lundi 18 mai 2009

Vulture lord - Profane Prayer (2003)

Vulture lord is an insane Black/Thrash Metal from Norway and Vulture lord is among the best Norwegian black metal bands after 13 years of existence and after 2 demos and 2 compilation they record their first album ,Vulture Lord shall always remain underground
Profane prayer album a good level profane prayer released as limited to 500 copies 12” LP by Agonia Records and contains different bonus track Blodhevn than CD version
The guitar riffs are interesting I listen the presence of the thrash riffs and black metal guitar riffs good guitar solo but the vocalist is not very very performed but its still a good album and good black metal despite the vocal very good lyrical theme I see that all black metal necessary lyrical theme the blasphemy and the anti-judeochristianity many lyricals about Satan and about burning churches words as its necessary in the lyrics theme of any black metal song in any case so a pleasure to listen profane prayer Vulture Lord plays a very good Black/Thrash Metal Vulture Lord albums are very limited because they are still underground and away from media and they do well and I think black metal should always be underground and away from media this is the black metal rules and fuck all funny false black metal band look like dimmu borgir and cradle of filth , nargaroth …………..
Black metal has glory