samedi 14 mars 2015

Interview with Alex Giraldo of Lethal Fire

-No Mercy: Hi Alex ! How do you do ……….. are you ready for this interview ?

Alex: Hi No Mercy friends!! Go ahead.

No Mercy: Lethal Fire why this name ……. do an introduction of the band ,……..When and why Lethal Fire was started ??

Alex: It’s the combination of two proposals made by other members at the time of the foundation: Lethal Insane & Fire Souls. So the name stuck Lethal Fire. I do not really felt happy with that name.I joined the band in January 2004 but they needed a bass player. We played twice and it began the problems among the founders, they decided to leave the band and I was left, that way I dusted off my old songs and not played their songs anymore. Since 2005 I play the guitar.

No Mercy: Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one ?

Alex: Interviews mean a lot to me. They are the true support for the more unknown bands on the planet. I always try to answer them in a short time, because in the past I was doing interviews for my fanzine and some bands were too late to respond, when they finally reached their responses the printed fanzine was in circulation. I stop doing what I'm doing to respond.
No Mercy: How is the Colombian metal scene nowadays? Any awesome new bands we should watch out for ? I see in my horizon a great names of Colombian and Latin American thrash metaland death /thrash names Agressor,Torturer ,Neurosis ,Violator,Cobra………….. I support South American metal it’s so extremely aggressive ,brutal ,bestial !it so infernal

Alex: In Colombia the scene is concentrated in the biggest cities (Bogotá, Cali and Medellín). I consider MASACRE our bestrepresentation, they recently played at 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise. I’m grateful with people like you who have looked at the bands of my country, because it is very difficult to grow as a musician in this fucking country. Other bands I recommend are SAGROS, INFERNAL, WITCHTRAP, REVENGE, others that are not already settled here are INQUISITION, DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, GORETRADE, INTERNALSUFFERING. In Colombia there are hundreds of bands of various subgenres of Metal, some disappear for long periods of time and then they return.

No Mercy: How did you get the inspiration to do music? Any bands or albums that “did it” for you?

Alex: METALLICA’s Kill ’em All was the first album I heard, which made me love the Thrash Metal. I am purely empirical, that is why my music is old school. I listen old stuff of TESTAMENT, SLAYER, EXODUS, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX and DESTRUCTION.

No Mercy: On metal archives your statue on hold !!!why this ?Did the band get formed just for fun??

Alex: Oh shit!!! I continued with LF to make such a professional as possible band. Ibagué is a very small town that offers very few musicians and those few hate the meaning of discipline, that's why I was alone in LF, the recordings involving guest musicians who live outside Ibague, for that reason we have not played live since 2010

No Mercy: Let's discuss some of your songs and about your work I see a good concept ,pretty raw sound great vocal when I listen Master Of ExterminationArt or War Is My Name the problem it’s the guitar solo you must perform this one its little wrong and slow have you already 
thought we must to performing your guitar solo ?

Alex: The first album Rain Of Fire doesn’t present guitar solos because I didn’t have a lead guitarist. This second album Master Of Extermination Artpresents Manuel Buenaventura who recorded five guitar solos, also the vocalist Leo Pinzón  contributed a guitar solo and I did mine at War Is My Name. Not all songs have the space for solos, but more than half of the songs on the album have guitar solos.

No Mercy: Your Master Of ExterminationArt image cove is awesome who made it ?

Alex: The cover was done by Sergio Gaviria, leader of the Thrash Metal band SAGROS from Cali.

No Mercy: Which label would fit your music?

Salute Records from Sweden released a few copies on CDR, the manager praised my music. My own label Eternal Night Records released it on professional CD (666 CDs). I don’t know underground labels which maybe can be interested in bands such LF. I hope any reader of this interview be excited about LF

No Mercy: Describe Lethal Fire gigs

Alex: We have played only 8 times since 2004 until 2010. The biggest audience was about 500 persons. We played 10 songs average including some cover song of SLAYER or SODOM.

No Mercy: Any fav bands to get on stage with ?


No Mercy: Do the members of the band play in other projects?

Alex: Yes, and that’s another fucking problem for the time to rehearse and to play.

No Mercy:What are your  thoughts on the kids metalcore bands,generally the U.S metalcore who invaded the thrash metal ,extreme metal  what is your opinion about this ?

Alex: I really don’t listen that bands.

No Mercy: What are you doing in daily life? How do you earn your money?

Alex: I imprint customized t-shirts for children and adults with transfer.

No Mercy: Any projects bands that you guys are involved in?

Mauro Castro is IMPROMTUS AD MORTEM drummer and Leo Pinzón is TWILIGHT GLIMMER vocalist, they were guest on the album. About the musicians for gigs: Andres Suares is bass player on a THERION TRIBUTE.

No Mercy: What is your greatest wish for Lethal Fire?

Alex: To find a label which can release my music world wide, and to play in several countries. It would be the maximum for me.

No Mercy: What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes...... ?

Alex: On weekends I take some beers and smoke Marlboro. My favorite drink is whiskey, but it’s in special moments.

No Mercy: What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own?

Alex: I have no car, before, when I was one, I listened to bands of 80's Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and of course Thrash: KISS, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, DORO PESCH, LITA FORD, DIO, DEF LEPPARD, BON JOVI, MALICE, HELSTAR, AC/DC, MOTLEY CRUE, HELLOWEEN, ANGELES DEL INFIERNO, W.A.S.P, KRAKEN, etc, etc, etc.

No Mercy: What is your occupations outside Lethal Fire?

Alex: I imprint t-shirts, I’m at home with mytwo children and wife. Some free times we walk and walk as exercise, but at least we eat hamburgers with coke.

No Mercy: What are some of your non-musical influences?

I read Stephen King books. I check films of Silvester Stallone, Jason Statham, ArnoldScharzenegger. I see our soccer team when they play international matches.

No Mercy: How would you define Lethal Fire in one  word?

(Difficult) Lifestyle

No Mercy: How would you define Lethal Fire music in one word ?

Alex: Talent

No Mercy: What is your guitar arsenal (axe/strings, amps, effects) ?

Alex: AXL Fire guitar; Laney HC50 amplifier; Zoom 606 effects.

No Mercy: Just for fun: do you like glam?Do you think a kind of music entitled "Glamcore" or "Glam thrash emocore" could be conceived? What is your opinion when you see some of this fucking funny mixage(Well, we aren't so far from that with the homoposeur trend of emocorejajaja) and and what do you thought about son of bitch gay traitor As ghaal Who Wanted to fire  Infernusthe founder of Gorgoroth

Alex: Hahahaha… I didn’t escape of the old glam (DEF LEPPARD, BON JOVI, SKID ROW, GUNS AND ROSES) in the past I heard those bands. By the way I can’t imagine that strange mixtures. And about Ghaal and King ov Hell, motherfuckers. I lived some similar shit: in 2010 and 2011 I had a work in a far town outside Ibagué, and the vocalist of that time Jose Forero wanted go on with LF without me, that man is completely pathetic.

No Mercy: Thanks  a lot forshring your time and  answering my questions. any particular messages  or any closing notes , last words are yours ?

Alex: Thanks to you for the interview. Support me. here are my links:

Eternal Hails horns up

Sataroth Blasphemer .(No Mercy Webzine)