Revealed
4.Kalimer Essir
7.Am I In Hell
9.Black Hands

Line up:

Lelahel: guitar and vocals
Nihil: Bass
Slaveblaster: Drums

 If you known the experience of Redouane aka Lelahel (ex Litham, Devast ,Carnavage, Neanderthalia) you will not ask much questions who are Lelahell and you will not be surprised about the résult
Firstly I want to speak a little bit about the name,tracks titles of the album and the lyrical theme in my opinion because this two latest thing are not fit and favorable in the professional death metal production and label and merch  …………..Lelahell can be  easily  underestimated  and discriminated because unfortunately the international metal scene and international professional  labels and organization don’t known Lelahell don’t known the metal in Algeria, I notice about some Algerian metal bands who make and mix  some false stuff proper  to our nation and culture of course I’m totaly against that, but if you wanna make it why are you going to import a culture from mideastern lands and call yourself “Arabian Metal” or some other shit like the fuckity “Oriental Metal” ? Algeria is not Arabian the north of Africa as I know isn’t? North Africa is Called Tamazgha, the land of the Amazigh people or Numidian land of Berberians people, have nothing to do with the fucking oriental culture (in my opinion), well, these people need to take some serious lessons in geography and history .

I have already read in some reviews  things like this ……….Lelahell add their homeland's musical heritage during slower parts. That means fucking  Arabic influences or the riffing of Lelahell  is clearly derived from some of folk and traditional
melodies, usually when it leads a passage forward. This works wonders for the
band’s sound!!!!!!!!! Lelahell should proving their death metal and not false homeland's musical heritage or traditional melodies which are not the mine and the mistake in this conflict we will be considered for fucking Arabic people

 In the kind of death metal and brutality lyrical theme often its about Death, Violence Horror, Gore, Torture, Cannibalism, Zombies, Surgery,Autopsy ,Sickness, Mutilation, Sexual ,War, Alcohol,Blasphemy ,Anti-religion  ………….. and beer.

when I begin to speak about the first  albums  EP "Al Intissar"I can say it was a valid work maybe its more than valid and acceptable  its solid and strong death metal because it was released in a professional way .

Lelahell released their first full-length studio album ‘Al Insane… The (Re)Birth Of Abderrahmane’ August 5th, 2014 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.
The sound is good riffs are varied brutal ,blackened ,technical heavy thrash  and  little bit groovy in some parts unfortunately there is a fuckity wrong riffs(the false homeland's musical heritage and in my opinion its not fit with modern death metal)the positive thing with the rifage that’s not repetitive, vocals are quite versatile and Redouane  sings with an impressive variety of brutal growls, powerful grunts and dark screams all the clichés of death metal are here musically we have in front of us a Death Metal that evokes in turn Vader, Cannibal Corpse , Suffocation for the most obvious influences . The Black Metal button will also invite some riffs, you can think of Mayhem in small doses. Besides their cover of " Freezing Moon " on their EP

Al Insane…The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane is an excellent death metal record and
" it’s a first good point and a first satisfaction for certain supporters and fans and in any case Lelahell is the formal proof that the Algerian metal scene exist and alive

lundi 16 novembre 2015

LaCasta-Encyclia (Upcoming)

LaCasta,Italian Blackened Hardcore band announcing their first EP "Encyclia" coming out by the end of the year .

Line up 
Alessandro Donnaloia - Vocals and Synthesizers
Mario Morgante - Guitar 
Marino Martellotta - Bass Guitar 
Sbrough - Drums

No Hope taken fromp the first EP "Encyclia