samedi 20 juin 2009

Abhorrence - Evoking The Abomination (2000)

1.Abattoir 03:09
2.Evoking The Abomination 04:05
3.Sacrificial Offerings 03:45
4.Hellish Annihilation 03:15
5.Storming Warfare 03:32
6.Abhorrer Existence 02:57
7.Reborn In Vengeance 02:54
8.Triumph In Blasphemy 04:52

Total playing time 28:25

From Brazil this brutal death metal band look like Krisiun or I thought it would be just another Krisiun but if you listen you notice Abhorrence is more technical and brutal than Krisiun and for some fans Abhorrence is Krisiun clone band playing some fast, unadulterated blasphemous raw death metal, Evoking The Abomination The album starts off in a typical Brazilian death as you would expect pulsating machinegun like drumming yeah the drumming sound look like machinegun sound in Evoking The Abomination by the demented fucker holding the sticks, guitars with a deafening buzz stirring up a maelstrom, and hungry, savage growling like the Krisiun vocalist but Rangel here sounds more raw and muffled and in some parts his delivery resembles that of early Deicide , early pessimist
Evoking The Abomination is recommended to the fans of Brazilian death metal. It's way better than the Krisiun albums ,great recording good death metal sound you will be served by excellent truly death metal by Abhorrence