lundi 30 mai 2016

Interview with Filippo of My Sweet Kalashnikov

1-Hell-o Filippo! How do you do? ….let start with my fun and fav questions héhéhé         How many packs of beer did you destroy today? …to begin ….introduce your project to our readers?

-Filippo: I started playing guitar when I was a teenage metalhead JI grew up listening to all kinds of metal and hardcore music. Then in the late ‘90s I bought a computer and started producing electronic music with different monikers (Spectacular Optical, 16 Bit Kiss, Tammy Does Tokyo)…. My Sweet Kalashnikov is my solo Breakcore project since 2001.

2-Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one?

-Filippo: Well, I’m not used to getting interviews, but it’s funny and it gives me the opportunity to let the people know what I’m doing… so thanks for this J

3-What drove you to create a solo Slamming Breakcore project?

-Filippo: It was a natural evolution of my style. My old releases are full of samples taken from all types of media…that is one of the main features inearly Breakcore music. Then a few years ago,I was searching for something new and I started focusing on metal because I just thought Breakcore and Slam would have perfectly fit together.

4-Why have you chosen such a band name My Sweet Kalashnikov, and what does it mean for you?

-Filippo: Breakcore music has always reminded me a machine gun…. with all that drills and noise… also, I like paradoxes and My Sweet Kalashnikov seemed to take together these two things.

5-When you think of the people who enjoy your music, is there any particular thing?

-Filippo: They sure are weirdos or something like that :D

6-My Sweet Kalashnikov is a one-man band, right? Do you consider My Sweet Kalashnikov to be a band or a project?and What made you decide to start a one man project? how has your approach to the one-man-band…………do you feel comfortable with this? Might it be possible to see some additional musicians joining your rank in the future?

-Filippo: Well, let’s clear this up… I’m an electronic music producer, so I guess being a one-man-(band or project) is quite normal in this scene. Playing music all by yourself is really different compared to a band… it’s solitary but you can control all the creative process and I’m cool with both modes…
…and yes, in the futureI’d like to play my music with other musicians, as a band, but it’s just an idea at the moment.

7-Are you also busy with some other projects/bands?

-Filippo: Yes, I also play in other bands that have nothing to do with metal or breakcore… I play guitar in Margot, a psychedelic noise band, I make some kind of electronic noise music in Forma and then I recently runt another band named Tutto. It’s a sort of post-rock band and I play guitar with them.

8-How did you get the inspiration to do music? Any bands or albums that did it for you Which bands do you idolize?

-Filippo: I don’t have idols. I just love music… all kinds of music. The inspiration always came from this.

9-What can you tell us about level of recognition that one-man BDM bands like Putrid Pile,Insidious Decrepancy, Bloodsoaked done a good jobthan some other trio bands or bands with four, five musicians?

-Filippo: I guess the new generation of metalheads looks more open minded about this and that is good… the number of musicians is irrelevant. For me there are just good music or bad music.

10-Is it true that music of My Sweet Kalashnikovis often an open patchwork of different musical components. Do you limit yourself trying to put some consistency in your compound or instead you like whiling away your imagination?

-Filippo: When I work on my tracks all I want is to hear the groove and be more powerful than the last time ;)… these are my limits. Everything helps me to achieve that, is good and I use it.

11-There is an aesthetic rather slasher gore in your music but also declined in the titles of lyrics and artwork. What attracts you to this? Are you fan of gore and horror cinema and the Italian giallo?

-Filippo: Yes, I’m a big fan of horror and when I focused on metal, it seemed natural to refer to that aesthetic.Furthermore, I really like to draw my album covers with all that blood and shitJ

12-Lucio Fulci, "Godfather of Gore"Known best for directing Zombie, The Beyond, and City of the Living Dead. He Was Often Criticized for the excessive violence ( Towards Especially women) In His films aim Claimed That Was real life more horrifying than ever HAD Any movie he directed…………….. What can you tell us about this God?

-Filippo: I like Fulci but I’ve always preferred Ruggero Deodato… ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ is my favorite cult movie of all time… but Fulci was right…. I think horror is just an aesthetic representation of reality and violence is part of that reality, especially that against women…so I really don’t care about bigoted shit against violence in horror movies or art in general.

13-I like all things who are extreme and without limits, without mercy but I find the contained of your music too much remixes and effect  with computer software like techno and dubstep and there are too much robotic sound ….synthesizer, drum machine, sequencer, sampler, programming……..right I not against I like the noise who gives but if I compare with grindcore noisecore goregind in my opinion it’s not really natural noise according to you……… how you define your style tell
us about slamming breakcore I don’t known really much things about and what is your usual method of composing?

-Filippo: I think you’re right! As I told you before, I’m an electronic music producer so it’s quite normal that my music sounds…‘electronic’. Slamming Breakcore is not a genre… it doesn’t exist… it’s only my way to describemy music style, that is actually a very essential mix of amen breaks, gabber kicks and slam metal samples (but also trash and black) taken from what I listen to, and combined together using music softwares. I don’t think my music should be compared to other extreme metal genres like grind or death because it’s simply a different thing…and about the noise….I’m not sure to completely understand your question… I mean… the noise we like in metal music came from effect pedals, amps, mic, etc…. all of thesegears are pretty much built with the same printed circuits and stuff you can find inside a computer.... so, I honestly can’t see something like ‘natural’ noise... I understand this could be outrageous for most metalheads out there but… whatever ;)

14-Describe My Sweet Kalashnikovat show and what happens on stage ?

-Filippo: On stage, my set is quite similar to that of any other Djs, with computer, effects and midi controllers.

15-You see some additional musicians joining your rank in the future?

-Filippo: Maybe, in the future… for now, It’s just a joke in my videoclipsJ

16-What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own?

-Filippo: I own a really ‘old school’ Fiat Punto, with a 32 gigabyte usb key that goes random through many different music styles and genres.

17-What are some of your non-musical influences?

-Filippo: Besides music,my maininterests are Contemporary Art, Cinema and Philosophy.

18-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes?

-Filippo: J Not so much alcohol… mostly coffees and cigarettes.

19-In case someone is interested in your music, how and where can this person buy your stuff?

-Filippo: Everyone can listen and download my music for free at this link:

20-What is your guitar arsenal (axe/strings, amps, effects)?

-Filippo: Some cheap crappy guitars and a bunch of pedal effects. I don’t have any amp now… it will be my next purchase.

21-What are you doing in daily life? How do you earn your money?

-Filippo: I work as educatorand graphic designer in my town (Pesaro, Italy)

22-What are the future plans of My Sweet Kalashnikovany split or compilation, promo…. other things?

-Filippo: I hope to play live more than I actually do, so in the next future I will try to focus on doing this…. and pretty soonI’m going to release an album containing all the bands from my town I remixed in the last years.

23-Thanks for answering my questions bro, any particular messages or any closing notes, last words are yours.

-Filippo: Keep it rolling! \m/