mardi 1 juin 2010

TOWERS OF FLESH – The Perpetual Paradox (2009)

1- The Becoming

2-As Above, So Below

3-Bringer Of The Flame

4-Renounce Thy Flesh

5-Forbidden Gnosis

6-The Perpetual Paradox

From Birmingham UK , this blackned death metal band with an impressive line up

Towers of Flesh line up is composed of musicians from : Funeral Throne , Mindless Torture , Left to Bleed , Necrotize , Haizum and The Solemn Curse .

Well The Perpetual Paradox is the first Full-length of Towers of Flesh who contain 6 tracks at the first one when I listen this CD I’ve been impressed and attracted by this CD because you feel the feeling of death metal and the dark atmosphere , the obscurity of black metal led by the holy drumming of Anil Carrier but on the second track “As above , So Below “ you will be attracted by the performance of Anil Carrier you will hear a melody of cymbals without stop I think that Anil Carrier I think that Anil Carrier can do great project

The negative side of The Perpetual Paradox is the vocal , I've thought at first one when I have listened this CD there is no vocal in this band and Jack Welch (vocal) is not very performed , He did not performance and power for singing he did not have enough performance and power for singing Black /Death metal because we listened barely his voice

Riffs remember me to Watain and Dissection or its look like to Watain guitar riffing its fast , aggressive , dark and atmospheric you'll notice the guitar sound if you listen to Towers of Flesh for the first one but there are many difference between Towers of Flesh and Watain .

Finally I think that Towers of Flesh shown their first full-length except they are also shown their disadvantage and hope they will make it better for the next album , and Jack Welch must perform his vocal .