mercredi 2 juin 2010

Intervierw with Towers Of Flesh

1-Infernal Hails, could you please introduce Towers of Flesh to the readers , introduction of your band to a world uninitiated with your work ?

We are a 3 Piece Blackened Death Metal Act formed June 2008 in Birmingham, UK

2-Please give us an explanation of the inception of Towers of Flesh , What is your goal and your target what inspired you to create Towers of Flesh ?

Towers of Flesh was born when Tom Hinksman and Myself decided to take the incentive and create an extreme metal band which would be violent, aggressive and brutal but also remain sinister, dark and atmospheric.
As we basically couldn’t see anyone in the UK making such music as the contemporary underground Metal scene seems to be tainted with shit song writing and bad musicianship we decided we would step up and attempt to change this……
However -Ultimately the goal with Towers of Flesh is to create truly dark art

3- What can you tell us about your line up ?

Well this is quite a difficult question as we definitely don’t operate in traditional terms with regards to our line up.
Basically Myself and Tom Hinksman are the sole writers of all the bands music.
Tom Hinksman is responsible for : First Guitar and Bass
I am, responsible for : Drums, Second Guitars and Lyrics
Jack Welch handles vocal duties.
In the beginning we were originally looking for a Drummer to complete our line up however since we couldn’t find anyone up to the correct standard it was a mutual decision that we would write the CD together and would share instrumental duties between us and worry about finding a live line up upon its completion.
It was a difficult decision but it turned out for the best and definitely gives us an edge over most of the Black / Death Metal bands in the UK.

4-Are you gonna introduce other members to Towers of Flesh ?

Well we currently have our live line up preparing to hit the stage…..
Our first live gig will be with Welsh Death Metal act Desecration in Birmingham at the Wagon and Horses on July 3rd 2010 !!

5-What are the metal bands that influenced you or motivated you ?

I think collectively we could all say it was bands such as Dissection, Vital Remains, Anaal Nathrakh, Watain and many more.

6-What kind of music do you listen to yourself ?

Metal is the common denominator which we all have in common and listen to…
However all of us have very different tastes that reach far outside the confines of Metal !

7-Which are your 5 favourite albums of all time ?

Slayer – ‘Seasons in the Abyss’
Vital Remains – ‘Icons of Evil’
Dissection – ‘The Somberlain’
Suffocations – ‘ The Effigy of the Forgotten’
Watain – ‘Sworn to the Dark’

8- How is the metal scene in Birmingham and in the UK ?

In our humble opinion the metal scene in Birmingham is poor to say the least.
It is very cliquey, pretentious and largely perpetrated by false people with false agendas.
Genuine, dedicated, talented musicians that possess vision for their art are immensely hard to find and although Birmingham was once a hot spot for Metal it has slowly declined and has become a mere shadow of its former self.
That’s not to say that there aren’t any good bands left here because there are however its probably not as vibrant as you would think taking into account its history….

9- To Anil you've already played Necrotize and Mindless Torture you are in Necrotize,Mindless Torture and Towers of Flesh with which band you've had more success ? what is the favorite band who was played in ?

I don’t think I could really choose a favourite as I have a great time being involved in all of them and Im very proud of what we have achieved and what I am still striving for with everything I am involved in.

10- What are some of your non-musical influences?

Outside of music I think cinema and literature are two things which everyone in the band enjoys.
There are lots of obscure films that will often come up whether it be something from NWOFE (New Wave of French Extreme) or short abstract pieces….
With regards to literature we all read a lot but straight off the top of my head the books currently on the list are ‘Enuma Elish’, ‘Devil Worship in France’ and a short biopic on Giles de Rais.

11- What are your occupations outside Towers of Flesh ?

All three of us are in full-time education at the moment however that will be set to change soon…..

12-Did you ever played other kind of music?

Yeah, some of us are involved in writing other kinds of music however it wouldn’t be relevant to include any reference here as it has nothing to do with the music which is made by the band itself.

13-A lot have a wrong impression of satanism. Do you try to convince them what it really is ?

I think if a person is interested in the darker aspect of the Occult they will search to find answers and deduce their own conclusions as to what Satanism, Luciferianism, or any other form of practice truly is and will not need to be told by anyone else.

14- What can you tell us about the songs that are available on your officiel myspace page ?

They are samples of songs which are available on ‘The Perpetual Paradox’ and are at this point in time the only sonic manifestation which can be attributed to Towers of Flesh.

15-How do you write your music? Is there a set guideline or do you write what you feel as you go along?

Well we wrote the large majority of ‘The Perpetual Paradox’ at home on our computers.
It was very much a partitioned effort rather than a traditional band one as I would write my songs and Hinksman would write his then we would get together to rehearse them and exchange ideas etc
The only song where we actually sat down and truly wrote together was ‘As Above, So Below’
We tend to put a lot of thought into what we do and are quite meticulous with the way our songs flow as a lot of bands will have a great moment in a song then it will dwindle away.
However we are dead set on staying consistent throughout all our songs and doing our best to make sure every riff is as strong or if not better than its predecessor.

16-Please explain the title and cover image of your Full-length "The Perpetual Paradox" ?

Well ‘The Perpetual Paradox’ was something that came to me after a regular routine of linguistic gymnastics during planetary hours last year. It seemed like the perfect title to me as it described the unending energy and notion which we were and still are trying to gain a state of synthesis with.
The artwork itself was then completed by a great artist named Joseph Hill and our Vocalist, Jack Welch….. I don’t wish to go into too much detail with regards to the meaning behind the image as after all isn’t the beauty of art determined by its interpretation?

17- Do you have any future split with any band ?

No we will stay away from split releases for time being… not that we would never consider it but it would have to be with the right band.

18- Can you tell us about Hellfire Studios , and are you satisfied with the Hellfire Studios or you want to record your stuff at more professional studio ?

Ajeet Gill (Hellfire Owner) is a long time friend and we rehearsed for the recording of ‘The Perpetual Paradox’ at a rehearsal room in Hellfire Studio.
We recorded the vocals with him and he also subsequently mixed the CD and did a fantastic job. We couldn’t have asked for a better recording environment or work ethic than that which was supplied at Hellfire Studios !

19- Which label would fit your music?

‘Elitist Esotericism from the Midlands Satanic Terror Unit’ – is our preferred title.

20- Any gigs ,any fav bands to get on stage with ?

Well as previously mentioned our first gig is July 3rd with Desecration at The Wagon and Horses, Birmingham
There are a lot of bands we would love to share the stage with and who knows what time will hold for us however I wouldn’t want to ponder over any names just yet…..

21-Latest news about Towers of Flesh ?

We have signed with my DIY label Dissected Records (Distributed by Plastichead and Code 7) and our album is looking to be looking to land in stores on June 28th.
Also new material is currently being written by Myself and Tom Hinksman for a full length CD which will hopefully be done by sometime next year.

22-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes,drugs ?

Well this varies drastically between different members of the band especially with regards to drugs !!
But I would say we all definitely indulge in such deviant pleasures….

23-What do you think about the rumor apocalypse of December 21, 2012 ?

We all have to die sometime so why not ….

24-Thank you alot for sharing your time with with No Mercy Zine , do you have any particular messages for any particular people Or any closing notes , last words are yours ?

Keep up with us here :
Thank you for the interview.

mardi 1 juin 2010

TOWERS OF FLESH – The Perpetual Paradox (2009)

1- The Becoming

2-As Above, So Below

3-Bringer Of The Flame

4-Renounce Thy Flesh

5-Forbidden Gnosis

6-The Perpetual Paradox

From Birmingham UK , this blackned death metal band with an impressive line up

Towers of Flesh line up is composed of musicians from : Funeral Throne , Mindless Torture , Left to Bleed , Necrotize , Haizum and The Solemn Curse .

Well The Perpetual Paradox is the first Full-length of Towers of Flesh who contain 6 tracks at the first one when I listen this CD I’ve been impressed and attracted by this CD because you feel the feeling of death metal and the dark atmosphere , the obscurity of black metal led by the holy drumming of Anil Carrier but on the second track “As above , So Below “ you will be attracted by the performance of Anil Carrier you will hear a melody of cymbals without stop I think that Anil Carrier I think that Anil Carrier can do great project

The negative side of The Perpetual Paradox is the vocal , I've thought at first one when I have listened this CD there is no vocal in this band and Jack Welch (vocal) is not very performed , He did not performance and power for singing he did not have enough performance and power for singing Black /Death metal because we listened barely his voice

Riffs remember me to Watain and Dissection or its look like to Watain guitar riffing its fast , aggressive , dark and atmospheric you'll notice the guitar sound if you listen to Towers of Flesh for the first one but there are many difference between Towers of Flesh and Watain .

Finally I think that Towers of Flesh shown their first full-length except they are also shown their disadvantage and hope they will make it better for the next album , and Jack Welch must perform his vocal .