vendredi 29 mai 2015

Interview with Thirteen Bled Promises

-Hi guys ! How do you do …….,how many packs of beer did you destroy today?……….. are you ready for this interview with me on No Mercy Webzine ?

Haha Hi there! We are wake and bake people! Of course we are ready!

-Do an introduction to Thirteen Bled Promises ??

A southamerican-spanish combo of sci-fi lovers and ufo hunters!

-Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one ?

They do! We all dreamed of having bands since kids so each interview is a dream come true for us (well, that was corny!). We all try to meet everytime we have to answer one, so its pretty fun! 

Thirteen Bled Promises why this name ? where did the band’s name came from and does it have any particular meaning to you ? 
 This name makes no sense, yet.
-You live in Madrid ?  I sure it’s attractive for tourists ! What can you recommend ? Where are the good places to go out and drink beers ??

Yes, we all live in Madrid right now! Well, there’s a few awesome places that will give you infinite food if you order some beers! In any decent bar in Madrid you will get something to eat with you beer for free, and beer is really cheap here, so the best place to do it is in the streets! But it’s illegal though! If there`s a place to recommend to a metalhead at Madird, that's Kurgan Club! All metal bands meet there after shows!

And there's loads of good bands from Madrid: Moñigo, Forenssick, Looking for An Answer, Cuernos de Chivo, Against The Waves, Adrift, Jardin de La Croix, Toundra, Modern Man Disease, Left In The Wake, Dremenuart, Inbred, Camino A La Perdición, just to name a few!

-How did you get the inspiration to do music ? Any bands or albums that did it for you ?

We find loads of inspiration from films and comics, anything sci-fi! And we love bands like Aegaeon, Fallujah, the Zenith Passage or Beyond Creation, also classics like Deicide, Six Feet Under, Napalm Death or Emperor.

-How do you describe the music of  your last album “Heliopause Fleets”? Can you tell us about recording this album? Was it a challenge, where did you do it, and did you achieve the sound you wanted? I find its so sick n’ brootal little groovy ,but to be core in place of gore I'm not ok (its my personnal opinion I hate metacore,  the metalcore scene who invaded the death, grind ,thrash and black metal scene …….In my opinion it's a real shit and it’s sucks is just for kids and teenagers what’s can you tell us about this ??

We don't agree with you in this at all! We don’t find a place for hate in music, we do have lyrics full of hatred, but it’s from an artistic point of view of how fucked up things are, its all aiming at changing people for good and showing you can do whatever you want with your imagination. We don’t believe anyone should feel invaded. Music grows far beyond human limits, and sure there’s crappy bands that only want to make money, but you have to love what you love, otherwise you are hating on a tag, instead of listening the actual music and having a real opinion on it. We believe metal music represents the opposite of that. Metal is like a place for weird kinds to hang out, it doesn't matter if kids, teenagers, old heads and whatnot, it's all about to feel safe being yourself, no matter the craziness. Metal music is for open minds. A mind that believes in being different and revolt against what's imposed. That’s our opinion!

- Your last album “Heliopause Fleets” was released in 2012  Why did you wait to restart for a new stuff Do you have things in the plans after   “Heliopause Fleets” Any new Ep's or Split with any band  in the horizon? Can you tell us about what are your  plans for 2015 and the near future?

We had to wait until this year to record the album for family, work and personal reasons. But it gave us time to prepare something really special. This album will be the prequel of Heliopause Fleets, and our third album will be the end of the trilogy. Our plans is to get the album released and start playing everyfuckingwhere!

-Are you satisfied with the previous material or there are certain things you would like to have changed?
We took out what we didn't like anymore form the previous album in this one, and added more of what we thought captured the more darkness and brutality.

-Please explain the title and cover image of  “Heliopause Fleets” I find its pretty awesome ? and What is your relationship with aliens ?? what represent for aliens and mutants ??
The cover is an excellent piece by Martin de Diego, great artist from Bilbao. The image represent the intraterrestrial hell, where a human begin is being telepathically dismembered!

Our vocalist has some kind of obsession with the subject, he met with actual abductees and visited actual ufo hunters, he believes he has seen ufos, and so do we. We are only looking for the truth.

-Where can we buy your music and other merch such as T-shirts etc? can you offer me one T-shirt ??? alien cowboys invasion!!!
Hahaha!! You can always show love and support the band in our official online store: and you can buy our music digitally at any platform: bandcamp,, spottily, amazon, etc

-Let's discuss some about you show n’gigs n fests RESTLESS FEST!!! and CRIMINAL HARDCORE FEST I see that flayers in your facebook page in which fest we have been more successful and who’s the bands and how is the performences of the bands who was with you at show ?
Well both were extremely good shows. Restless Fest was awesomely prepared, we got treated like rockstars. But Criminal Hardcore Fest was at our very home, and we felt treated like family!

-Describe Thirteen Bled Promises gigs

We fuck shit up. We make people bleed. And there's always aliens among the audience watching!

-Any fav bands to get on stage with ? ,any future gigs ?

We love everytime we play with Dawn Of The Maya, Stained Blood, The Chaos Is Coming or Wasting The Genesis. And we had the most fun at a TSC family birthday event at Belgium! That's crowdkilling man!

-Do the members of the band play in other projects?
Yes! Javier Cosmea, the bass player, plays guitar in Cathexia, one of the most brutal and dark death metal bands around! And our drummer Johny plays also drums on Eterna Penumbra, a black metal band.

-Which label would fit your music?

We honestly don't know! We love labels such as nuclear blast, metal blade or season of mist, but times have changed, so we don't know!

-What are you doing in daily life? How do you earn your money ?
We all have dayjobs, and some of us are hustling everyday, and some combine both haha

-When you think of the people who enjoy  your music, is there any particular thing ??
You never know when it comes about Earthlings!

-What are some of your non-musical influences? Maybe aliens and sci fi movies hé hé !!!
Exactly! haha Comicbooks too, and history and real storys!

-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes...... ?
Some of us might be daily weed smokers. And we only do alcohol in Galicia, a magical drink called Licor Café invented by witches.

-What Internet sites do you use?

I personally wake up every morning to and spend all day at Worldstarhiphop. We love TotalDeathcore though, and loads of metal blogs and zines of course, we specially love Brutal Family Music Share.

-What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own?
No of us owns a car. When needed, we ride my dad's car, and we play tons of stuff, mostly metal, turn up!

-Would you like to ask me a question !!???

Fuck yes! haha Did you have some kind of alien encounter, sighting or do you know anyone that claims lato be and abductee or so?

 I hope to meet aliens!!!! I would like to have a relationship with aliens beacause humans is shit I don't like the humans race ...a special meeting with aliens that will be awesome xd

-Finally I can say you Thanks for answering my questions maybe this interview so longer I hoped it was not boring, see you on stage when I come to spain soon , any particular messages  or any closing notes , last words are yours 

This was one of the most cool interviews we have done lately!! All interviews should be like this! Thanks a fucking lot for your time and for letting us speak our minds freely in this stupid fucking ignorant world!
 Keep it alien!

Take a beeeeeeeeeeeer
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