vendredi 5 juin 2009


1 -Infernal hails , could you please introduce Apocryphe to the readers ?

Apocryphe is a French black metal band. We have been existing for three years. The band is composed of Mammon at Bass/Lead vocals, Doom at Rythmic guitar, Panzer at Drums and me at the Lead guitar/Second voice.

2 - what are the metal bands that influenced you ?

Many Black metal band and Death metal band, as Nehëmah, Watain, Enthroned, Belphegor, Shining…

3 -how is the metal scene in France ?

The French metal scene is filled with the group, very interresant but also interest groups without.

4- "Apocryphe" why this name? Can you tell us more about the meaning ?

Sacred texts hijacked by religious authorities, called "Apocryphes" are condemned and considered as blasphemous, but also evidences the fact that some entities have the will to hide what may not suit their belief. It also shows that only Men can decide what God must be and say, the existence of those very texts proving us that religions are not transparent, and that those who rule them only aim at disguising the truth.

5- what can you tell us about the songs that are available on your officiel myspace page ?

“Stars of the final war” and “Unholy tales” from our first demo “The genocide of the Christian souls”, they reflect the style of our beginning, a primitive and cold black metal. “Ad eternam tenebrae” and “Into the lands of desolation” are a premix of our new demo to be untitled “Blasphem the acts of gods”, which will in principle in September. These songs reflect the new direction, a Black metal more brutal and evolved.

6- what you have planned after recording the demo "The genocide of the christians souls" ?

After the recording of our first demo, we made a lot of concerts so that we do know; we also experienced some problems with line up. Once stabilized the line up and a lot of concerts past, we set a recording of our second demo that was completed in early May.

7- you have been successful at last show , tell me about some of your shows and the performance of the bands who was with you in many shows ?

We always try to the best of ourselves on stage and proposed concerts violent and brutal, we do not hesitate to add some accessories such as heads of pigs, or employee scarification.Most groups that play with us are French Black metal or Death Metal band but we have already had occasion to play with some foreign groups as Frostmoon eclipse.

8- latest news you can tell concerning Apocryphe ?

We agreed a new demo in September, entitled "blasphem the acts of the gods", and have a few show confirmed, we expect there after played almost everywhere in France and in Switzerland and Germany.

9- Did you find a label how you record your music ?

We have not yet embarked on the search for labels, studio sessions and production of our cd's are financed by the money collected our concerts and sales of our cd. We have plans to seek a label after the release of our second demo

10- What do you think about the events that took place in Norway by many bands of the first wave of true black metal ?

The first wave of Norway true black metal band built the folklore of black metal, but this movement is dead. I do not endorse these events, but I do not deny, they believed in what he was doing and go after their ideas, each has its methods, it is not mine.

11 - thank you for your time ,and good look for you the final words to say should be yours ?

Thanks you Sataroth for the interview, maybe soon! Hails!