mardi 25 août 2009

Maniac Butcher - The Beast [EP] (2007)

1-The Beast
2-Dva Tisice Let

pure satanic butchery this EP contains two tracks The Beast and Dva Tisice Let
the sound quality is better than many other albums of Maniac Butcher , I notice in many full length the sound is a bit less "raw" than this EP and similarly the cover image is different if I compare cover image of the beast with the cover of the full length Barbarians , Barbarians image cover is a bit less ridiculously funny and a little bit humourous with the fake 4 horses into the forest the beast image cover is better it showing Barbarud Hrom and Vlad Blasphemer in the cemetery with many bitches during night , superfast black metal guitar riffs with lots of blast beats and their vocal since I've discovered Maniac Butcher Barbarud have very performed voices compared with other vocalist of black metal Barbarud have horrific screaming evil voices with good endurance I think that the sound is excellent compared with other albums or demos of Maniac Butcher .
In conclusion, it can say this EP who contain just two tracks is a perfect black metal