vendredi 30 mars 2018

Mithridatic - He Who Lies Underneath (2018)

Label: XenoKorp

Track list

01-The Supply…
02-. …For Terror and the Crowd
03- Miserable Miracle
04- Hunting Fever
05- Dispense the Adulterated
07- Hell’s Compasses Points
08- Oxydized Trigger Sabotage
09- I Will Harm

I underestimated this album at my first preview , I thought it played prog or a standard stuff kind Gojira according to their concept and delivery because before the release of this live album (He Who Lies Underneath) I do not know I did not dig a little to find info about , firstly the band exists since 2007 (under another name) but listening two to four times the album the discovery occurred with an almost perfect production that gives off a pure sound and clean sound (we can even say that the quality recording reaches almost the cutting edge of technology) it surprises me.
Awesome black / death metal except that this trip that usual for me has its own concept because I found that it was black / death I expected a bans like Arkhon Infaustus Belphegor or Azarath  there is no resemblance by the construction  but it plays well,not to mention the impressive
Kevin Paradis who does a good job otherwise the guitar games sound correct with a balanced rhythm but the guitar solo is not A perfection but the dose was acceptable on the other hand you cannot miss the presence of the influence of  Mayhem because Mithridatic is geared towards darker and more scary atmospheres, as well as a faster tempo , sometimes the tempo becomes faster and even heavy with riff old School oriented reminiscent of Morbid Angel's great Where The Slime Live, plays on cold atmospheres, the rhythm is overwhelming at will, the vocals turn to madness
in brief the live album (He Who Lies Underneath) is a successful album who contains a good blackened death metal with very good drumming and mainly great recording, in any case I can say its good production certainly some fans should have“He Who Lies Underneath” in their collection .