dimanche 31 mai 2009

Fleshless - Free Off Pain (2009)

1.Step From The God 03:50
2.I´m The Part Of You 04:03
3.I Will Grind Your Fingers 03:08
4.Free of Pain 03:29
5.Your Ignorance... My Death 03:23
6.With Blood On The Hands 03:46
7.Behind The Wall 03:31
8.Right Now Bleeding Gods 03:41
9.Sexual Carnage 03:18
10.Birth Of Immortality 03:34
12.Dying Future 03:08
13.Stench Of Rotting Heads 03:00
14.Dissection Into The Grave 03:51
15.Burial 04:28
16.Krvavý dezert 02:16

Total playing time 56:21

why this fucking change Fleshless was make valid brutal death metal /grind now brutal death why this fucking funny mixage melody with brutal death Why not then metalcore or deathcore this is bad personally I don’t like this the melodic metal and the metalcore invaded the death metal invaded the death metal scene I'm against this .
Fleshless was released good albums Free off Pain is different of the last albums of Fleshless To Kill For Skin , Nice to eat you , Hate Is Born ………………good albums with death riff grind riffs guitar Free Off Pain guitar riffs completely change there are many part of melody riffs sometimes in the debut on the song sometimes in the finish of the song seriously after listening to several times you will notice that the level of fleshless is lower than before Free Off Pain is one of the worst CD in the discography of fleshless