samedi 10 octobre 2015

Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood (2003)

Black Lotus Records

Track list

1.Chaos Invocation (Intro)  
2.Church of One                  
4.Bow Before Me                  
5.The Kindred                       
6.A Long Time Ago (Intro)              
7.Golgotha's Truth               
8.Betrayed (A Broken Pact)                       
9.The 9th Gate        

Line up

Vincent Crowley      Vocals, Bass
Michael Estes          Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm)
Kyle Severn  Drums, Spoken words

This trio offers a full splendor festival! Aggressive, varied. Punctuated by rapid and powerful riffs by slower passages heavier and more aggressive and fabulous  guitar breaks ! A very homogeneous band. Excellent production. A melodic guitar to perfection, accurate battery.  Tortuous sounds out of the deepest abysses. We feel that the band already has experience, and binding on the side satanic death of DEICIDE. in truly  its DEICIDE which was inspired by Acheron.Not a single title are alike, proving inspiration and constant search for new sounds.