lundi 7 juillet 2014

Desecration - Cemetery Sickness (2014)

Track list :

1. Cemetery Sickness
2. Coffin Smasher
3. I, Cadaver
4. Recipes of Horror
5. Rotten Brain Extraction
6. Cunt Full of Maggots
7. Cabletie Castrator
8. Mortuary Debauchery
9. Tactile Necrophile
10. Cut Up & Fed to the Dog
11. Grave Secrets

Lineup :

Ollie Jones -Vocals, Guitars
Michael Hourihan – Drums
Andi Morris – Bass
At first I do not think if it’s the most acclaimed CD of Desecration but when I begin to listen I started with Coffin Smasher!!, it was a really migthy sound, a truly sound of death metal with grooves touch this title it brings me back to my head a great names like Sinister Gorefest Cannabis Corpse Cannibal Corpse Carcass Extreme Noise Terror Krabathor ……. The racket of these song is perfectly complemented by little and after this I can say Desecration do a great job and in addition to this there are a side of an old school there are an old school flavor ,all this its find their way to the fans .

Some fans said Cemetery Sickness is The best release of this year I advice you go listen Cemetery Sickness because I'll listen again the 11 smashing tracks