jeudi 21 mai 2009

Interview with anil Mindless Torture drummer

1 - could you please introduce mindless torture to the readers ?

Well Mindless Torture is a Death Metal Band formed in Birmingham, UK in October 2006. Taking influence from Suffocation, Napalm Death, Carcass and many more.

2 - what are the metal bands that influenced you ?

Personally its been bands like Dissection, Death, Watain and many more.

3 -how is the metal scene in UK ?

Well the metal scene isnt as bad as people are really making it out to be at least not the Death Metal one that is. There are so many brutal bands coming out of the UK at the moment it is crazy and really good to see. Death Metal is more popular and more lucrative now than I think it has ever been.

4 - latest news you can tell concerning MINDLESS TORTURE ?

Well we just opened up for Soulfly on February 10th in Wolverhampton. We are opening for Trigger the Bloodshed in Birmingham in Mid may and we will be playing the Hymns of Sickness Festival in Nottingham on October 25th !"

5- what can you tell us about the songs that are available on your officiel myspace page ?

Well they were recorded with Ajeet Gill at Hellfire Studios between the 21st and 23rd of September 2007. In terms of style they are just simple raw and old school. A strong comparison can be made between them and the work of other midlands metal acts such as Benediction. At the time we were very pissed off with the whol Deathcore trend in the UK and just wanted to make old school Death Metal !

6-What can you tell us about the EP Mindless Torture?
It was recorded live and the majority of it was written in 2007 when the bands old line up was intact. Alot of the material was actually composed in the rehearsal studio where we used to practice.

7-How do you write your music?

Is there a set guideline or do you write what you feel as you go along?Well we havent really written very much new music there are however ALOT of demos and ideas for new sons which are very promising. With regards to guidelines I dont really think there are and if we are composing a song together in a practice room it will definitely be based upon the percieved flow.

8-What you have planned after recording of the the EP Mindless Torture ?

The plan was just to try and make a name for ourselves as an upcoming name is the UK's Death Metal scene.However now in 2009 our support for the EP is finally coming to a close in an effort to write new material. We have supported Testament, Soulfly, Trigger the Bloodshed and played with a handful of great bands and have travelled around the country playing the material from the EP to new audiences so we couldnt be happier with whats happened in support of the EP.

9-Please explain the title and cover image of the EP Mindless Torture ?

Well ascribing the title was easy as its a pretty standard thing for a band to self title their first release.The cover image is actually a product of me fucking around on Microsoft Paint a few weeks before we actually recorded the CD. I had contacted artists previously and all of them were demanding money which we just simply didnt have so I just conjured up the old DIY attitude which I have accidentally inherited from my family and knocked that together ! Our T - shirts which sport the design have sold out numerous times so people must like it....

10-Did you find a label how you record your music ?

Well we have had label offers but unfortunately they have all been monumentally shit. They are not concerned with the music and their agenda is alot different to ours. With regards to recording and costs the EP was independently financed however we had an awesome producer who was willing to be lax with time - (Ajeet Gill - Hellfire Studios, Birmingham)
I also have the EP digitally released on Itunes,Amazon MP3, Napster and many more through the guise of Dissected Promotions and am currently working on gaining distribution for hard copies so as that CD's can be available in major retail stores.

11-Any show any gigs ?

They can all seen on our list at

12-Any fav bands to get on stage with ?

I think for all of us playing with Testament at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton - July 25th 2009 was the best moment. Although the sound for us wasnt too good and we got put on stage very early it was just a pleasure for us to share the stage with such iconic musicians.
I think for all of us playing with Testament at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton - July 25th 2009 was the best moment. Although the sound for us wasnt too good and we got put on stage very early it was just a pleasure for us to share the stage with such iconic musicians.

13- What is your goal and your target?

I think the collective goal with Mindless Torture is now to mix the vintage Death Metal sound we started with and blend it with a more modernised sound. My personal goal is to make sure the Drumming on the next CD is alot faster, more technical and versatile

14- What are some of your non-musical influences?

Generally I'd say we all can appreciate anything that represents creativity and thoughtforms which transcend the status quo regardless of how they are manifested.

15-Any final words for your fans & supporters?

thanks alot for sharing your time with me ?Thank you Sataroth for taking the time to draw up this interview and for all your suppot and all our supporters in the UK and elsewhere you are the reason why we are still alive and kicking. The aim is to get out on tour once we have a new CD out which should be around mid 2010 so hopefully we will see you all soon !