samedi 6 avril 2013

Angist-Circle of Suffering (2011)

1-Circle Of Suffering             
2- Godless          
4 -Unwelcome Thoughts                
5 -Death Incarnate

This  Icelandic death metal band with a dark , cold, haunted and blackened flavour is Angist , bringing a horrific nightmare with a perfect sound yes the recording is perfect on Circle of Suffering this EP is advantaged by this oneGuitarist / vocalist Edda projected guttural bellowed death metal, like Asphyx vocalist or Cryptopsy vocalist I think that Edda is an  uncompromising member in Angist.But about the CD cover I am not very convinced , simply essentially is contents of the CD

You will attempt not to headbang to their music

mardi 12 février 2013

Interview with Xhavael of Domhring

-Infernal hails Domhring ,firstly introduce yourselves for our readers and give us a   brief history of the band .

Xhavael: Hails everyone! Unfortunately our personal life problems I will be the only one who will answer your questions. But, let’s get started. Our band founded in 2007, after the band’s ancestor, Gargara splitted up due to personal reasons. After that, Abaoth – Guitars -, Messor – second Guitar -, and Fervens – Drums – created the name Domhring for themselves. I joined the band in 2010, and we’ve several session members in the bass position. Now fortunately we have a full-time player in the bass line, called Debatt. We have a demo record called “The Vicar of Satan”, recorded in 2007, and lucky us, we played “Stemmen Fra Taarnet” from Burzum in the Hungarian Burzum tribute album. Now we want to create our first full length album, called “Return to the Roots ov Hell”.

-Describe Domhring  in one word ? 

Xhavael: Maybe revenge is the correct word for now.

-How is the metal scene in Hungary ?

Xhavael: You know, metal scene in Hungary was/is always strange for me. So many people likes in here the ancient ones, like Metallica, Iron Maiden, or Hungarian bands, like Tankcsapda, Watch My Dying, etc. But the Black Metal scene is a little different here. This musical genre is still a Taboo for the society. Don’t ask me why, but it’s a fact. And if a band, like Witchcraft, or Bornholm (or like us) wants to create something mighty, like recordings, concert, etc, nobody will pay a little attention for them (or us). So, with a few words: bad, at all.

-What are the metal bands that influenced you ?

Xhavael: Strange, but in the band everyone has different favorites. For example, Fervens deeply likes the Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album by Mayhem. In fact, I also like that masterpiece. But Messor more likes the Summoning line in Black Metal, and the tuneful bands. I’d prefer mostly the traditional Black Metal, like Darkthrone, old Burzum, Satanic Warmaster. And Abaoth has also his own favorites, as Debatt too.
So, a lot of influences changed the band’s face to this looking.

-What are some of your non-musical influences ?

Xhavael: Great question. I think in nowadays everything has a little influence inside. For example, when I write a lyrics, I’ll search for the actual song’s feeling in other stuffs, like movies, books, other musics, etc. Several times I’ve got the inspiration from a movie, like ALIEN or Hellraiser, or the book “Necronomicon”. It is completely multiple.

 -What do you think about the events that took place in Norway by many bands of the first wave of true black metal ? and can you tell us about ?

Xhavael: If you asking me of my opinion by the church burnings and killing each other…it is also complex. I understand the reasons of burning a church; Norway were always a pagan land, and still pagan. The catholicist conquest destroyed several monumental cultures and their books, songs, statues, and so on. The Norwegian peoples just protected their own land against the evil hands of Christianity. The first wave of Black Metal, like Burzum, Emperor and Mayhem created the atmosphere of being true. I mean bands like Satanic Warmaster and Otargos won’t do this musical genre if those Norwegians didn’t burn several churches and didn’t killed each other.

-Do you have a favourite disaster either man-made or natural ?

Xhavael: A good question too. I wonder what has happened in 1908, in Russia, Tunguzka. In my opinion something extraterrestrial exploded above the Russian taiga, but who will knows the correct answer.

-What are your occupations outside Domhring ?

Xhavael: Well, Fervens is a chef, for example, and he is doing his own school, if I know it correctly. I am an informatic administrator, but, for example, Messor is working in a multinational company. Everyone has different ways.

-What do you think about the black metal and  the general extreme music scene at the moment  ?

Xhavael: Unfortunately: dying. The waves of new musical genres like metalcore and others will kill the Black/Death Metal scene, I think.

-Are you against any kind of metal ?

Xhavael: Not really. Maybe against Japanese rock bands…

-What do you think the future of extreme music is?

Xhavael: I think I’ve already answered this in the “What do you think about the black metal and  the general extreme music scene at the moment” line.

-Why Domhring  have not a corpse  paint like Mayhem Darkthrone, Immortal…… at show ?

Xhavael: Well, my friend, if you will check our photos you will see that I use corpsepaints a lot of time. But the others don’t need it anymore, due to personal reasons. Messor said to me one time that this corpsepaint deflects the audience’s attention from the music to the appearance. It is true, but I salute to the ancients with corpsepaint. And, you know Attila Csihar’s work on the stage; if the others won’t wear corpsepaint, he will. I do the same.

-What do you do to promote the band ?

Xhavael: Maybe concerts, recordings uploading to YouTube, and similar things.

-How you would define the sound of “The Vicar Of Satan ” ?

Xhavael: It’s a little raw, I think, but really complex at the same time. Our former vocalist, Georgious did a great job on the vocal line, and the others did the same.

-Please explain the title and cover image of “The Vicar Of Satan ” what he does the goat  behind the man ?

Xhavael: You know, the demo’s songs is about the pederastic Count, Listius, who lived in the XVII. century. He was a Hungarian poet writer, but also a powerful and demonic count. Maybe he was the male version of Elizabeth Bathory, and by his satanic acts, the demo’s cover contains a goat. Maybe that’s why.

-Which songs on “The Vicar Of Satan ”  represents Domhring  the most ?

Xhavael: Maybe Decease of a Dominican Exorcist. I think that was the most powerful song on the demo.

-Since 2007 you have just one demo “The Vicar Of Satan”  , you lack motivation or there are any disadvantage any problem …………?

Xhavael: As I mentioned before, we have several personal problems, like work, school, other stuffs. But we want to record soon the first full length album of Domhring, as I said before, the “Return to the Roots ov Hell”. There aren’t other problems, just these.

-Actually you are working with the first full-length what can you tell us about the upcoming material for the first album ?

Xhavael: it will be darker I think then the demo. It will has strong atmosphere and complex lyrics. I hope it will contains 11 songs; 1 intro, 2 instrumental songs, and 8 full length songs. Hopefully we can record it soon.

-When you're writing new material, where do you get your inspiration from?

Xhavael: I think to create a new song you have the mood to do it. If you have it, you will create something similar as your feelings at the time. I think that’s why is a bullsh*t the idea to create something united; every song is an unique creation with no connection to the other songs.

 -Do you have any future split with any band and what is your greatest wish for Domhring ?

Xhavael: We’ve talked about this earlier with the band, Nigromantia. But maybe we’ll ask Svoid or Funebre about this.

-Which label would fit your music ? 

Xhavael: tuneful, complex, dark.

-Your last show where and when it was , give us more details about this ?

Xhavael: That was in Budapest’s Zúzda Rock kert, with Harloch, Athame and Wrath of Azazel. It was a great show, but unfortunately a few people came to see us.

-If you could tour with any band, who would you tour with ?

Xhavael: Mayhem, Endstille, Tsjuder, 1349, Gorgoroth, Satanic Warmaster.

-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes...... ?

Xhavael: I don’t use these materials, just beer and wine, but rarely. But I’d prefer hookah. Only Fervens and Debatt use cigarette, the others not.

-Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Do you have any last words for our readers ?

Xhavael: Thanks for the interview, it was a pleasure! We have nothing special to mention, except: Fight against the christian traitors!