dimanche 24 avril 2016

Neid - Atomoxetine (2016)



1. Continuous Use
2. Painting Death
3. The Failure
4.Virtual Shape
5. Saturated Child (Feat. ZILATH MEKLHUM from Voltumna)
7. New Threat
8. Voltures Of Incorporation
9. Pay Independently (Feat. ALESSIO LEOCADIA from Guineapig/SBS)
10. I Hate Work (MDC cover. Very special guest : DAVE DICTOR from MDC)
11. Satisfy My Hunger
12. Restore Te Judgement
13. Memory May Kill The Need
14. Breed To Breed (WORMROT cover. Bonus track)

Neid is Grindcore band made in Italy ,it’s a little bit aggressive  with many  crust , and old school classic  grindcore flavour  (maybe there are an oldschool touch) , "Atomoxetine"  is perfectly distorted as the guitars are heavy , real cleaver rocks battery surgical fast and powerful is balanced with a speed and a moment the Other to change the tempo becomes standard , and the Juggling Between singing and growling shouting some into sections, you can entender A great mix of parties, slow and Medium Fast and stimulated the entire album also remains very faithful to a non- heavy musical style and including June Brings track in the punk style.
Without being too anachronistic and not too experimental , not too classic which tends more towards the classic, but to enrich its proposal with solutions that shake the eye something more modern and up to date , such use of guitars, each time that they mention experimentation and noise with their dissonances and twisted riffs.
To conclude I can say its good production certainly many fans should have“Atomoxetine” 
in their collection .