lundi 29 juin 2009


1 - Hello Francesco Hello , Tools Of Torture could you please introduce Tools Of Torture to the readers ?

Hello Sataroth,Tools Of Torture is an Italian Brutal/Death band, officially born in late 2006 (I say "officially" because in all 2006 we had some line-up problems that made difficulties for a ordinary band activity).At that time the band was considered as a side-project, because 3/4 of us were playing with other bands (me and Genobile in Bestial Devastation, Tamoth in Putrid Carnage) but through those last years, thanks to a constant increase of interest on Tools Of Torture by underground metal community and with the splits of our past bands, it became our main project.During these years we released a demo-cdr, "Promo 2007" and, in early 2009, our debut album "Faith - Purification - Execution", out on Despise The Sun Records.Actually we're promoting this new release and, in the meanwhile, we're working also on new songs for our future recordings.

2- What are the metal bands that influenced you ?
They're a lot, too much to be listed here, but few of these are for sure: Devourment, Brodequin, Deeds Of Flesh, Dying Fetus, Stabwound, Emeth, Gutrot, Stench Of Dismemberment, apart of, naturally, our past bands.

3-What kind of music do you listen to yourself ?

My playlist is really heterogeneous: grind, punk, rock & roll, glam, new wave, folk, some reggae, thrash and brutal death and every shit I think is enough good to be listened to.Listening to many different things is good to "expand your horizons" as man and, mostly, as musician.

4- What are some of your non-musical influences?

Uhm... in the band I take care only about music, lyrics are matter of Genobile, so my only non-musical influences are feelings, but I'm not sure they couldn't be enclosed in music, coz music is feelings and feelings could be expressed in music.

5- how is the metal scene in italy How is community in italy so far?

In Italy, for what concerns bands, we've a big metal scene but not famous as other countries' scenes, because metal, especially extreme metal, is not so followed as the rest of Europe and also because in the underground there isn't enough unity to help each other in spreading Italian music.This doesn't means that it's not our fault this situation, because is true also that our standards, in fact of quality of music/bands, are lower than US, UK or Scandinavian band (and to other countries too) but a good quality band here meets more and more difficulties to get what it deserve in spite of a good band from North Europe or US.

6- what can you tell us about the songs that are available on your officiel myspace page ?

There are 2 songs from our debut album and the rest ones are all from our "Promo 2007".The 2 songs from "Faith - Purification - Execution" are "Knee Splitter", the opener of the album, fast and heavy with a slam interlude, good to sum up how our music sounds and, the second one "Radical Ocular Extirpation", is more slam-oriented, never loosing blastbeats and fast riffing of course.About the older songs from our demo-cdr, they have a more raw sound and worst execution, also because of the low budget recordings. All that tracks are re-recorded in our album and sounds, according to me, much better eheheheh.

7-Please explain the title and cover image?

All in "Faith - Purification - Execution", from the title to the cover, is about tortures used by medieval Saint Inquistion: it's a concept album.The title in particular shows the three main steps on the trail of the inquisited (but it also refers to the madness and brutality of religious fanatism). The cover is about the last step of this trial, the public execution, with clerks and monks praying around the victim, enraged crowd behind them and, of course, the executioner.

8- what you have planned after recording the full length Faith-Purification-Execution ?

We're going on working on new songs for next release, also because in summer usually we don't have gigs and our next shows will be since next september/october.

9- you have re-recording any tracks from the demo 2007 Mastectomised & Infibulated , Jigsaw Torture , Lacerated Entrails ,Divine Defloration there are any change in the quality of the recording ?

Yes of course. They sounds a bit less "raw" than the demo recordings but are faster and better played. The sound in the album was a bit modified to have also better high tunes and to mix technical patterns and groove slam riffs.

10-You have been successful in your last show and could you tell me about your last show MOSCOW DEATHFEST in april 2009 ?

It was awesome man, really awesome! We had a great feedback from Russian people and we met great bands and wonderful persons to share the stage with. In a word: amazing!

11- -what do you think about the performance of the bands who was with you at the last shows in MOSCOW DEATHFEST because i see there was a great bands Rompeprop yeah , Katalepsy ,Sordid Clot ,Dorment Carnivore and more fucking other bands ?

We shared the stage with really good bands. With Rompeprop and Cerebral Bore we did 3 gigs at all and we spent more time together, but also with all the other bands in all the gigs we had great time. About perfomances, I was impressed by Cerebral Bore (really kick ass band!), by Sordid Clot and, of course, Rompeprop!

12- Any fav bands to get on stage with?

Nice question bro... uhm, I don't know, there are so many bands that I'd like to share the stage with... maybe Devourment eheheheh.

13-What is the biggest change compared to your the debut ?

There are many, but above all for sure our mentality. We started Tools Of Torture like if it was a joke, a free-time band and we doesn't expected so much by this project and also by us, instead during these years we noticed that we are good in what we do (good enough, at least) and we started to think about our future as a band and with more serious intentions..

14- any final words for your fans & supporters? thanks alot for sharing your time with me ?

Thanks so much for this interview bro and thanks to all the sickos there that support extreme underground and Tools Of Torture. I hope to hit Algeria in future and make some brutal noise together!!

thank you Tools Of Torture Sataroth support the underground and the extréme metal