lundi 14 novembre 2016

Créatures - Le Noir village (2016)

Label: Antiq Records

1.L'horreur des lunes pleines     
2.Cadavre abandonné      
3.Martyre d'un tanneur     
4.À l'orée du mal, le pacte interdit          
5.Il était un monstre assoiffé de cœur   
6.Sous le visage avenant de la mort

Créatures is a solo musical project of horror metal (one man band) formed in 2008 by Sparda (Hanternoz).
The band makes use of several atypical instruments (Theremin, church organ, piano, trumpet and violin) and blends various musical styles including Black, Symphonic, Death and Doom Metal as well as Ambient music. Créatures’s main influences are King Diamond, Tartaros and Notre Dame and a frenchy nice countryside but for me a half part of Créature Le Noir Village is Black Symphonic the other part are too much ambient followed with doom parts many tempo changing and sometimes it calms and its becoming  too softly heavy  and Sparda  narrate with a clear and suspicious voices and somewhat theatrical (maybe it’s poetic but I’m not sure……..all the characters of the tale are Being Enacted by different singers Who are first personNarrators help the music to tell the story.) the story of a twelfth-century countryside villagegetting attacked by terrifying monsters……..and it seems like a dark opera …………some tracks are little bit bored (track 5 -Il était un Monstre assoiffé de Cœur) when the tempo andstyles change to low rhythm and Sparda begin to narrate its little bit adding the piano in the intro the clear voices,all this it makes theatrical melancholy and dramatic and it seems to my ear that’s heavy / power / speed metal and when tempo and when the tempo rises and it starts to looks to black symphonic .

Some things come back to my head by the first preview of this album ………… the dark atmosphere cloudy, moisture of the winte,cold mist, dark foggy  with a psychedelic side and it reminds me the vampire sagas of Jean Rollin and some of their dark fantasy but this album make me think directly to their movie The Grapes of Death (Les Raisins de La Mort french title) mainly when I observed the album cover