jeudi 4 mai 2017

Immolation – Atonement (2017)

Label : Nuclear Blast


1.The Distorting Light                     
2.When the Jackals Come                        
3.Fostering the Divide                    
4.Rise the Heretics  
5.Thrown to the Fire                        
6.Destructive Currents        
9.Above All                
10.The Power of Gods                    
11.Epiphany 04:22   
12.Immolation (Rerecorded)     
After the leaving of, Bill Taylor's last year, after nearly fifteen and passed with Immolation and could change the deal. But the hard stone of Immolation remains primarily composed by Duke Ross Dolan (vocals, bass) and Robert Vigna (guitar), who founded the band in 1988 and guardians of the identity of the formation.
It is not surprising that on all the titles found on all the ingredients that characterize the music of Immolation, good manners, punctual changes of tempos, a massive sound and unequivocal heaviness associates the heaviness of condemn . Yet "The Distorting Light" begins with a slightly dissonant riff before the appearance of the deep growl of Dolan, definitely one of the best death metal singer………., with gutural timing oozing anger and anger, except you'll find the add of a sound and modern rhythm and prog in the outing of several titles that one often finds in the game of metalcore, deathcore and djent ...... ..and this is negative because it’s invades more and more the Death metal and We do not want it to continue a lot of death metal bands fall into the trap of standard modern metal and derive fully from pure death metal and I think it’s a threat to the real death metal………….. In any case , you should have Atonement in your collection. If you want.