dimanche 18 octobre 2015

Prion - Uncertain Process (2015)

Comatose Music

Track list:

1.Power Obsessed 
2.Uncertain Process          
3.Chronic Disease 
5.Now Is the Hour  
6.Control Societies
7.End Is Near          
8.Losing Itself in the Infinite        
9.Doom Humanity of Horror
10.Never Let Me Down Again

Line up:

Walter Barrionuevo Bass
Marcelo Russo        Drums
Gregorio Kochian    Vocals, Guitars

I known about the experience of Prion and  it’s pouved by Uncertain Process if you listen this production  maybe you had a strenght death metal ,not really brutal not really technical but simply good .
 Riffs and vocals aren’t terribly valid drums are valid but somtimes I find blast beats wrong with the guitar rythme like the intro of the track two Uncertain Process awesome guitar riffing sound just the blast beats are faster and the résult seemed  to me wrong and there is no doubt that the dominant style of drumming is the late 2000’s
 also some tracks are raw and murderous  like the track 5  Now Is The Hour maybe is the perfect thing in this album There are fast riffs, medium riffs and some slow riffs and each seem to be placed exactly where they need to be ……..and this is the ésult of the good job of Gregorio.
I have always said that the South American extreme metal scene ……it’s large extreme strong and good a lot of their material is extremely fucking ,sick ,incoherent angry, violent .
you are likely to enjoy this much.