mardi 6 septembre 2016

Menarca - Prognosi Infausta (2016)

Label : Eyes Of The Dead Productions


2.Prognosi I 
3.Prognosi II            
4.Prognosi III                       
5.Prognosi IV                      
6.Prognosi V                       
7.Prognosi VI                      
8.Prognosi VII                     
9.Prognosi VIII                    

Nice dose of brutality in the italian way If so, Menarca are here! With  their first album countain 9 tracks the song titles are all 'Prognosi' !!!!! (1 to 8 il suffit de changer la séquence numérique. Apart 'Intro' , 'Outro' et 'Dominate' couverture de Morbid Angel, de "Domination", 1995).  this nine tracks of brutal and technical (nice guitar solo and unstoppable drumming in Prognosi II ,Prognosi VII, Prognosi VIII) Death Metal, in the great tradition of bands like Septycal Gorge, Devangelic, Logic of Denial, Bloodtruth, Sickening ,Hideous Divinity, Suicidal Causticity and Hour of Penance and great old calssical great names back to my head with Menarca like Suffocation Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse (but I’m not really sure) but the thing that I’m sure the album cover with their morbid and bloody surgical concept looks to Autopsy Severed Survival !! the first preview that attracte me , and it smell old school …. this stuff remember me the bloody famous Italian slasher gore movies .
mighty intro but sound is a little bit  Sick and suffocant  but it’s the pleasure to hearing extreme music (I get a digital copy from Eyes Of The Dead Productions I’m not sure if the recording “the physical copy” is bad in any case I the concept and the music is well)  …have a drink (some beers) better than listen to brutal album with perfect sound through a great label ….the pleasure of this brootality it’s to still underground through an  indépendant label or underground label with a crazy fucking fans likely to have shit teen fans and sell ten thousand and ten thousand or more of CD’s .

Through Eyes Of The Dead Productions starting out in 2005 ,but so much effort, so much mess, so many changes of lineup their first album (check out the bio) , "infausta Prognosis". A full length aspired since 2005, the year of our predecessors, only demo "Bleeding Heart" (2007).Menarca they do work with great competence and technical touch followed with strong dose of brutality and also  he experiments even with occasional Grindcore pig-squeals. the quality is kept at high levels during the whole of the listening experience , The guitars gnash tons of rocks more or less complex riffs…………………………………………………………………… I think , you should have no no no no you must have  " infausta Prognosis " in your collection.