dimanche 6 mars 2016

Hellyum - Fantaziare (2015)

Label: Bizarre Leprous Production

 2.Digato Borba
4.Sivera a Morde
10.Testorama Tepe

From the strong Czech Republic scene, their debut album “Fantaziare” that’s true is a breath of fresh air in death metal and Hellyum are creative but this album with their nine tracks is 50% good, 50% shit , each track of this album debut with good sound of death metal pretty death metal riffs with a bit of melody also a bit of groovy rhytm ,fast drums and nice guitar solo like the outro solo of Belzeburum and Sivera a Morde maybe ,the shity part of this album it’s when the good sound and riffs turn to prog nu core kids metal sound, and all this comes from several changes of rhythm, the worst of all it’s when the standard screams and growls turn to simple clean fucking fuckity fuck fuck vocals who not fit with this music or with the acceptable part of “Fantaziare”.
Production and Similar issues are in the best methodology you can even say that it is just a joke when you see the first time the album cover "Fantaziare" alot of vivid reminder that maybe has a punk attitude or may be reggae or something soft an art work thought that doing a fresh coloréet melodies makes you want to say that this is just a joke.
In any case its good production certainly many fans should have“Fantaziare” in their collection .