jeudi 22 décembre 2016

Electrocution - Metaphysincarnation (2014)

Label : Goregorecords


1. Wireworm
2. Phylogenèse
3. Abiura
4. Bloodless
5. Comme un fils à son Père
Panopticon 6.
7. Nature Oblitération
8. Logos
9. Aliento Del Diablo
10. Spirales En Tension
11. Anthropocentric

Electrocution , Death Metal band since 1990 with tech touch made in Italy ,great sound of pure death ,complex riffing with a refreshing thrash root and maybe influenced by  the Floridian death metal thing that is missing is the old-school atmosphere approach If that were the case it would be perfect , maybe there are just a few old-school touch (but I’m not sure I do not know how describe this) ,but  the result of the production on Metaphysincarnation  is good the band updating their sound , being modern and technical the current style of the majority Italian bands.
In brief powerful mid-tempo riffs, and guttural vocals , grunting, grooving chorus A dose of primitive brutality , nice modern spit shine on , strength performance …….. The band do an imposing job of weaving their gnarled old school roots around an updated modern death metal base with pleasing results. Despite arriving with little fanfare Metaphysincarnation is an excellent comeback album from a cult death metal with plenty of fuel left in their durable tank…., in any case I think , you should have no no no no you must have  " Metaphysincarnation " in your collection.