samedi 7 janvier 2017

Slave One – Disclosed Dioptric Principles (2016)

Label: Dolorem Records


1.Deus Otiosus       
2.The Antikythera Mechanism    
3.Obsidian Protocol Achievement          
4.For Shiva Whispered the Universe                
5.Aeon Dissonance          
6.Liquid Transcendental Echoes                       
At first I underestimated this album , The rhythm and the fusion sound of other musical style (it’s not acceptable like the long shity intro of track 5 Aeon Dissonance and track 7 Degenesis ) and progressive death metal riffs thing that gave me bad impression and other important thing in this album It’s lacks of brutality and old-school atmosphere approach .
………. Fortunately some beers help me to understand Disclosed Dioptric Principles because a great technical dose slaps me to my face (maybe the thing who save Disclosed Dioptric Principles) without forgetting the cover art of this album it’s fit perfectly with the concept . Its a nice portion of the mythological art perfectly reflects what the album is about. It has a metaphysical /mythological aspect  with a scientific approach…………………….. The technicality of the progressiveness of the multiple notes are well done .
Slave One use the methodology of majority of the new bands they do possess , which means modern death metal sound perfectly process and recorded , Drumming very attracted by drum triggers It allows to have gained great attention , riffs affected and accelerate, leads and solo well felt as well as precise and correct double-pedal shots, but all this does not come out of the ordinary …………… It's a bit what jeff walker said about modern death metal “people have been tolerating a kind of substandard product
Slave one remind me two great names Necrophagist and Obscura but if you compare Necrophagist don’t miss brutality ….in brief Necrophagist brutal death metal a pure death metal followed with a great dose of technical brutality Obscura miss a lot the brutality who Necrophagist get but the great likeness is the technical playing except that’s more prog , so we can say in brief it’s progressive technical death metal the case of Slave one , in any case I think , you should have " Disclosed Dioptric Principles " in your collection if you want.