samedi 12 décembre 2015

Nahum - And The Chaos Has Begun (2015)

Label : Independent

1.Raging Chaos     
2.Vomit the Darkness                    
3.Creator of Emptiness                 
4.Funeral of Age                
6.The Clash of the Fury                
7.Under Fire            
8.Rotten Lies
9.www (World Wide War)

I always prefer extreme thash/death thash/black speed thash metal like  Sarcófago Hirax Impaled Nazarene  Old Sepultura Venom Sodom Altar of Sin Extreme Attack Violator Municipal Waste Evile……………………….
There’s a sound of metallic excellence booming all the way from the Czech Republic. Nahum is a band that can diligently blend styles. Their weapon of choice is Thrash Metal with a side of Death. It translates over in a big way, throwing shades of metal nostalgia which being furious and exciting!
 Nahum released their new album "And The Chaos Has Begun" earlier  in november 2015 , I always liked and support Czech metal bands and Czech metal festivals especially the Obscene Extreme festival hé hé …….

Nahum we offers in this album 9 tracks inspired by the aggression in the streets war human race ,life death and chaos  which contains a modern thrash death metal riffs fortunately its not progressive I hate the prog metal, everything that prog its looks to metalcore or other funny kind of metal all this is followed by standard growl vocal ,perfect sound through an independent productions most thrash/death guitar solos are played at high speed but Nahum solo’s need to be faster and less melodic because I notice that’s slow and maybe melodic ………………………..I think  we can compare Nahum with the Swedish death metal style ….strong guitar riffage rigorous or strict drumming without any old school touch or flavor.
"And The Chaos Has Begun" it's an album that can appeal to death metal fans and also to thrash metal fans  and it's all who's great for Czechs  a part of headbanging with some beers.