vendredi 14 février 2014

Interview with Lelahell (In English)

Lelahell is an extreme metal band founded in 2010 by lelahel the frontman of litham the legendary band from Algeria. Started first as a one man band with the writing of the first Ep “Al intihar”:
In the end of 2011 coinciding with the end of the Ep recording which was engineered, mixed and mastered by lelahel, Nihil (bass) and slave blaster (drums) two talented musicians from Barbaros joined the band.
In July 2012 Al Intihar CD was released on Goressimo Records and officially distributed by sevared records in the usa. Debut release of sick fucking Classic Death Metal from Algeria!! Amazing powerful sound that will cut your head off!! Including a bonus Video, look for this sickness!!!

-Hails Lelahell give us an  introduction of your selves  to a world uninitiated with your work and more details about the band ?

SLAVEBLASTER: Lelahell we can say is a band combining extreme death metal brutality, technicality and Eastern melody homegrown

-What do  you do actually , what are your interests , activities and your your occupations outside Lelahell ?

SLAVEBLASTER :Musically we're all three invests exclusively for lelahel,and every member of the band working in different fields. we must feed: D

-To Lelahell  (Redouane ) you played in Carnavage, Devast, Lelahell, Neanderthalia  in which band you have been more successful and pleasure to play with ?

LELAHEL : each era had its charm, with Neanderthalia was the debut, with Litham was  recognition and Carnavage the renewal.  now Lelahell this disc is perhaps the route towards recognition ?

-What do you think about our metal scene !! ?

SLAVEBLASTER: Honestly, there are good musicians but the creative level is low. Should be longer and move forward, nowadays with the internet there 's no more territorial boundaries, it is true that nobody can get to export our metal. Except that it is this mentality that currently dominates. Change things will not happen in a day. 

Lelahel: let's say there is a new breath but poorly channeled. should the local metal scene opens more about international which enables the bands to evolve . at the time (90's) it was locked on ourselves but we had no choice, but with new technologies there are no borders.

-Any difficult to start a band and make it successful  in our metal scene ?

SLAVEBLASTER: No, I don't think so, good musicians especially with a good mindset can mount not only a group but be efficient and beneficial for our metal scene and beyond. 

Lelahel: A major difficulty is to find serious and motivated people and especially that the nia! for what is success does not interest me, the main thing is to make music as it should be that's right! 

- If you compare European metal scene and U.S metal scene,  who's the  stronger , who's the  sick which one do you think has better scene ….?

SLAVEBLASTER: It is indisputable that the U.S scene is  above the rest, all the sides, after the European metal scene is really very active with many large festivals as qualitée wacken hellfest brutal assault etc ... 

- I see that there's no harm done reviews of the EP Al Intihar  with many webzines it’s a positive think , What can you tell us about  this ?

Lelahel: we had an excellent reviews in many webzine and in many renowned magazines and frankly we did not expect, such as how the work it always pays!

-When you think of the people who enjoy  your music, is there any particular thing ?

SLAVEBLASTER: It's always nice to be supported and to see fans who appreciate what we do, we work hard every day, we do not cheat on what we offer to the public. It is gratifying to have a positive result

-How do you describe the music of  EP Al Intihar  ?

Lelahel: Al Intihar means suicide, so the music of this EP was written with the mindset of someone who is going to commit suicide, that is, he sees his life flash before him. this is why when we listen we will find a multitude of styles and musical influences. it's like a series of events that passes before you!

-What it means the EP cover of Al Intihar describe it ?

Lelahel: the cover of Al Intihar is a person that is about to commit suicide! So this choice is especially compared to the music of this EP as mentioned earlier

-Freezing Moon (Mayhem Cover) the last title I like very much this one , why you chose this cover ?

Lelahel: we chose to cover this by , and we thought why not make a version of death metal

-Which label would fit your music ?

Lelahel: good underground label that believes in our music, because it is useless to be signed in a major label and the guys could not care less about your music!

-Speak a bit about your lyrics: the subjects it deal with, influences, the way it's written ? and how was the recording  of Al Intihar  are you satisfied have you been an obstacle?

Lelahel : Regarding the words of the EP : Emperor speaks of the Emperor Nero , his reign of 14 years until his death. One has the impression that history repeats itself , right?
The second track is an excerpt from a text Al Mutanabi ( pretentious ) a famous author of literature
Into the past makes us remember all the evil man was able to do throughout his life : destruction , murder , lies, disasters, etc ... And continues to do
Al ihtiqar speaks of contempt, and Hermanos and a story of friends who are at the beginning as blood brothers , but life goes difference
We will say that it's about society in general with all his bullshit and problems, so it is rather in a state of disgust with rage and hatred that I write the lyrics !
for recording I spent a year between late 2010 and late 2011 it allowed me to develop my guitar playing and also my knowledge in the field of recording , mixing and mastering.

-Describe Lelahell  gigs  ?  and how was your trip in France and Slovakia, how was Al INTIHAR tour ? 

Lelahel: Lelahell gigs is a killer, just be well armed ! 

SLAVEBLASTER: It was a very rewarding tour, we had a lot of positive feedback from the public who did not expect it really is not from an Algerian group, since he does not know our country or our stage.

-Any fav bands to get on stage with ?

SLAVEBLASTER: It Hits same too, but say it would be in a festival that I will dream to play, the brutal assault or wacken example it would be great one day can be with hard work.

-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes...... ?

SLAVEBLASTER: For me half a pack per day, alcohol remains casual except on tour: D against no drugs! metal does not rhyme with excess or other drugs. 

Lelahel: tea in the morning and another in the evening! lol!

-What are some of your non-musical influences ?

Lelahel: the life of every day

-What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own ?

SLAVEBLASTER: Britney spears I'm not a big fan loool I kidding, various extreme metal 

Lelahel:  metal

-What are the future plans of Lelahell any split or …. Other  things ?

SLAVEBLASTER: We will attack the mixing and mastering of the new album, then a few dates in Algiers and may be abroad

-Would you like to ask me a question ?

SLAVEBLASTER : What motivated you to create a webzine ?

No Mercy :I am passionate about everything that does not limit , all who leads to the beyond ! ! and the metal is the massive sound of all this ! .... and one day there was " Morbid Desecrator " who sent me the idea to create a webzine its my allowed me to discover and deeply connected has extraordinary artist in the underground and get their music and all the fun is with each artist or band we depth and  discover  and have an activity and it's also having fun.

Lelahel : what do you think of the current Algerian metal scene ?

No Mercy :unfortunately  I see that it's almost non-existent these days or may be dead and buried over fest or event that attracts me or me yet interress regardless year before I saw the evolution of ambition and progress now I see only split training musicians stand by that lack of motivation and means little or be that lack of knowledge ! influence or inspiration ! I often say I should create a one man band and revealed my passion.

-Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?....... last words are yours 

SLAVE BLASTER: He did it not insurmountable without much work and motivation, you must have the means of political 

Lelahel: STAY brutal!