jeudi 21 juillet 2016

Wormed - Krighsu (2016)

Label: Season of Mist

2.Neomorph Mindkind      
3.Agliptian Codex Cyborgization
4.The Singularitarianism  
5.Eukaryotic Hex Swarm  
6.Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy        
7.A-Life Omega Point        
9.Zeroth-Energy Graviton 
10.Molecular Winds          

Among the best Spanish brutal bands ,  Krighsu the third album of Wormed with the same concept of previous album  (Exodromos) , and always with album cover  that looks like with futuristic and Science, Sci-Fi themes and influences , keeping the high technical level without loosing any sickest parts.Krighsu has the same space and science fiction concept again,the original riffs of Wormed’s guitar work which created kick ass alienated moods can easily blast you off the space when you listen it,.Wormed’s framework absoultely is the sickest ,eclectic,robotic, futuristic, galactical and Sci-Fi riffage  all this has always beautifully married with technical death metal, and of course it is with one of the sickest brutal vocals in the Spanish metal scene .
Admittedly Wormed is not the type to make the half- time with his death metal ultra complex. Lovers of both the brutality of modern Americans Origin,Nile and moods to Nocturnus should without difficulty find their account . The others, those already familiar with the music of the Spaniards, will rejoice at not having to wait again ten years - time that separated the first and second album of training due in part to changes in line- up, just the sound of Wormed contain almost no flavor of pure old school death metal filthy and choked muffled and heavy ,the sound is very clear and perfect  it’s good thing but sometimes it’s seems to programming sound not sound make or plays by musicians other negative thing this album contain some fucking shiting  deathcore element yeah after having listen to the album three to four times I noticed that there are some swing and deviation to the deathcore , it confirms that deathcore scene invaded death / brutal death metal  scene , In any case , you should have " Krighsu " in your collection. If you want.

dimanche 10 juillet 2016

Inbreeding Sick​ - Sickness and Plagues (2016)

Label: Sevared Records

1.Sickness and Plagues              
2.House of Carnage                      
3.Cleaning the Scum's World                 
4.Hanged, Beheaded, without Entrails             
5.Putrified Wounds            
6.Sanguinary Extraction   
7.Dismembered by Trucks
8.Stab Your Children!!!     
9.Inbreeding Sick (Live Session)             
10.Chainsaw Surgery (Live Session)

If you like plague, mutation ,contamination, zombies ,sickness ……..this album it will be your dinner,coming from the strong Colombian metal scene the extreme land of broootality,Sickness and Plagues offers a 10 tracks of intense fuck ,fuck, fucking and fuckity unstoppable brutality ………………………..
The only blemish thing that we must notice easily is the using of drum machine because the sound it’s not very real in my opinion the band must mix between a drum machine and a live or studio drums to get good sound like Putrid Pile ,Mortician, Vulvectomy………….sometimes drum machine is disadvantageous or not fit with the guitar playing ………..the fuckin result will be a little less interesting , in any case you  should have“Sickness and Plagues” in your collection .