lundi 25 décembre 2017

Antropofagus - M.O.R.T.E. - Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration (2017)

Label : Comatose Music

Tracklist :

1.Whirlwind of Initiation    
2.Spawn of Chaos 
3.Chants for Abyzou         
4.Praise to a Hecatomb     
5.Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration      
6.Omnipotent Annihilation          
7.The Abyss (Chapter One)         
8.Quintessence of Suffering       
9.Deception of the Blood  
10.Living in Fear (Malevolent Creation cover)  

The Italian killer fucking beast Antropofagus formed in 1997 is back with a third invasion spreading the evil and darkness under the fucking name of "M.O.R.T.E.-Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration", Antropofagus returns in 2017 with uncompromising godless ferocity! Five years after their highly praised ‘Architecture of Lust’ release, this Italian death metal beast strikes again with ‘Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration’ (M.O.R.T.E.), and perpetrating a ritualistic devilish fucking butchery of fuck fuckity fucking quality and brutal as …….the top of italian brutal death metal perfection ! Antropofagus continue to give an excellent Brutal Death Fucking Metal and this time perhaps exploring a little more the Old Skull Death Metal by mixing the both fucking genre very well and including a diabolical atmosphere very present coming to break your frozen fucking bones! This third maleficent release contains 11 parts of pure fucking Death Metal including an excellent cover of Malevolent Creation.
a journey into life, death, resurrection and the descent into the darkest depths of self. This is Antropofagus' heaviest and most wicked effort to date, blending old school US death metal influences with their trademark style of brutality. M.O.R.T.E. is a deluge of punishing frantic riffs, monstrous vocals and a relentless drums performance by Davide ‘BrutalDave’ Billia (Beheaded & Hour of Penance). There's no escape,no mercy Antropofagus is coming to consume your flesh and invade your soul!
 Because is perhaps one of the most successful forms of Brutal Death today. Massive, thick, technical, unhealthy, expressing a kind of dementia and paroxysm of violence, physical as well as mental, I had waited a long time for such a hearing enjoyment that does not sink in Slam. If all the musicians develop a very high level, I am especially marked by the performance of the drummer and the singer, who are for many in the impression of strangulation that provides the listening of these ten titles. Anyway, we have a perfect room where nothing is left to chance.

In any case , you must have M.O.R.T.E.-Methods of Resurrection Though Evisceration in your collection.

mercredi 22 novembre 2017

Paranoid Fantasy - Everlasting Madness (2017)

Label: Testicular Records

2-Cyber demystification
3-Perpetual Agony
4-Beyond Perception
5-Continuity In Chaos
6-Cerebral Atrophy (Bonus track)

Paranoid Fantasy Strong old school delirium death metal since 1998 from Algeria .Paranoid Fantasy was created in 1998 by the former member Schyzophagus (Roger Miller), the name was changed several times Nightmare Delirium (2003-2006), Cruality of Madness (1998,2001.) Paranoid Fantasy (2008 until now).
In 2005-2006 first demo 4 songs was record in release.2008 was marked by the first collaboration with Absynth,immediately after demo track from older stuff was record with the means at hand.
in 2009 the band come back among the living after one year of silent with new stuff and new vision of what could be the new direction of the band with huge Influence and experience, to create music and to destroy the hopes of human kind.
Paranoid Fantasy tries to gravity in a world of madness and cruelty without a favorable outcome for the salvation of the human mind with contradictory mix of old school black metal doom death metal followed with dark and cold atmosphere things who give the blackned part of Paranoid Fantasy and maybe there are things who can remember you the italian death métalstyle ! (I’m not sure maybe some elements)
in 2016 after some changes (line up and musical orientation) Paranoid Fantasyis back. with a fresh new blood Slave Blaster(Lelahell , In Hell) on drums the band will deliver a solid Death metal without compromise

Everlasting Madness  Opening with thedark atmospherique words spoken by Redouane of Lelahell in the intro track , saying the brifing of himself and something about the band

The second track Cyber Demystification awesomebit melody intro and riffing with mighty  unsttopabledruming ,drums with of course the machine gun double bass drumming and after a few second guitar speed turn to heavily doom-laden ,not very doomed because the blackned side gives vary greatly tempos and shows that technicality who brief  doom rhythms at high speed (sometimes tempos turn little bit low) Luckily the music is equally  and fit as well done as the vocals and wthout forget ing the short guitar solo who can remember you incantation or immolation style (maybe some elements)
the next track Perpetual Agony starts with a solid brutality sound adding to the saturated  growing but this last one turn to mixed vocal between growl and brutal screaming when the tempo change and the song impress with their melody as well as their dynamics and atmosphere without forgetting the old school flavor you smell it more than the first song Same thing for Beyond Perception just tempo is little slowly and heavier than the  previous tracks without forgetting the collaboration of Redouane (Lelahell) as  guest vocal in the outro, Continuity In Chaos death with touches of black metal with a very dark approach that will make you immerse in a dark atmosphere, with fast rhythms, strong melodies and absorption that work very well with the guttural and screming vocals of Schyzophagus
and the last on Cerebral Atrophy is an old title of paranoid fantasy 1st recorded on the demo of 2005-2006 this version it is of 2017 re-recorded that is why it is a bonus track , and it's the most blackned doomed track of this EP the track with the old school flavor who smell more and more Cerebral Atrophy is pretty awesome for fan of sick old death metal style like it was done in the early 90s and late 80sI agree that they can't really be as mind blowing as the bands of that era, but it's really heartening to see death metal still has some hopes. And among the vast legions of Suffocation clones and countless numbers of stupid metalcore and deathcore bands, some bands still have balls.
Everlasting Madness  !!!!! all Death Metallers should to get this evil fucking EP, Dark and Cold Amazing Fucking Piece of Brutal Sadistic Fucking Devilry ……. In any case , you should have or try to listen  Everlasting Madness and put it in your collection

mercredi 18 octobre 2017

Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi (2017)

Label: Nuclear Blast


1.Vortex of Infinity – Axis Mundi 
2.Spirit Guide          
3.The Sacred Geometry    
5.Transcendental Paradox          
6.Mirror of Humanity          
7.Ascendant 04:44 
8.Epigenetic Triplicity        
10.Orion (Metallica cover)
11.Desperate Cry (Sepultura cover)

12.Infecting the Crypts (Suffocation cover)

Another substandard album in 2017 after listening and viewing Suffocation - Of The Dark Light  and Immolation  Atonement ………………                                       Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi again the same method selling just new albums
which becomes a habit or custom with an unsatisfactory content and sometimes just passable and boring if one does not mean blameworthy positive thing is the production is state of the art, the band the sound is perfect ! , I was chocked when I see in some webzines fucking stupid people says : I have no doubt about this. Decrepit Birth‘s 2017 output is very possibly the best death metal album of the year and without question it is undoubtedly my favourite release of the year !!!!!!!!!!fuck fuuuuck ! you ,are you drunk !!!!
This album consists nine tracks, and three covers! Featuring sci-fi and wrong psychedelic  artwork …..I don’t find the real Brutal Death Metal orientation only in track six  Mirror of Humanity the only track who can satisfy your ear the only track without fucking melody and modern sound who seems to djent followed with slow atmosphere, speed up of riffs progressively , Some voices can be heard in the background the rest tracks of this album ideal to throw a way ……………in brief Decrepit Birth turn in this album to Progressive, Melodic  death métal with technical touch adding new modern wrong way ……….
I think Mirror of Humanity can remind you the earliest days of the band’s career
but the sound is not completely identical.

 I don’t know how define this album exactly … In any case , I don’t think if you should have  Axis Mundi in your collection.