samedi 26 septembre 2015

Gruesome-Savage Land (2015)

Track list :

1.Savage Land
2.Trapped In Hell
6.Closed Casket
7.Psychic Twin
9.Land Of No Return (Death Cover) (Bonus Track)
10.Black Magic (Slayer Cover) (Bonus Track) 

Lineup :

Robin Mazen           Bass
Gus Rios       Drums, Guitars (lead)
Matt Harvey  Guitars (lead), Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting
Daniel Gonzalez     Guitars (lead, rhythm)

If you like Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy, Spiritual Healing of Death / here there is a  pure aroma of Death maybe this is for the good fans who support  the truly legendary old school death metal …….the first one when I listen this fuckin album Savage land a great names back to my head like Obituary ,Death, Massacre, Incantation .some fan’s says Savage Land is both a fine tribute to one of death metal's pioneers
Then even the cover of Land Of No Return is successful !!! which means Gruesome worship Death or maybe wanted a tribute for Death what prevents also the cover of Slayer "Black Magic" it was a very pleasure to my ears because I’m big fan of early Slayer  and early slayer because for me their discography has stop at Seasons in the Abyss, and it's not for nothing because I have already heard much Slayer’s cover by great names  as Vader ,Dark Funeral and many more .

But the think who I find better if I compare with Scream Bloody Gore and  Leprosy is the clarity of sound because I can say the recording was perfect , It's still cavernous in a late 1980s ,sound is a bit updated to the modern values even the vocal it’s Chuck Schuldiner's mode without forgetting the album cover it contains my old school  horror gore fav cannibalism  movies directly Cannibal ferox back to my head the preview of that ……………… to conclude I will not say that’s Death clone but Gruesome have a very good tribute to the early works of Death and  does not surpass the original in any case you will liked very fast Savage land .