jeudi 11 février 2010

Interview with Rotting Embodiment

1-Hello Rotting Embodiment, first I would like to thank you for taking the time in answering these questions give us a short introduction of Rotting Embodiment ?

-Sure thing. Well Rotting Embodiment is Gabe on bass, Luis on guitar and vocals, and me Arturo on drums. Luis and I have been playing together for over a year now but it wasn't on-till the summer of 2009 that we decided to create Rotting Embodiment. A band dedicated on keeping the old school death metal spirit alive.

2 -Please give us an explanation of the inception of Rotting Embodiment What is your goal and your target what inspired you to create a Death Metal band and what intentions did you have ?

-Well I had for a long time wanted to start a death metal band that played death the way I thought it should. Purely out of love for the art nothing that sounded new but like something that a kid could of picked up back in the late 80's. Like I always say "I was born too late" like the Saint Vitus song. The intent is to create music that satisfies my tastes and the bands but at the same time to expand and create our own path.

3-Rotting Embodiment why this name are you inspired by Rotting Spiritual Embodiment of Incantation i see that your drummer wear Incantation t shirt can you tell us about this ?

-Well yes you got me there. The name did come out of that title after many names that we decided on and then just changed. This one day we sat down to come up with a new name. At first we really wanted a one word name but after many we started to work on two word names. Its hard to come up with a one word name nowadays. But after that nothing sticked on-till we started to put names down from band titles. I put down Rotting Spiritual Embodiment, but without the "Spiritual" in it and after a debate on that one and Rancid Amputation. Rotting Embodiment won.

4-What can you tell us about your line up ?

- Well there is Gabe our bass player, Luis on guitar and vocals, and me on Drums. We has many others in the past try out and then hang around for a while but nothing happened.

5-Are you gonna introduce other members to Rotting Embodiment ?

-Hopefully we can in the near future we can find a guitarist. Where we live people say they are down to come and try out but don't seen to know how to play ones there.

6-What are the metal bands that influenced you or motivated you ?

-There are to many but some of the many for Luis and I (Gabe don't really listen to Death Metal) are Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Autopsy, Incantation, Cannibal Corpse, Mortem (Peru), Krabathor, Suffocation, and the list goes on.

7-What kind of music do you listen to yourself ?

-Well I listen to bands like The Chasm, Demilich, Evoken, Worship, Cenotaph (Mexico) first album,Arghoslent, Disembowelment, Loss, Infester, Absu first album, Mournful Congregation, Under Moonlight Sadness their demo, Nuclear Death, Supuration first album, Darkthrone first album, and there are way more.

8- Which are your 5 favourite albums of all time ?

-That is a really hard question. At this time I would say The Chasm-From The Lost Years, Worship-Dooom, Darkthrone-Soulside Jorney, Dimembowelment-Transcendence Into The Peripheral, And Sorrow-Hatred And Disgust.

9 - What are your occupations outside Rotting Embodiment ?

Well we are all still in high school. Gabe and I leave this year as for Luis he stills has one more year of torment.

10-What are some of your non-musical influences?

-Well when it come to music I really can't come up with any non-musical influences. As for when I write lyrics it can be anything really. Things in the day will leave an impression on me and then I will alter it to what ever I want inside my head. That is really the main way I write my lyrics. I can say that movies like Nekromantik 2, Cannibal Holocaust, and any thing Argento has really help me in picturing scenarios. As for death which is the many topic of our lyrics, good old plain gore infested pictures always do the job.

11-How is the metal scene in California ?

-Well here in North county which is part of the whole San Diego County there isn't a big scene at all. There are more posers here then metalheads at Wacken. Which sucks but what can you do. The only time you will see other metalhead is when there is a show and its rare to see more then 100 at once. L.A. has a bigger scene for sure you go to a show over there and there are way more then in San Diego.

12-What do you think about the Death metal or the general extreme music scene at the moment?

- The extreme music scene at this time is down the drain. You see more kids with one eye covered and a As I Lay Dying shirt then a kid with a plain Slayer shirt. The music scene at this time is lost within some many "brake downs" it's kind of sad in a way. But ones in a while a band will put out a good record like Denial and Dead Congregation. But things like that are rare. But what ever, the true fans will always be there to support the good bands.

13 -You have an old school flavor and old school appearance , bit of death metal band make old school death at the moment the most prefers brutal and extréme kinds death/grind , slamming brutal death ......... .what can you tell about us this?

-Well it all really comes down to what one likes. I like old school death metal so I create old school death metal. Others like playing to the fastest tempos ever or like to write riffs that should be solos. But I also think that money talks so if that one band is "making it", they will for sure be followed by a ton of clones. The one dream most kids have is to play music and be rich and famous and if that means to conform to the scene the majority will. I'm not here to create something pleasant for some idiot to hear but to channel my thoughts into music that I would listen to and if you like old school death metal you might like our music.

14-What is your opinion , what is your réaction against the metalcore and deathcore scene who invaded the death metal scene ?

-Metalcore Deathcore so many COREs. In a way it sucks for kids that never got to listen to band like Death and Morbid Angel. They will most likely think that metalcore is the greatest and so on. I know one thing though for sure and that is that if you gave up on the old school for a CORE you might as well kill yourself. A true fan don't every stop liking it you might not listen to death metal often but it is always there with you and to give it up for shit like deathcore that's pathetic.

15-What can you tell us about the songs that are available on your officiel myspace page ?

-The songs on the Myspace are the four songs from our demo.

16-What can you tell us about your demo "Invocations from the Past" ?

-Our demo was recorded at Gabes garage with a Mac laptop. We used the integrated mic and had it finish with in a day. The whole thing then I mixed and had it done by late December.We only printed 50 copies on CD and offered it for free by download. You can know find it in many Blogs which is pretty cool.

17- Please explain the title and cover image of your demo "Invocations from the Past" ?

-The title was what I feel about our music. To bring back a form of metal that nowadays is not common. Hopefully to educated people on old school death metal. The image was done by Andrew Bischel of Morbid Gods one of the other local San Diego bands that is worth the time of those that like old school death metal. He has done every single drawing for us including our logo. The cover is basically some guys summoning something out of the ground. The resurrection of death metal the way it should be for our fulfillment and your hearing pleasure.

18-Any future split with any band ?

-Not really it would be cool to do one with Morbid Gods though.

19-When I've listen your music i was surprised for the performance a good old school death metal played recently but there are a little disadvantage by the recording the quality of sound is not at the valid level what can you tell us about this ?

-Well that is something that I wasn't really fond of too but with us in school and no jobs recording at a studio was not an option for us. The final results where not great maybe ok back in the 80s but not now. That is what it is can't change the past now.

20-What you have planned after recording the demo "Invocations from the Past" ?

Well we want to play live shows for sure one is coming up and hopefully more on the way. But at this time we are writing new songs to for a new demo. The new demo will be done at a studio for sure. Hopefully we can have it done by mid-summer this year.

21-Did you find a label how you record your music ?

-Nope that this time we don't have a label. Any one interested let me know.

22-Which label would fit your music?

-I really don't know, Any label that is willing to support old school death metal nowadays. Blood Harvest or Ibix Moon would do.

23-Are you going to record your stuff at more professional studio some day?

-I know the new songs will be recorded at a studio for sure as for the four we did already I really don't know. I personally would not mind it but there are songs that have not been set on stone and need to. Re-recording them would just be overkill for me in a way. But if we do ever record them live and come out sounding decent you can bet we will put them out for sure.

24-Any fav bands to get on stage with ?

-So many first off Autopsy and Gorguts now that they got back together. But I would love to open for bands like The Chasm, Incantation, and the list goes on.

25-What is your daily consumption amount of alcohol,cigarettes,drugs ?

-Well I drink but not often, Hate cigarettes, Don't need drugs I'm already fucked up. As for the rest Luis don't like any of them. Why? I don't even know. As for Gabe, he is the mystery man of the band.

26-Thank you alot Rotting Embodiment for sharing your time with No Mercy Zine and good luck for you do you have any particular messages for any particular people or any closing notes, any comment here last words are yours ?

-Well first thanks for the interview. Also for any one interested in us look up our myspace ( rottingembodiment). Our Demo is available in many Blogs just look us up. Last but not least Thanks to every one that has supported us in any way you know who you are, our gratitude is eternal.