vendredi 8 janvier 2010

Interview With Neurolepsy

1-Hello ,I'm Sataroth first I would like to thank you for taking the time in answering these questions give us a short introduction of Neurolepsy ?

Hey thanks alot for offering the chance at an interview. Neurolepsy is just four guys from Rochester New York who want to play some death metal. We've all been in bands before and most of us are in side projects but we are all with the exception of Lewis under 20.

2-Please give us an explanation of the inception of NEUROLEPSY , What is your goal and your target what inspired you to create a Death Metal band and what intentions did you have?

When we started this band we wanted to make a death metal band that didn't just blend in with all the other death metal out now. Tons of good shit is happening in the scene but we wanted to stand out. We just want to keep people interested from the beginning or our albums to the end. Also we want our live shows to be a good time to so there's plenty of slams and thrashy parts for
all of that.

3-What can you tell us about your line up ?

Well me(noah) and our drummer owen have been in bands together since we were about fourteen. We kept jamming all the time and getting in bands and playing music we didn't really want to play but its what other people we were jamming with wanted to play. We decided to stop doing all of that and find some people that wanted to do exactly what we wanted to and not
compromise. We found our bassist through going to shows and instantly started jamming with him. We took a while to find the right vocalist but we finally settled on Lewis who is also the guitarist of the New York band Abdicate also on Sevared Records.

4-Are you gonna introduce other members to NEUROLEPSY ?

No not at this time and probably not in the future. A four piece is what we work best with and everyone in the band is clicking perfectly for what we want to do.

5-What are the metal bands that influenced you or motivated you ?

Well our main influences are definitely bands like Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Ulcerate, Decrepit Birth then older school bands like Autopsy and Asphyx. I could go on about that topic for days.

6-What kind of music do you listen to yourself ?

I listen to a wide variety of music. I work in a record store so I have the privilege of being around music all the time. I love metal from every subgenre. Im into alot of obscure thrash bands and death metal bands to me the more underground the better. I also listen to alot of punk such as crust punk I love Nuclear Death Terror and all that shit. Hardcore punk is my main vice with bands like Sheer Terror and Cro mags. Most of us in the band are very involved in our local punk scene and punk shows count for about 75% of the shows we play. The punk aesthetic is the aesthetic we got but we have the metal sound. I also listen to alot of late 60s and 70s prog rock such as Moving Gelatine Plates, Gentle Giant, and King Crimson.

7-What are some of your non-musical influences?

Living in Rochester New York is definitely the biggest influence haha.

8-How is the metal scene in New York ?

Right now its doing pretty good. We got alot of new bands starting up and helping the scene. To name a few to check out would be Abdicate, Necrochasm, Crucifist, Infernal Abyss, and Sarcous.

9-What can you tell us about the songs that are available on your officiel myspace page ?

The songs up in the page are all of our demo that was released on Sevared Records and can also be purchased at

10-Please explain the title and cover image of your demo "Disintegrated Cognizance" ?

Well Lewis is the lyric guy but I'll take a guess at what's goin through his head. The definition of Disintegrated Cognizance is basically not a corrosion of ones mind and though process. I can't speak on what that means to Lewis but the cover design is depicting a man(skeleton) in contemplation through alot of chaos going on around him. Also Im gonna take this time to plug our album cover artist Austin Keppeler. He's an amazing artist that can do your cover and logo art he did our logo and he does it for really reasonable prices. Help the guy out send us a message at our myspace for his contact info.

11-What you have planned after recording of the demo "Disintegrated Cognizance" , Do you have any future split with any band ?

We would love to do splits but have no solid plans as to that of yet. Next up we are working on writing write now for hopefully a full length album.

12-Are you going to record your stuff at more professional studio some day ?

Im really happy with Watchmen Studios which is where we recorded the last album and will probablly be staying with Doug White over there he does great work.

13-Which label would fit your music?

Barret from Sevared is an awesome awesome guy and Im really happy being on Sevared. I guess if I had to say the biggest one I'd go for would be willowtip they put out some great records but Im not looking for anything more than what we got really. I would love to put out stuff on vinyl but we will ALWAYS remain and underground band.

14-You have been successful in your last show and could you tell me about your last show ?

The last show we played was put on by a local guy named Heavy Metal Steve and it was a really long show goin on a sunday night till about 3 in the morning but it was a great time.

15-What do you think about the performance of the bands who was with you at last show ?

All the bands were awesome Sarcous killed it.

16-Any fav bands to get on stage with?

Anyone but locally I'd have to say Abdicate and Necrochasm. Both play really legit music and all the dudes in both bands rule. We wouldn't be where we are without either of those bands.

17-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes,drugs ?

Im straight edge but I definitely can't say that for the other members of my band haha.

18-Thanks alot for sharing your time with me ,and good luck for you , any final word , do you have any particular messages for any particular people Or any closing notes or comment here ?

Thanks alot man for the Interview. I'd just like to ask people to check out our album you can buy it from the Sevared store or im sure you can download it off some blogs but help Barret at Sevared Records he does all this shit with his own money and has done more for the underground brutal death metal scene than anyone else in its history.