vendredi 12 juin 2009

Abysmal Torment (mlt) - Omnicide (2009)

1.Nefast Omen 02:31
3.Colony Of Maggots 04:29
4.Supreme Tyrant In Putrescence 04:22
5.Scorched Beneath Flaming Wings 03:48
6.Embalmment 04:38
7.Gestation Of Malevolence 04:04
8.Chronicles Of Gouged Eyes 04:04
9.Recursive Hatred 04:34
10.Rinsed In Shreds 04:59
11.A Glimpse In The Cesspit 04:06

Total playing time 45:03

This album have great and big level of technical extremity the first one when I listen this CD I was satisfied and surprised when I listen all this technical level
Omnicide contain powerful technical brutality with a clear sound because is perfectly recorded and I see a futuristic CD art work and if you listen Omnicide the first time you would be surprise and attract with their gravity blast beat and their unbelievable fastest guitar riffs but I think that the vocal is not very performed I notice that there many modification of the voice because if you listen several times you notice a robotic voice compared with their great instrumental work but Omnicide stay a great album and i I advise you to listen and to discover to Omnicide