mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Interview With Esphares

1-Infernal blasphemic hails please give us a short introduction of Esphares ?

In summary a solo project of Black metal atmospheric founded in 2006 by myself ... I propose a very focused nature with both a parallel with the theme this time is more hate ... hatred towards the "genre" human thinking that humanity is the center of the universe. .. In short, I denounced this megalomania among other unhealthy!

2-"Esphares" why this name? Can you tell us more about the meaning ?

Esphares written Ezphares normally and is a name of a God appears in the Necronomicon in a incantation... I can not tell you more but no clear link to the themes in Esphares ...

3-What are the metal bands that influenced you ?

It is very diverse ... but the main bands that inspired me throughout my "little" musical go to Setherial Troll through Tartaros and Summoning etc ...

4-What kind of music do you listen to yourself ?

of course mainly i listen extreme metal ... Black metal / Death metal tips and also Trash Rock! I have a inspiration for depressive black metal these days ...

5-What is your fav CD at the moment ?

the 1st album of Setherial titled "Nord" ... a pearl, ... A great surge towards distant horizons and majestic!

6-how is the metal scene in France ?

The metal scene in France to tell the truth slowly emerges ... well say that there have always been quality groups in France, but many of them preferred to stay in the shadows ... It is only since past 5 years in fact that the French group will take the trouble to reveal ... Of course it must be said that the metal, especially metal exrême french remained virtually unknown in the world, except the group as Seth Agressor or so ... but the last few years we can hear from groups like Malleus maleficarum,Nehema,Sombre présage,Epheles and many more ... In short, there's good in France but we must dig!

7-What are some of your non-musical influences?

I think I explained a large part in the summary Esphares but if you want .... except hatred because of the stupid human things I m'inspire softer such as fairy legends of Brittany by example, its representation in images gives me inspiration in my music ... In fact, it may seem bizarre but the images gives me the musical inspiration and where I live, I served ...

8-What do you think about the events that took place in Norway by many bands of the first wave of true black metal ? and can you tell us about ?

I think not much really except that Grishnack probably had his reasons for acting that way! For churches burned say that when you live in a country with its own culture, with its beliefs etc ... then that fundamentalists killing your wives and children by promoting world peace and imposing on your land attempting to overcome centuries of culture, a hatred perpetuated from generation to generation and some people may after a while crack and hostile to society! Norway has a pagan culture at the base and there are many people who hold that it is aware!

9- what can you tell us about the songs that are available on your officiel myspace page ?

The songs available on my Myspace page are from my 1st demo "par delà le fleuve de la mort" ... The playlist includes 5 tracks on 6 of my demo ...

10-what can you tell us about the demo CD "Par delà le fleuve de la mort..." ?

"Par delà le fleuve de la mort" is a demo in which I described the death as a form of soft material and guiding me look beyond dark and cold and countered persuading me to join for ever ... This is basically a metaphor to say that humans themselves are the way of death by being blinded by their illusions ... These illusions which lead them to self-destruction!

11-How do you write your music? Is there a set guideline or do you write what you feel as you go along?

it was very spontaneous ... Before writing anything, I developed what the general theme of this current demo, then when a piece was finished, I wrote the text ...

12-what you have planned after recording of the demo "Par delà le fleuve de la mort..." ?

I currently go to compose what will be my 1st album ... I say no more for now because I am still a bit undecided!

13-Please explain the title and cover image of "Par delà le fleuve de la mort..." ?

As I explained earlier in my text I realized death that guides me through dark countered ... What lies beyond the river is death, pure and simple ... the end of the expedition and the beginning of a new era ... The cover of the CD is a small part of contrés described but basically this is an illusion ... This landscape can be attractive but in fact what I explain in my 1st ... This album will not be as beautiful ....!

14-Did you find a label how you record your music ?

I did some minor approach and had 2 or 3 contacts with labels UG (underground) french that would be ready to distribute my album but this is currently not my priority, I want above all to please myself and express in music from what I have to say ... We shall see all this later!

15-How the condition of your recording ?

I recorded "Beyond ...." home with a digital studio ... (with roughly means little) I wrote, composed and recorded this demo in 1 month ... The "Artwork" was the longest despite its simplicity ... What was difficult was the choice of images for the cover, it was a drawing of the subject of much Esphares without revealing too ...

16-Any gigs or show ?

Yet say how gigs alone would be difficult, pffff .... Who knows, may later be but I'm not pressed if a little frustrated ... I have chosen to be the sole member of Esphares and substance and I am ...

17-Any fav bands to get on stage with?

I would get on stage with Limbonic art, but already they even leave their corner paumé is not won!

18- thanks alot for sharing your time with me ,and good look for you any final words or comment ?

mmmhhh ..... I think i have say the essentially ....