mardi 14 décembre 2010

Interview with Malignant Tumour

1-Hello Bilos ,hello Malignant Tumour give us more details about the band ?
Hi there. MALIGNANT TUMOUR is four piece band exists from 1991. In beginning we played grindcore and during all those years our music evolve to the dirty and loud crust and rock´n´roll music. We have three full lenght albums out, several split albums and many split 7"EP´s same as tapes etc....
2-How is the metal scene in Czech Republic ?
Totally underrated I have to say. We have very good bands in any styles, but no good promoters. that´s a problem I think. Metal scene in czech is not that big, but I have to say here is good quality in extreme music. But most of the bands don´t care if they will play abroad so no one know those bands. Sad but true.
3-What's the difference between the of Malignant Tumour 1993-1998 and the Malignant Tumour of 2010 and -What is the biggest change compared to your the debut ? describe your style of music before Dawn of a New Age and after ?
Pretty simple. As I said before we played really brutal grindcore in our beginnings and it lasts till the end of 20th century, because new line up in 2003, our music changes a bit. I think it´s still brutal, fast, but there is more melody and more influences by rock´n´roll and old school metal music. We changed also the way how we promote the band and putting also more focus and quality to our recordings.

4-Why did you wait eight years for recording your first full-length Dawn Of The New Age , between 1993 and 2002 you had only compilation demo and split
We were waiting for right time. And because all those line up changes in 90´s we had to wait till 2002 when our debut album was recorded. We wait for 11 years.
5-You have an old school flavor , thrash and humorous appearance you wear thash metal style always during show and fest tell us more about that ?
Look we are old metal heads and that´s it. We love humour in any kind and we play this rock´n roll game and our fans play this show with us. It´s just perfect and tha´s the way it should be. No one like boring band on the stage, right?
6-What are your thoughts on the metalcore kids band who invaded the extreme metal what is your opinion about this ?
I really don´t care about metalcore or new metal, this is not my cup of tea. Time will show who will survive.
7-Which are your 5 favourite albums of all time ?
Difficult question….Kreator´s any album, I love all of them. I love Death Breath´s Stinking up the Night, Motorhead´s Inferno and Motorizer, Hellhammer Apocalyptic Raids, Deathrow, Cranium, many and many more….can´t say just five.

8-What is your occupations outside Malignant Tumour ?

I am working as electrician. Pretty hard job and very bad paid here in czech, but what can I do.

9- What are some of your non-musical influences ?

Womens, my mate. Womens are endless inspirations. Then some books and movies. And generally my life is pretty wild so here we go…
10-What do you think about the grindcore or the general extreme music scene at the moment ?
I love extreme music, new band have a better position to start. You can buy good instruments in good price which was impossible in beginning of 90´s in ex comunist country. Scene is big and really good organize. Only a bit lack of support of official media. The rest is great.
11-What can you tell us about the songs that are available on your officiel myspace page ?
We put there some song from last album. When album came out next day it was on torrents so we put on myspace some best „hits“ and we hope you like it.
12-How was the recording of the new album "EARTHSHAKER" on studio session ? , how do you write your music ?
We write music same as many bands. Mqain ideas comes out at home then we came to rehearsal place and putting whole song together as a band. As for Earthshaker studio session it was first time we worked with professional producer and I have to say that Andy Classen was the right man for this album. He likes the music and we like his way of work so everything fits. Hopefully next album we will recording together with him again.
13-Let us know more about the subjects of your lyrics ?
Sex, drug´s, rock´n roll and all metal cliches you can imagine.

14-Do you already have things in the plans after the release of the new album? Touring again? Any new Ep's or Split Ep's in the horizon ?
We are now solving some troubles but I can not say anything about it right now. But in 2011 MT has 20 year anniversary and I think it will be something special at fall of 2011.
15-Please explain the title and cover image of "Earthshaker" ?
I love the title, you can imagine what do you want but I see our band shaking with ground with our music. That´s the meaning of the title.

16- I saw on the DVD of "The Coyote Brutal Fest 2008" so it was awesome ,what do you think about the performance of the bands who was with you at"The Coyote Brutal Fest 2008" ?
Well, to be honest I didn´t see it because we didn´t get any free copies which is fucking bullshit. But our trip to Moscow was great and sauna party there was one of the best. We hope to play in Moscow and whole russia more in future.
17-If you compare the "The Coyote Brutal Fest 2008" and "The Obscene Extreme Fest" what can you tell about this two fabulous it's was silent !!! ? tell us about this and about the crazy fans , you are satisfied with the final result on witch fest ?
Look, you can not compare those festivals. Obscene is much bigger then Coyote is. I like many festivals. I have to say that Coyote was a bit chaotic organized. Obscene on the other hand is my homeland. I like all those freaks there and every year I see many friends i see only there. Obscene simply RULES.
18-Any fav bands to get on stage with ?
What about Kreator, Motorhead, Entombed, Sodom…

19-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes...... ?
It´s pretty different day by day. I love whisky but i don´t drink every day.
20-What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own ?
Haha….I have no driving lesson so I have no car.
21-Thank you alot for sharing your time with No Mercy Zine , do you have any particular messages or any closing notes , last words are yours KEEP ON GRINDING!!
First thanx for the intie ans supporting Malignant Tumour. We hope to see our fans at some shows there and there, hopefully again in Russia. Any good offers are welcome. Have fun and take care.
Cheers, Bilos