dimanche 9 octobre 2016

Kandar - Groovy (2016)

Label : Bizarre Leprous Production


2.Bubbo Zombie     
4.The Changeling  
8.Profondo Rosso  
9.Basket case         
10.Homeless Masturbation          
13.Mike Reggie And Tallman      
15.Rat Monkey Sumatra   
18.Funny Man        
19.Blind Fiends Of Chaos           
20.Fall Of The House Of The Usher

From the strong Czech Republic scene , Kandar begin directly with their first album "Groovy" and I’m surprised with my first preview because it occurred to me this album is Among the best grindcore album in 2016 !!!! (in my opinion ) but I almost underestimated with their frightful horrific album cover like their major influences and lyrical theme,but after I realized that's horror grindcore .  
Lyric party has more of a conceptual framework, but fits perfectly with the music of the band. It combines well-known movies (Weendeego, Re-animator, Basket case, Nekromantik , Cenobites, Profondo Rosso……………and many more ) 
and humor that gives more pleasure to drive. The artwork is quite impressive and original without being special. Suitable chavale offered by the band and the cult horror element gives.)

Kandar we offer twenty tracks , slightly varied grindcore regardless titles start with an intro speed thrash and sometimes slightly groovy short part ... which'm pleased to ear but overall  sound is  heavy and fast rhythm guitars and countless groovy passages. The bass is punctuated with heavy notes to take the reins on many points and give their position in the overall musical style of the band. The drums unleashed explosions with clear sound, keeping rotting milling. Voice offer volume with countless grunts and sudden and extreme bree combined with shouts ………………………………no time to waste , go take your fucking beer and listen to "Groovy" I think , you must have !!!!!!! "Groovyin your collection.