dimanche 28 juin 2009

Vomit Trough - It's Grind! (2008)

1.Stained By Stench 01:20

2.Horny Hell 01:56

3Heavens Anal Gateway 02:09

4.Dead Bitches Deep Throat Far 02:05

Total playing time 07:30

If you like Terrorizer, early Carcass, early Napalm Death Fast death metal then Vomit trough is the band for you , from USA (Berkeley, California) Vomit trough play a fast death metal inspired by early grind that actually sounds good because when I listen It's Grind! at the first time they remembered me old death metal look like Autopsy, Incantation , Massacre , and to early grindcore Terrorizer, early Carcass in any case this EP have an old school flavor and their major influences is Autopsy, early Carcass , Terrorizer , Exhumed .
It's Grind! their first EP contain four tracks ,Vomit Trough have a humorous grindcore part when I read the title of the first track stained by stench , musically is interesting there a little fast death metal guitar riffs with a correct grind guitar riffs but the grind guitar playing he gave rapidly rhythm for the guitar sound and there are some groove riffs the debut of Stained by Stench have a fantastic bass intro Drum programming in this album is valid and it looks like a real sound of drum because it is not look like to robotic drum sound when you listen you do not notice if there are drummer or drum machine The vocals is look like to aggressive extréme thrash metal vocal for example the voice of Ton Araya or Max Cavalera more aggressive than we can say about the vocals is a thrash death vocal with early grind vocals and Vomit trough use three vocals lead vocal The Hogsecutioner , Jimmy Puke( Guitar, Back Vocals ) , Stevie Ray Vom' (Bass and Back vocals ) I found the cover of It's Grind! humorous but I see little absence of gore or death and massacre Sadic scene of massacre or pathological ……….. art work but it not a problem the necessary is the countain of the CD

I advice this EP to all fans of old school and fans of grindcore for discover Vomit Trough because it’s pleasure to listen to this music the side project of Jimmy Puke who which played in several bands Insanity, Brain Drill, Odious Mortem, Carnivorous (US) I recommended for grind fans to listen with some beer yeah Beer & grindcore rules
Hot Orange Puke