dimanche 26 juillet 2009

Tools of Torture - Faith - Purification – Execution (2009)

1.Knee Splitter 02:22
2.Jigsaw Torture 02:36
3.Garrote 02:53
4.The Rack 01:40
5.Divine Defloration 02:38
6.Radical Ocular Extirpation 02:12
7.Mastectomised And Infibulated 02:42
8.Lacerated Entrails 02:30
9.Pear Of Anguish 03:14
10.Force Fed Holy Bullshit 02:46
11.Heretics Fork 02:20

Total playing time 27:53

Tools Of Torture is an Italian Brutal Death metal / Grind this band born in 2006 two members of Tools Of Torture have already played in Bestial Devastation Lord Destroyer – Guitars and Genobile (Animal) – Vocals Elsewhere when you listen to Faith - Purification – Execution you found many things who you remember to bestial devastation Faith - Purification – Execution contains eleven tracks five tracks from the demo (2007) Mastectomised & Infibulated , Jigsaw Torture , Lacerated Entrails ,Divine Defloration Tools Of Torture's logo was made by Mike Majewski from Devourment (US) ,the cover image of Faith - Purification – Execution explain exactly the name of this album about tortures used by medieval Saint Inquistion: it's a concept album.The title in particular shows the three main steps on the trail of the inquisited The cover is about the last step of this trial, the public execution, with clerks and monks praying around the victim, enraged crowd behind them and, of course, the executioner
valid blast beats and fast brutal death riffing with grind riffs and sometime many low riffs guitar Tools Of Torture have Bestial Devastation flavor because some moment when I listen to this album you notice that the vocals of Genobile (Animal) and the guitar playing but the vocals on bestial devastation is low and very growls and high-pitched with fast tempos and the difference is bestial devastation use two vocals Torturer and Animal and this was effective in the line up of Bestial Devastation in any case I notice that Tools of Torture is the expansion of Bestial Devastation but Tools Of Torture was proved their pure brutal torture at last show and they were at show with a great name as Rompeprop , Katalepsy ,Sordid Clot ,Dorment Carnivore and more fucking other bands
I advice this pure brutal and torture full length to all Bestial Devastation fans and all brutal death /grind metal and Faith - Purification – Execution is the first full length of Tools Of Torture soon they working for for next release