jeudi 22 décembre 2016

Electrocution - Metaphysincarnation (2014)

Label : Goregorecords


1. Wireworm
2. Phylogenèse
3. Abiura
4. Bloodless
5. Comme un fils à son Père
Panopticon 6.
7. Nature Oblitération
8. Logos
9. Aliento Del Diablo
10. Spirales En Tension
11. Anthropocentric

Electrocution , Death Metal band since 1990 with tech touch made in Italy ,great sound of pure death ,complex riffing with a refreshing thrash root and maybe influenced by  the Floridian death metal thing that is missing is the old-school atmosphere approach If that were the case it would be perfect , maybe there are just a few old-school touch (but I’m not sure I do not know how describe this) ,but  the result of the production on Metaphysincarnation  is good the band updating their sound , being modern and technical the current style of the majority Italian bands.
In brief powerful mid-tempo riffs, and guttural vocals , grunting, grooving chorus A dose of primitive brutality , nice modern spit shine on , strength performance …….. The band do an imposing job of weaving their gnarled old school roots around an updated modern death metal base with pleasing results. Despite arriving with little fanfare Metaphysincarnation is an excellent comeback album from a cult death metal with plenty of fuel left in their durable tank…., in any case I think , you should have no no no no you must have  " Metaphysincarnation " in your collection.

lundi 14 novembre 2016

Créatures - Le Noir village (2016)

Label: Antiq Records

1.L'horreur des lunes pleines     
2.Cadavre abandonné      
3.Martyre d'un tanneur     
4.À l'orée du mal, le pacte interdit          
5.Il était un monstre assoiffé de cœur   
6.Sous le visage avenant de la mort

Créatures is a solo musical project of horror metal (one man band) formed in 2008 by Sparda (Hanternoz).
The band makes use of several atypical instruments (Theremin, church organ, piano, trumpet and violin) and blends various musical styles including Black, Symphonic, Death and Doom Metal as well as Ambient music. Créatures’s main influences are King Diamond, Tartaros and Notre Dame and a frenchy nice countryside but for me a half part of Créature Le Noir Village is Black Symphonic the other part are too much ambient followed with doom parts many tempo changing and sometimes it calms and its becoming  too softly heavy  and Sparda  narrate with a clear and suspicious voices and somewhat theatrical (maybe it’s poetic but I’m not sure……..all the characters of the tale are Being Enacted by different singers Who are first personNarrators help the music to tell the story.) the story of a twelfth-century countryside villagegetting attacked by terrifying monsters……..and it seems like a dark opera …………some tracks are little bit bored (track 5 -Il était un Monstre assoiffé de Cœur) when the tempo andstyles change to low rhythm and Sparda begin to narrate its little bit adding the piano in the intro the clear voices,all this it makes theatrical melancholy and dramatic and it seems to my ear that’s heavy / power / speed metal and when tempo and when the tempo rises and it starts to looks to black symphonic .

Some things come back to my head by the first preview of this album ………… the dark atmosphere cloudy, moisture of the winte,cold mist, dark foggy  with a psychedelic side and it reminds me the vampire sagas of Jean Rollin and some of their dark fantasy but this album make me think directly to their movie The Grapes of Death (Les Raisins de La Mort french title) mainly when I observed the album cover

dimanche 9 octobre 2016

Kandar - Groovy (2016)

Label : Bizarre Leprous Production


2.Bubbo Zombie     
4.The Changeling  
8.Profondo Rosso  
9.Basket case         
10.Homeless Masturbation          
13.Mike Reggie And Tallman      
15.Rat Monkey Sumatra   
18.Funny Man        
19.Blind Fiends Of Chaos           
20.Fall Of The House Of The Usher

From the strong Czech Republic scene , Kandar begin directly with their first album "Groovy" and I’m surprised with my first preview because it occurred to me this album is Among the best grindcore album in 2016 !!!! (in my opinion ) but I almost underestimated with their frightful horrific album cover like their major influences and lyrical theme,but after I realized that's horror grindcore .  
Lyric party has more of a conceptual framework, but fits perfectly with the music of the band. It combines well-known movies (Weendeego, Re-animator, Basket case, Nekromantik , Cenobites, Profondo Rosso……………and many more ) 
and humor that gives more pleasure to drive. The artwork is quite impressive and original without being special. Suitable chavale offered by the band and the cult horror element gives.)

Kandar we offer twenty tracks , slightly varied grindcore regardless titles start with an intro speed thrash and sometimes slightly groovy short part ... which'm pleased to ear but overall  sound is  heavy and fast rhythm guitars and countless groovy passages. The bass is punctuated with heavy notes to take the reins on many points and give their position in the overall musical style of the band. The drums unleashed explosions with clear sound, keeping rotting milling. Voice offer volume with countless grunts and sudden and extreme bree combined with shouts ………………………………no time to waste , go take your fucking beer and listen to "Groovy" I think , you must have !!!!!!! "Groovyin your collection.

mardi 6 septembre 2016

Menarca - Prognosi Infausta (2016)

Label : Eyes Of The Dead Productions


2.Prognosi I 
3.Prognosi II            
4.Prognosi III                       
5.Prognosi IV                      
6.Prognosi V                       
7.Prognosi VI                      
8.Prognosi VII                     
9.Prognosi VIII                    

Nice dose of brutality in the italian way If so, Menarca are here! With  their first album countain 9 tracks the song titles are all 'Prognosi' !!!!! (1 to 8 il suffit de changer la séquence numérique. Apart 'Intro' , 'Outro' et 'Dominate' couverture de Morbid Angel, de "Domination", 1995).  this nine tracks of brutal and technical (nice guitar solo and unstoppable drumming in Prognosi II ,Prognosi VII, Prognosi VIII) Death Metal, in the great tradition of bands like Septycal Gorge, Devangelic, Logic of Denial, Bloodtruth, Sickening ,Hideous Divinity, Suicidal Causticity and Hour of Penance and great old calssical great names back to my head with Menarca like Suffocation Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse (but I’m not really sure) but the thing that I’m sure the album cover with their morbid and bloody surgical concept looks to Autopsy Severed Survival !! the first preview that attracte me , and it smell old school …. this stuff remember me the bloody famous Italian slasher gore movies .
mighty intro but sound is a little bit  Sick and suffocant  but it’s the pleasure to hearing extreme music (I get a digital copy from Eyes Of The Dead Productions I’m not sure if the recording “the physical copy” is bad in any case I the concept and the music is well)  …have a drink (some beers) better than listen to brutal album with perfect sound through a great label ….the pleasure of this brootality it’s to still underground through an  indépendant label or underground label with a crazy fucking fans likely to have shit teen fans and sell ten thousand and ten thousand or more of CD’s .

Through Eyes Of The Dead Productions starting out in 2005 ,but so much effort, so much mess, so many changes of lineup their first album (check out the bio) , "infausta Prognosis". A full length aspired since 2005, the year of our predecessors, only demo "Bleeding Heart" (2007).Menarca they do work with great competence and technical touch followed with strong dose of brutality and also  he experiments even with occasional Grindcore pig-squeals. the quality is kept at high levels during the whole of the listening experience , The guitars gnash tons of rocks more or less complex riffs…………………………………………………………………… I think , you should have no no no no you must have  " infausta Prognosis " in your collection.

mardi 23 août 2016

Ade - Carthago Delenda Est (2016)

Label: Xtreem Music


1. Carthago Delenda Est
2. Across the Wolf's Blood
3. Annibalem
4. With Tooth and Nail
5. Dark Days of Rome
6. Scipio Indomitus Victor
7. Mare Nostrum
8. Zama: Where Tusks Are Buried
9. Sowing Salt 

Pure and epic sound their concept remember me the ancient Rome wars against our 
Numidian kingdom héhé …(Numidian kingdom « Berber kingdom » was all the north 
of Africa before the invasion of the dirty son of bitch of arabo islamic mutants ……) 
Carthago Delenda Est is like their previous work the main theme of this album is ancient 
Rome and the bloody Roman history of Italy ,I think it's a great idea it differs from other death metal bands themes because it’s historic.

Well ,maybe Ade is in the same way that Nile are influenced by ancient Egypt and incorporate musical influences from this into their sound and style, Ade do the same thing only their focus rests on ancient Rome (Carthago Delenda Est it’s strongly flavored about ancient Rome ,civilization ,wars ,legions gadiators wearing , mediterranean sea ………..)

Through Xtreem it certainly can feel the Italian music but not so brutal as creating their designs, but it is garlanded by various interludes, melodies and ancient atmospheres in each tracks , all this is followed with sharp riffs, complex melodies ever present evil .. Aggressive all very emotional album, Carthago Delenda Est is an intense death metal variety with maybe littre bit short technical parts (I’m not sure but its near to perfect in any case there are a technical touch) …short fast guitar solo and good druming , black. absolute inferno! Apocalyptic death metal that takes you from the face of the earth! Carthago must be destroyed!!... Carthago Delenda Est is the kind of music you could go straight to war, holding your swords and screaming with blood all the time . that's the type of energy found throughout the album………….I think , you should have " Carthago Delenda Est " in your collection.

dimanche 14 août 2016

Total Fucking Destruction - Our Love Is A Rainbow (2016)

Label: Handshake Inc.


2.Song for Daniel   
3.Total Fucking Destruction - Bugs                   
7.I Did Something Bad

Total Fucking Destruction is one the most ,original ,traditional, conventional and interesting grind bands nowadays. If you have listened to with pretty much intricated riffs, multi-vocal attack wave (devastating ,destructive and wasting vocal ,we have many howling meaning of the trio vocals) for me it’s a whorehouse grindcore screaming ,pounding fighting raw drums and craziness a go-gó.I think they sound a bit like Brutal Truth latest' albums (Total Fucking Destruction is Rich Hoak's side-project), but even filthier and more complex.
in spite of eight tracks for nine minutes first one when I listen Our Love Is A Rainbow  I said to myself !!!!!!!!! "What, already finished?", I was expecting more or less to myself it’s a schoolboy recreation, but I was far off Our Love Is A Rainbow maybe it’s little bit humoristic and anarchical sound in any case you don’t need to be seriously when you play grindcore you need just to have fuckin mind and some beers
Grindcore is characterized by a noise-filled sound that uses heavily distorted, down-tuned guitars, grinding overdriven bass, high speed tempo, blast beats, and vocals which consist of growls, pigsquell and high-pitched shrieks Natural garage  sound. Lyrical themes range from a primary focus on social political anarchism  and war and and put all this in a short tracks, you must not forget all their splits with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Brutal Truth, Narcosis, Japanese Torture Device, Nuclear Devastation, Coffin Birth, Insomnia Isterica , Skruta……………..and many more , In any case , you should have " Our Love Is A Rainbow " in your collection.

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