vendredi 13 août 2010

Interview With Simone Blasphemer Guitarist

1-Blasphemic hails , introduction of your Blasphemies to a world uninitiated with your work ?
Blasphemer were born in 1998 and after years spent drinking and fucking around, a couple of split CDs and gigs in Italy and Europe, decided to take it seriously and started working on the first full-length “ On the inexistence of god”: a bunch of brutal songs with super technical riffs, 4 way vocals assault and no-stop blasting drum. The album has been released in 2008 by Comatose music and due to it the band starts playing frequent live all over the world (Europe, Usa, Russia). In Summer 2010 Blasphemer record a new Ep “Devouring Deception” containing 3 new songs, 1 Broken Hope’s cover, “I Am God” taken from “Loathing” and the “Cloaca of Iniquity” (a song taken from their previous album , Inexistence) re-mastered single version. This Ep will be release in September by Comatose Music.
2-Please give us an explanation of the inception of What is your goal , what inspired you to create a Brutal Death Metal band and what intentions did you have ?
At first we didn’t have any idea about goals and so on. We just like and wanted to play brutal death music, that’s it. Then we decided to try to do it as best as we can, and we started working really hard on compositions, because we wanted our music to be listened everywhere and, especially, we wanted play live again and again! We love gigs, playing live, meeting people, drinking around, listen to new bands and all that shit!
3-What are the metal bands that influenced you or motivated you ?
The band that most influenced us are Deeds of Flesh, Disgorge and Broken Hope but it doesn’t mean that you’ll always listen to those kind of influence in our music. There are tons of awesome bands we like and that give us inspiration!
4-What kind of music do you listen to yourself ?
Usually I listen to brutal death and grind, but nowadays I’ve re-discovered black metal as well. I’m not into black metal scene but there’s a bunch of bands and album that I really like (the early Mayhem, Marduk, Burzum, etc.). Sometimes I listen also to not-metal music (I like old 80’s rock and shit like that!)
5-How is the metal scene in italy ?
In Italy we have lots of awesome bands (Putridity, Exhumer, Vomit The Soul, Hour Of Penance, and many many more) but, unfortunately we don’t have a strong scene: not many people at the concerts, shitty clubs, lack of labels and radios, and so on.
6-What are some of your non-musical influences?
Not horror movies! Ahah! Of course we’ve watched thousands of bloody, splatter and bad taste movies, but they don’t have any role during composition.
7-Did you ever try to play other kinds of music?
Yes I always played also different kind of music, because at first I’am a guitar player! So I must have a confrontation with other situation as well!
8-What can you tell us about religion ..... lol ?
During an interview I don’t think I can say nothing serious. It’s not the right place.
9-You think that God exists ?

10-What are your occupation outside Blasphemer ?
I’m doctor in Philosophy but I’m still studying to get a specialization; Paolo is a warehouseman; Alex make short works from time to time; Marco is a professional Illustrator and Clod is a Tattoo artist.
11-What do you think of the worldwide death metal scene today ?
The worldwide scene is strong and I think that some countries deserve more attention, because for example in Russia or in Indonesia, there are a lot of fans and a huge interest in this kind of music. Maybe they’re pretty new to this genre but they have an awesome attitude and give a lot of support.
12-What can you tell us about the songs that are available on your official myspace page ?
The main song you can find on our Myspace profile is “Kuru –The laughing death”. It’s the opener of our first full-length; a chaotic, intense and brutal song with fast drumming and our typical 4 vocals attack! It still represent the band, and I love that song. Soon we’ll upload one song taken from the upcoming Ep. This song’s name is “Let him bleed (on the inverted cross)” and I gues you’ll like it!
13-How would you describe your style of music?
Like a punch in the face. The main thing in our music is aggressiveness.
14-About the album artwork, did you do the cover for " On the Inexistence of God " yourself ?
As I told you, Marco is a professional illustrator and he did the cover. Besides he made the cover of a lot of brutal death bands and every time he creates masterpieces! My fav are: Devouring Deception (Blasphemer) and Constrained by the Miscarriage of Conquest (Embryonic Depravity).
15-Please explain the title and cover image of On the Inexistence of God ?
The title pretty much explain himself: the album and his songs was intended as a thesis proving that god didn't exists; the cover is not strictly related to religion; or better: is related to the fact that what religions tells is pure invention, that there is no higher meaning on life, no purpose or salvation, there is a giant vaginal-like cavern that symbolize the beginning of life, a bridge that represent our tourtuous existence, and at the end a giant mouth with sharp theets waiting to chew you straight away.
16-Do you have any future split with any band ?
I don’t know but even if we’ll do it, it won’t be soon. We have to focus now on the new full-lengt and we’re already working on it.
17-Do you already have things in the plans after the release of the new album? Touring again? Any new Ep's or Split Ep's in the horizon?
We’ll tour for sure man! We’re already talking with Steve from Comatose about a new US-summer tour. I guess it will be great! And I’d like to come back to Russia too, we’ll see.
18-About the video clip what can you tell us , what its about , what means the scene when the members of Blasphemer dies ?
Suicide scenes are connected with the opening sentence taken from Kirillov’s dialogue in Dostoevskij’s novel “The Devils”.
19-I see on your flayers that you were at different fest with fucking bands , You have been successful in your last show ,what do you think about the performance of the bands who was with you at the last shows ?
We had the fortune to play with really good bands and their performance were so cool. Today brutal bands are very professional and you can learn something from every one of them. It’s really good for us to share the stage with those awesome bands.
20-Any fav bands to get on stage with ? ,any future gigs ?
I’d love to play with Guttural Secrete and I hope that it will be possible next summer! Blue, their singer, played with us at CIM and it was cool man! I really enjoyed that gig.

21-Which label would fit your music?
Comatose is perfect for us. Steve Green believes in us, he constantly supports us, promotes us, and has always done a great work!
22-What is the biggest change compared to your the debut ?
He have more work to do! I mean, we tried to become more professional and so we have to spend a lot of time in composition, arrangements, promotion and so on. It’s harder now but it’s more exciting!
23-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes..... ?
Definitely too much. We should be endorsed by Tobacco and Alcohol main industries: we deserve it!!!
24-Thank you alot for sharing your time with No Mercy Zine , do you have any particular Blasphemies particular people , last words are yours ?

Hope to see you guys on tour, drink together and have fun!