mercredi 6 mai 2015

Interview With Devour The Fetus

Devour the Fetus (from Paris) is a groovy brutal death or speed slam
Renan (vocals), Zyigh (guitar), Cyril (guitar), François (bass), Virgile (drums)

-No Mercy:  Hi guys ! How do you do ……….. are you ready for this interview ?

Hi buddy ! Let's do this !

No Mercy: Do an introduction of the band, when and why Devour the Fetus was started ??

-Devour The Fetus: Devour The Fetus started in 2011 with Zyigh (guitar) and Renan (vocals). At that time, we didn't have any drummer. We used a programmed drum instead. You know, it's easier for rehearsal but you need to find a complete line up if you want more power on stage. So Cyril (guitar), then Virgile (drums) and Frankette (bass) joined the team.

No Mercy: Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one ?

-Devour The Fetus: (Renan): An interview is a great opportunity for people to know us better and to understand our universe. Breeee is cool but we need a motivation to keep it real <3 nbsp="">
(François): I also always thought that understanding the context of a creation and the intention of its maker is a great help to appreciate it in a better way.
(Virgile): I like to read interviews because it's a good way to know more about bands you like. I try to answer thoroughly to the questions.

No Mercy: How is the metal scene in France nowadays? Any awesome new bands we should watch out for ?

-Devour The Fetus: (Renan): The metal scene in France is really underground and not many bands are known abroad. I'm talking about brutal death bands. Benighted is the most famous. There is also Kronos (apparently they will release their new album soon, but we'll see). Then, we have lot of crazy bands as Ad Patres, Darkall Slaves, Disgraseed, Whisper Of Death. We had Imperial Sodomy, Diluvian and Insain but they splitted out. The grindcore scene is more developed with bands like Inhumate, Blockheads, Unsu and Departement Of Correction. This scene is alive but deserves to be more developped !

No Mercy: Your music attract me and it was a really good sound to my ears!!! It contains a little groovy touch with Slam Brutal Death metal and Grind tendencies to conclude ……… some fans considered you like the revival of the French scene of Slam / Grind …… how do you start writing the songs? what do you record at first and what are the main influences that were important for you ? what are the things which motivated you ??

(Cyril): Glad to know you enjoyed it ! Zyigh and I spent our time at my place sharing ideas with each other. Then we wrote the stuff on guitar pro before sending it to everybody so they can change their parts. We are listening to brutal death, but we are really into blues and rock'n'roll, as well. Like the Beatles, the Stones…
We have some talented cooks in the band (Zyigh, Renan) so the food is a good inspiration as well and free beers at gigs are an excellent motivation!
(Virgile): As far as writting process goes, we always wanted to incorporate our influences in our music. And this goes from gangsta rap to some brutal death metal.
Since I arrived in the band in 2012, we've recorded 1 EP and 1 full length. We started to record the drums part with the click. Then the bass guitar, then the guitars and then the vocals.
For me personnaly, the things that motivate me are technical parts. I always enjoyed technical death metal and I try to go in that direction when I write the drums part.

No Mercy: You have re-recorded 2 tracks from the EP 2013 “Babynception” Formol (Fetus Alcohol) and Babynception there are any change in the quality of the recording ?

(Cyril): Sure, Formol (Fetus Alcohol) is played with Virgile on the album instead of the programmed drums, it changes everything to me.
(François): Also Babynception was re-recorded with album conditions, meaning more time spent on it and better resources invested.
(Virgile): First of all we recorded the album more than a year after the EP. So we became better at what we do because we practiced a lot in that time. We also had a more professional studio for the recording of the full length. So I'll say that it’is more mature and cleaner than the EP.

-No Mercy:  Your Cook n’roll cover image is appetizing !!!!! have you ever eat a fetus burger lol, do you think it's important that the artwork represents the feel of the music? explain the title and cover image and and who made it ??

(Renan): Slo Sombrebizzare made it, he's a great and cool drawer from France. He's the author of MetalManiacs, a comic about Metal. He made every artworks (shirts, hoddies, artworks) from the beginning except for the logo (1st and 2nd edition) that I made. I think the artwork has to be the visual representation of your music, your universe. A lot of band's covers are about gore, mutilation, murder, but in real life they are just as bears full of love. With Devour The Fetus we want to give lot of love (with onions and carrots) in our physical supports too. It's just who we are. Breeetal but kind <3 nbsp="">
(Virgile): The artwork is very important. It's a complementary perspective to the music. I didn't personally take part in the artwork design and the album title. But I can say that cooking is definitely something present in this full length!
(Cyril) :You make me hungry.

No Mercy: What do you think about the grind or the general extreme music scene at the moment ? Do you think that the technicality and speed is misplaced in a grindcore? Are there any new brutal death metal/grind bands that you admire ?

(François) :Tough question, especially since we don’t always have the same opinion about it ^^’
From my point of view, I wouldn’t say that it is misplaced since it can really help adding power and crushing potential to the music, but something simple can be more powerful and efficient than a very complex riff. I’d say technicality has to serve the music, not the other way.
(Virgile): I'm quite picky when it comes to extreme music. I think that this music has to be written and recorded very well to be listenable (for me at least). I really enjoy technicality (more than speed). I really like Defeated Sanity and Putridity. Their drummers are among the very best!
(Cyril): Defeated Sanity is the best example. They perfectly combine the technicality with the groove and power. Those guys are killers.

No Mercy: Do you already have things in plan after the release of the new album? Touring again? Any new Ep's or Split Ep's in the horizon? ……any collaborations projected with other bands from other counties or other things)?

(Renan): We are working on our 2nd album and lot of shows too. Nothing more to say now, but we hope having more tours in the future.

-No Mercy: Which label would fit your music ?

(Cyril): Nice to Eat You Records perfectly fits it with its name already!
(Virgile) I don't know... RoadRunner ;-)

No Mercy: What about the scene in France I’m little disconnected , I have no idea , Describe Devour the Fetus gigs what about your show in Germany ?

(Cyril): What I like in Germany is that people are turning around at every slam or goregrind riff. Gigs there are always very fun.
(Virgile): I would say that French doesn't turn as much as German.
(Cyril): Here it’s more about mosh pit and headbang. I love it too!
(François): Since the scene isn’t very large in France, you sometimes have gigs with a really reduced crowd, but when it comes to slam the place down, it’s all about motivation! But anyway, we like to play and enjoy the show even with a calm atmosphere.

No Mercy:  Any fav bands to get on stage with ?

(François): It’s always nice to play with friend’s bands, especially when you appreciate what they’re doing, so for instance playing with Darkall Slaves, Whisper of Death or more recently the brits from Engorgement was always pleasant. Otherwise, it’s also good (though sometimes scary) to share the stage with a band that influenced your own music.
(Virgile): Any big band is always good to share the stage with. It's very interesting to compare the performance.
No Mercy: Do the members of the band play in other projects ?
(Renan): I sing in Octopurath too with some good friends. It's just a studio band for now, and we only released one song (The Call Of The Ancients), but more are written. 2015 will be the year to record them.

-No Mercy:  What are some of your non-musical influences ?

(François): I guess cooking is now obvious ;)
Apart from that, I’m not sure that our respective non-musical tastes really have an influence on the music. Maybe except for the fact that we all like laughing from everything, even the most horrible, and we like provocative behavior in any form of arts. But I guess it’s the case for a lot of people in the metal scene.
(Virgile): I like cats!
(Cyril): Haha, we should write a song about kitties!
(Renan): my kitchen is a real good influence, lot of knifes, onions. It inspired my lyrics, as my blender. I love my blender, his breeeee is amazing.

No Mercy: What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol, cigarettes... ?
(Renan):We are straight-edge.
(Cyril): Of course, hum...
(Virgile): I don't smoke and I try to keep alcohol for the week end! I cannot play drums when I’m wasted....
(Cyril): Definitely you can’t. <3 nbsp="">
(Renan): Yep, never give someting to Virgile before a show, or you'll kill both (Virgile and the show)

No Mercy: What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own ?

(Cyril): Taylor swift, Charli XEX, Adriana Grande. That's not a joke… Some metal as well, sometimes … :D But we don't own any car, it's kinda useless in Paris, plus you can rent an electric one for few euros. So we rent other people's car.
(Virgile): We listen to everything really. We have this rule were each member choose a CD. And we shift from Arianna Grande to Devourment to Die Antwoord without any problem.
(Renan): I try to listen some brutal death, but they prefer another kind of music...

-No Mercy: What is your guitar arsenal (axe/strings, amps, effects) ?

(Cyril): Ibanez RG equipped with Juggernaut pickup from Bare Knuckle and plugged into ENGL Powerball II but I'm seriously thinking about the Kemper. We don't use any effect. For the strings, Ernie Ball 12-56 tuned in C standard.
(François): Musicman Stingray with 60-125 strings, and Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 500, and a distortion pedal to add a little more punch.

-No Mercy: Describe Devour The Fetus in one word ?


-No Mercy:  What is your occupations outside Devour The Fetus ?

(Cyril): I work as a sound engineer, play video games (Diablo, Street Fighter, GTA), we are rollerskating with Franquette.
(François): I’m finishing my engineering school, with a specialization in robotics.
(Virgile): I'm a programmer
(Renan): Programmer, nerds rules \m/

No Mercy: Thanks for answering my questions bro. hope to see you on stage when I come to France soon , any particular messages or any closing notes , last words are yours stay breeeeeeeeeee & take a beer hé hé

Thanks for the interview! Stay real! Peace! Come to the shows, support extreme scene. More people, more fun. And Breeeeeeeeeee !