dimanche 28 juin 2009

Devast - Art Of Extermination (2008)

1-Fidel Sacrifice
2-7 Days Of Blood
3-Barbaric Hellstorm
4-Cruel Desteny
5-Inhumman Atrocity part I
6-Ligitime Massacre
7-Deluge Of Hate
8-Inhumman Atrocity part II

After their first demo Deluge Of Hate Devast was make more barbaric brutality in their first full length Art Of Extermination the principal disadvantage of this album is the recording and the quality of sound and this is the thing who that doing critique by some reviewer but the sound and the recording have a lot importance if it’s not clear every one who listen Art Of Extermination will think that is bad without describe I confirm Art Of Extermination is valid brootal death metal album disadvantaged by the recording the thing that has let some reviewer suggests that Art Of Extermination is It’s technically bizarre band , produced in such a small metal community or strange, powerful new band !!!!! here there are fast technical riffs death and if if you listen well you will notice the technique of bassguitar ,valid growls death metal vocal , not very performed drumming in any case Art Of Extermination is the first full length of Devast and i think that devast can do better after the recording of Art Of Extermination if Devast obtain better condition to complete their endless brutality