vendredi 30 octobre 2015

Halo Of Leprosy-Slain At Dawn (2015)


2.Violence Infection            
3.Anticipatory Thinking       
4.With a Trembling Hand 
5.Room of Blood      
7.This Subjective Suicide               
8.Slain at Dawn       

Line up:
Andrew C.     All instruments, Vocals

This album contains 8 tracks of intense sick, fucking ,fucking, fucking and fuckity noisy dark sound with a little bit horrific sound followed by a robotic touch it means that the sound is not very real and vocals are monstrous or maybe sound is not clear
The riffing and the drums programming sound looks the first demo of  Dormant Carnivore and many other side projects because the really structural conception of Halo Of Leprosy is a project and it’s not a band
we must notice easily that the band use a drum machine because the sound it’s not very real in my opinion Andrew  must mix between a drum machine and a live or studio drums to get good sound like Putrid Pile ,Mortician, Vulvectomy
Halo Of Leprosy vocal fit to goregrind Powerviolence, and Noisecore with agressive saturated speedy guitar riffs and an unstopable blast beats , other thing that derange me in this album is the deathcore melody I hate deathcore and metalcore who invade death metal it’s the fail thing in Slain At Dawn . The sound production is not great all material are mixed up and recorded without professional way.