lundi 1 décembre 2014

Devast - Radical Excruciation Concept - Promo (2014)

Track list :

1.  Radical Excruciation Concept                   
2.  Cruel Methods of Punishment


Idir "Morbid Desecrator" - Vocals, Guitars
Draconum Oth - Drums
Markos Guevara - Vocals

This is the  Reborn of Devast !!!!......the might of the technical broootality with new lineup , new Location, new large and acceptable metal scène ,new fans and supporters, logo  ……………………now Devast working  better with a professional method because if you compare Art of Extermination with Radical Excruciation Concept  Devast reveals a more technical rate with a faster and robotic blast than before , Devast quit a  poor and the small metal community its was just the begin with  disadvantageous conditions and  their work was savagery originated ,but you should not underestimated the  lightning speed of Morbid Desecrator and the four-string wizardry of Aziz as may be Either That Looked like a bit of Cryptopsy or something like that !!!!There Is a good deal, next album will be to shore up the arranging to allow the band to carve out a niche of its own. the band will release new album very soon and you could check out and judge